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  • OhDenny
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    Edited: I’ve accepted a position. Thank you!

    Hey there! I’ve been playing MPQ for about 2 years now and have only lurked on the forums til now, but my current alliance (Charming) is starting to die down, with a dwindling roster of active players. When I asked for team ups this week for the community challenge, I didn’t get a single peep from the crew, which meant it was time for me to start looking.

    About me:
    Daily player who likes to think he’s casual, but probably more of an obsessive completionist than anything else.

    Regularly hit T200 in PVP with >1,700 in Sim, ~10K in Season (SCL 10)
    Regularly hit T100-200 in PVE, depending on if I have the required 5*/if my schedule allows
    Have no problem soloing the player rewards for Boss Events, and am usually #1 or #2 in my alliance, (though my alliance has never completed all rounds)
    Semi-active in chat, mainly to share best-practices or thank folks for their purchases
    I make purchases on occasion, mainly if there’s a deal/lightning that’s super worth it, and rarely one that earns CP
    I’m not looking for a super hardcore alliance, but it would be nice to get some extra bonuses from having a bunch of others who are pretty active

    I’m just starting to transition from 4* to 5* in earnest with Kang/Riri/Deathlok as my main
    I have 271 hero slots, 75 champed 4* and 3 fully covered 5s (Kang, Wong, Magik)
    I’m in a ton of ISO debt (132 heroes), and slowly farming 3
    s; I’d love to accelerate that

    Would love to join an active alliance - feel free to DM me!

  • dark_is_light1
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    looking for a spot in family alliance for top 100 pve prizes without pvp. Right now i hit 4x-6x per node. I have full 4* and 5* roster. I've been playing for 5 years.
    PM here on forum.

  • smurffoot
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    Looking for an active friendly chat helping alliance.

    I recently came back after leaving the game but now decided to comeback and continue playing I would say I been away for at least eight months or so

    I’m interested in an alliance that expect active participation but not one demanding high results and expectations.

  • Astrie
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    UPD: I have joined an alliance, Thank you

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a daily player for half a year now, looking for an active alliance.


    • 77 rank, 98 slots;
    • full 3* roster, 53/56 champed;
    • 24 rostered 4*, two of them champed (Polaris and R&G);
    • four 5* from latest (~10 covers in total).


    • 8665 in last season;
    • ~1700 in sim;
    • ~700 in every event (671, 761, 669, 813, 744 in my last five);
    • I prefer to play 3*HE+3*Magik followed by Polaris+R&G.


    • ~1.2* full progression (1.50*, 1.24* in my last two);
    • mains: Polaris+R&G+Medusa.


    • full participation;
    • full personal progression on the last one.

    I'd prefer to

    • continue to play both PvP and PvE, but can focus a bit more on either;
    • little communication.

    In-game id: Astrie
    Current alliance: Take It Easy 3

  • Frdcnjim
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    Been with the same alliance since I started. On day 2735 right now. Level 144. 7 5* champions. Top 100 player in PVP level 10 generally,. Current alliance is inactive. I'm generally a daily player, rarely spend any real $ on the game except the monthly subscription. I try to pay daily, but sometimes work takes me away. Looking for a new home that hits the boss battles hard and where my efforts are rewarded. Fr. James

  • ShonQuill
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    Alliance found. Thanks.: Still with the same alliance since I joined the game and looking for something a bit more active. Current alliance was something like #2730 in the last story event. The alliance usually gets about 7AP points a month from random people purchases. It’s fine but I don’t know what’s better. I have a roster with all 2 & 3 stars, 34 fours, and 12 5’s including Shadowcat, Beta Ray, Omega Red, Shang-Chi, Collosus, Riri, and Kang. I play almost daily but mostly stick to story events. I occasionally play 1-25 matches of a PVP event if there are some decent progression rewards. Looking for something more active than current but not a top alliance. I’m open to occasional in game comments but I do not join discord. Current alliance is biggity bam and my player name is Shon Quill

  • Sir_Mantarochen
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    Hi all, after a little break, i started playing again and searching for a new alliance. I focus on pve and Boss Events. My rooster is between 4 und 5 Stars.

    Alliance found.

  • Heggal
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    Update: Found an alliance

    Hello, I am playing since many years now, had a big pause, but since about 6 months im back to pretty much grinding daily.

    I am looking for an alliance that is more active than mine. Still waiting for Team up requests to do the 2016 event quest... Top100-Top200 would be nice, but not necessary as long as the alliance wants to go places.

    IGN: tschnee
    Alliance: WhiteWolfHerd

    I have 5 one cover 5 stars and 12 Champion 3 Stars. My Killer Combo is Shang Shi 5 star pink, Kingpin 5 star green + 3 Star Champ Omega Red. I dont know what Comic this Omega Red guy is from, but he is strong af.

    In PVE I usually get a Top200 ranking and in PVP it depends on how favorite my characters are and how much I want the rewards, so it is like Top25-Top300.

    I dont want to spend money on the game, but I am happy to grind hard.

  • leoperez90
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    MPQ IGN: Jiraiya Sannin

    SHIELD Rank: 196

    Current alliance: none

    Top 3 character levels : 544,536,517 I think

  • Rayne8379
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    Finally got a new phone and ready to get in with a new alliance. play daily

  • Jewelya1234
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    I have found an alliance.

    Looking for a new alliance.
    Level: 183
    Day: 2054

    5*: 90 (21 Champed) top 3 are ShangChi (477), Kitty Pride (473); BRB (472)
    4*: 149 (118 Champed, 4 maxed)
    3*: 67 (60 champed, because I farmed a few I wasn’t using

    My current alliance is Order of the Web, but regular play is dropping off.
    My MPQ name is Team mom. Not that cool. I tried to change it once, but never followed through

    I play every day. Get max rewards in PVE, and 600 pts in PVP.

    I will spend $ to advance my roster.

  • Karmano
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    Returning player here, I play daily focusing mostly on PVE on SCL 7 (could do 8+, but dont have the time), and some PVP but mostly for 16 win counts. Had all 3* champed, but there about 5 newer ones still to be rostered now. Have some 4* champed, including Polaris and Juggs, and have 5* Kitty and Kang.
    Any casual alliances recruiting?

  • Myllz
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    Update: I've found an alliance, thanks everybody!

    Hi everybody!

    Currently looking for an active alliance that hits good results on Boss events, PvE and PvP seasons, as I always get all progression rewards for Boss events and for PvE stories and have started doing more PvP after championing Shang Chi thanks to the Anniversary event. I play daily but am not a big spender at all, so if you're requiring spending, I'm afraid I'm not your gal. Alrighty, here are some data:

    S.H.I.E.L.D. rank: 102
    Playtime day #: 1011
    Current Simulator points: 1081
    Current Anniversary event points: 2003, aiming for at least 4000 now that I've champ'ed SC
    181 rostered
    All 2* and 3* rostered
    4*: 66 rostered, 16 champ'ed, 35 more ready to unlock
    5*: 41 rostered, 1 champ'ed, 2 ready to unlock
    Current highest chars: SC 450, Ronan 360, Okoye 345, Polaris 332

    Thanks for your attention!

  • Jinx
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    Dannyj5 looking for a PVE alliance. Hit full progression in every event and have every 5* champed. Don’t play as much PVP, although I play a little more now that God boost is a thing and the immortal teams aren’t. Haven’t dropped current alliance yet, but too many players don’t play enough anymore. Will drop if I get an invite.

  • warlord666
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    Hello. I am currently looking for a new alliance. Shield rank 229. All 5* champed. Always full progression in PVE sometimes top 100 placement. Always full participation in boss events, I always have the highest score in my alliance. PvP at least 25 battles. Please shoot me a message if you have a spot and think I’m a good fit. Thanks.

  • cheshyre
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    Casual player, SHIELD Rank 68, seeking relaxed alliance to share team-ups and event rewards.

    Played regularly from 2016 - 2020 before drifting away, and I came back to the game about a week ago.

    I have just enough 5-star characters to make it difficult to find winnable Versus matches.
    You can see my current roster at Gamependium

    I mostly play the Deadpool Daily and usually one run through the Events, but I don't try to scrape out every possible reward by playing levels over-and-over again.
    My goal isn't to build the best fighting team; I'm into collecting the characters that I like, and I don't spend $ on mobile games.

    Anybody have a vacancy?

  • OzzieArcane
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    Edit: I found an alliance.

    Returning player looking for an Alliance to join. Not like super hardcore but will at least participate in the group events that pop up. I joined what seemed like a fairly active Alliance but during the Galactus event that just ended it seemed apparent that I was the only one who was trying to defeat him.

    I'm player Rank 99 right now. I don't have a champed 5* but my Phoenix Five Cyclops is close. Still working on championing about half the 4* but I only have a few 3*s that aren't champed because they got added while I was absent from the game.

  • Guillaumeleb
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    Je cherche une alliance à rejoindre, m'étant remis à jouer depuis 1 mois avec 294 personnages à mon actif, j'arrive dans le classement des 50/100 dans la plupart des PVE et actif dans les events de groupes en mode histoire. Je cherche une alliance de bon niveau avec des joueurs investis et actifs.
    Mon id: Guillaumeleb

    J'ai trouvé une alliance, merci!

  • postureking
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    I have joined an alliance.

    Looking for a new alliance. Been away from the game several years.
    Rank 137
    Roster 284
    7 5 stars champed
    Complete pve at scl 10 to full progression
    Averaging 500-600 pvp