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  • Bennydrill
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    Hi all I am a returning daily player looking for an active Alliance, SR 152.

    Rostered all characters (except new Thoress!) usually get top 10 in PVE and top 20 in PvP.

    2 champed 5*s
    68 Champed 4*s
    all others on rotating farm

    I've left my spending days behind me now and don't want to discord or line.

  • Notanon0
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    Looking for a decent but casual alliance I don't grind too hard due to work and a child keeping most of my time. But I'll get aggressive with pvp sometimes depending on my need or want for the character. I've got almost all 3* champed and a few 4 stars I haven't been on in about 4 years and I'm trying to catch up. Have line and discord pm me if you want those. If not that's fine too. I'll respond as soon as possible. 
  • Randite
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    UPDATE: I'm now happily lined up with an awesomely active alliance. Thanks to all for your interest and support.

    Hi everyone -

    I'm currently a member of a very... relaxed... alliance, so I'm looking to see if there's a more active bunch who would be happy to have a new daily player join their ranks. My roster and stats are:

    3* - championed them all; maxed 1
    4* - have a little over 90% of them; championed 8; none maxed
    5* - have a little over 25% of them; gradually gaining steam to power the lot
    PvE - play daily, usu. on tier 8; routinely hit 1.2-1.3x (depending on the 5* guest star)
    PvP - again daily, tier 8; typically hit scores of 650-700

    So my covers probably won't put me in a position to rock a top 50 team, but I'm definitely aspiring to get my roster in a position where I could! :smile:

    Thanks so much for your consideration, and maybe I'll see you out there makin' matches soon!
  • The_dogma
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Hi everyone,

    I've jumped from a couple alliances randomly on the alliance page in-game but would like to find something that can reliably get within the top 3-500 in PvE. If I'm earning any HP from alliance rewards, I'd be very happy. Generally a daily player, I play PvE more than PvP. Current goals are to expand my roster with more 4*s and champion the remaining 3*s that I have yet to champion.

     In PvE I'm usually between the top 150-300. If I don't have either 4* or 5* going in, I'm usually able to earn the 4* cover on day 2.

    3* - full roster, all championed but six
    4* - 19 slots filled with one that I keep open to rotate whichever 4* is part of the event. Four championed.
    5* - 18 slots (one more in roster rewards, need more HP before I get my next slot)

    PvE - daily player, just recently got to being able to play tier 9 pretty comfortably. Generally able to reach max rewards even if missing the 5*.
    PvP - less active. Usually get at least 300 points per event 

    Primary characters outside of boosts:
    -5* Colossus
    -5* Crystal
    -4* Peggy Carter
    -4* Echo
    -3* Dr Strange
    -3* Thanos

    Current alliance: TBD-vengers

    Thanks for any consideration!
  • FLYBeagles
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Hello everyone,

    Agent: Zone13S7
    Shield Rank: 214
    Day: 1495
    Daily 5* player with 39 champed, 6 more are ready but still begging for ISOs ;) plus overall full roster;
    SCL10PvE: aiming for Top 10-20 with full progression rewards
    SCL10PvP: aiming for Top 10 with 1200-1500+ score

    Looking for an active, fun, and supportive team that completes Alliance Boss Events. Some of my current alliance members are not as active lately. 

    If there is a large alliance with flexibility to move up and down, it will be great. Please DM me if there is a possible fit. Thank you!

  • NemoAbernnigan
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    S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 144

    All 4*s covered, 68 champed
    67 5*s covered 

    I don't play every day, sometimes I take a week off, but when I am playing I get full progression of SCL 10 in all PvE and PvP events running. Always complete the PvP Simulator and get full personal progression in all Boss Events. Looking for an alliance with no daily play requirement since I'm not willing to guarantee that personally, but that still goes hard on the Boss Events and can make full alliance track progression.

    PM me if I sound like a good fit for your alliance.
  • Schwidde
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    EDIT:  I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    I'm looking for a new alliance.  My current alliance is called Hostbusters.  Player name: Schwidde.  Level: 191 14 5* champs, 4* full champs I play daily, 2593 days in a row.  I complete all PVE and all alliance events.  I also play PvP from time to time, but more PVE.  I am a German player and would be happy about a German alliance.  But it's not a must.
  • nunziotkp
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Looking for a new alliance. 

    Name: GuidoTKP
    Current Alliance: Ooverlords

    Shield Rank: 169

    71 5*s (21 Champed, 2ish fully covered waiting for ISO; Highlights include Apoc, Kitty, BRB, Thor, Mighty Thor, Okoye). KK is fully covered and Gargantos just needs 100 more shards to be fully covered, just need to finish earning the ISO to champ both.  

    4*s (All Rostered and and almost all fully covered; 100 champed).

    Primarily a PVE player. Play daily. Obtain all progression rewards. Try to complete all alliance events (but sometimes miss a round since I'm a working lawyer and sometimes life intrudes).

    Looking for an active alliance where everyone is playing daily and everyone has strong rosters. My current alliance is very casual. Great bunch of guys. Just looking to pull in more daily rewards.

    Please DM me to tell me about your alliance so we can see if there is a fit. Thanks!

  • Jojo
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Hi everyone,

    Looking for a new alliance. 

    Name: jojo1978
    Current Alliance: Team_Reaper2

    All 5* rostered (except for Chasm). 42 5*s champed. All 4*s rostered & champed (except for Gorr, Spiderman Oscorp & She-Hulk Origin). All 3*s rostered, champed and maxed. I complete all PVE daily and all alliance events. Top 95-105 player rank in PVE events. Average score of 89000 in PVE events. Looking to move to a higher achieving  T100 alliance where members have rosters on par with mine and plays daily. Looking to get more out of PVE alliance awards.
  • Woiciu
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Nickname - Woiciu
    Current alliance - Polska PvE
    Scl: 132lvl
    Day: 2563
    My expectations from alliance: full clear of boss events.

    Im casual player. I always make full progression rewards in PvE and nth more. I havent got enough time for pvp unless there are good rewards (like brb - around 700 points), in sim i go for 50 wins. 
  • bigjojo04
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    EDIT: I've accepted an invitation. Thank you!

    Player name: Bigjojo04
    Current alliance: Orange Hulk
    Shield level: 91

    Looking for an alliance that’s active daily that’s able to achieve all rewards in boss fights. I hate leaving rewards out there that we don’t achieve. I play daily and spend way more time than i probably should on this game. 

    3*: 47 / All champed / 3 max
    4*: 69(nice) / 20 champed 
    5*: 45

    Shang Chi is my highest 5 at level 405 and i have 300 shards of his with 600 on the horizon in milestone rewards. My goal was to have him champed by the end of the year which certainly seems possible at this rate, if not sooner. 

    PVE: I normally don’t finish lower than top 100-200 but in this recent Fight for Wakanda i finished 31 with 111,000 points. Just started maxing out my points in PVE for highest placement. I do PVE at rank 8 usually but if I’m hoarding CP I’ll bump it up to 9. 

    PVP: Depending on what character is featured depends on how much I’ll do of it but typically finish top 100-200 again. In the Mind Stone season i finished rank 410 with 6700 points and the season prior i was also top 500. I did achieve rank 1 one time when Shang Chi was powered up and got around 1070 points that rank 1 finish. 

    Boss events: I’ve typically been 1 or 2 in my alliance with 1.3 million or more of points and haven’t missed out on the individual rewards. When Dark Avengers we’re featured in the Gargantos event i finished first in my alliance and was only 1 of 3 in my alliance to do so. 
  • 658_2
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    Check your DMs when you get a chance
  • jojeda654
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    I'm in a casual alliance that had alliance events as a requirement, but lately we haven't been reaching the last alliance reward. I consistently reach the final individual reward, so I'm hoping to find somewhere I can contribute.

    Usually complete DDQ and occasionally hit a PVP node for the daily quest.
  • Sir_Mantarochen
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    Alliance found.

    Hello, me and my friend are searching for a New alliance. We are lvl 92 and 102, got all 3 star champed, half of 4 Star rostered und champed and a bunch of 5 Star rostered. We play all events, daily activ, focusing on pve and allianceevents. It is time for us to get a new alliance, after nearly missing the 5 star in the last allianceevent, because only 5 pepole playing it.

    Greatings DerRochen 
  • Vhailorx
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    Decent 5* roster looking for alliance-event only alliance. I want a group that gets through round 8 easily every time,  but has no other pve or pvp requirements, if such a thing exists.
  • Sekilicious
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    Found somewhere. Thanks

    I am a returning 5* player looking for a top-50 alliance. I am good to go for progression in both PvE and PvP. Probably a bit better in PvE though getting to 1200 in PvP will take some practice and will depend on scheduling. I’m looking forward to meeting your alliance 
  • Txstud903
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    I am relatively new player currently doing Level 7 PVE. Very active and currently leading the alliance I am in on most events consistently. Looking for a more active alliance to share better rewards and increase my progression. 
  • grumbLEGO
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    Edit: found an alliance



    Daily player

    Day 3023 of play

    Shield level 208


    Full roster of all characters (with a couple of doubles of 4 stars)

    53 champed 5*s, currently working to champ Big Wheel via 5* shards and Immortal Hulk via 4* shards of Ikaris.

    Play (PVE)

    Normally playing 5* Kitty and 4* Rocket and Groot with Polaris or Polaris and Beta Ray Bill with 5* Kitty on PVE. 

    Normally play to full progression reward on pve with little regard of placement, unless a new 4* cover is in placement and then actively play enough to get at least top 200. 

    Scored 85709 points in The Hunt and placed 43rd. Normally playing slice 3. 

    Play (PVP)

    Very little PVP activity, only when I 

    have a need for a new 4* in progression or working for the season’s 4* to feed for a particular 5*

    Play (Alliance events)

    Easily achieve full individual progression on alliance events


    Current alliance: Guerilla Squad


    Looking for an alliance that is able to get team full progression rewards on Alliance Events. 

  • RetroToNextGen
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    Update! Found an alliance for now. Thank you! Let you know if it doesn’t work out! Thanks again!


    Looking to join a good alliance. Shield Rank 174. All characters rostered. All 3 stars champed and all are all level 266. All 4*s champed except Reptil, She-Hulk and Spider-Ham (Have 10 covers for him. Maxed him to 209 until I can get more covers. I have 5 5 stars champed, and I’m currently 2 covers short of champing my next 5 star.

    Been playing for about 4 years. Looking for a great PVE alliance. I’m not a great PvP player, but I play here and there. I get all personal progression rewards for PVE, I break over a million in all alliance events (and get all personal achievements for that, obviously.) and I support my alliance the best I can.

    Again, I don’t play much PvP, but I’ll play when I’m trying to get shards/covers for newer 4* characters.

    I play daily and I’m looking for a drama-free alliance. This is very important. 

    I normally pay for VIP monthly. I don’t mKe many other in-game purchases, however.

    I’m a kind person and would like to join a great PVE alliance that’s kind to others and gets through all the alliance events. I’ve been in the same alliance for 4 years, and we only got through rd 8 twice in my time there. I would enjoy to progress as a player and a team member!

    Thanks all!
  • jrock8379
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    Hi returning player looking for alliance.

    37 3*
    21 4*
    1 5*

    play daily
    Weasel79 in game