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Single Player Looking for an Alliance? Post Here

DuckyDucky Posts: 2,255GLOBAL_MODERATORS Community Moderator
edited April 30 in MPQ Alliances
Rules for this Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you've accepted an alliance. It is a courtesy to the other recruits and to the alliance leaders that you edit your post to say you've accepted an alliance invite once you've found a new home in-game. Once players have indicated they have found an alliance, their posts will be removed from the thread.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see someone you're interested in, PM that person. Any post that isn't an individual seeking an alliance will be deleted.
  4. Don't advertise your alliance here. If you're an alliance leader, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. After posts reach 30 days, they will be deleted. This is to keep the player pool fresh and active for inquiring commanders looking for recruits.

Tips for Recruitment
  1. Post relevant tournament information. Don't post "I average top 50 in PvP"; rather post "I average 700 points in PvP". It gives alliance leaders a clearer understanding of who you are and what you're capable of. Same thing for PvE events - saying top 5 doesn't mean all that much if you missed half of the progression rewards. Give specific examples from recent PvEs about how many points you scored. Also, when listing Versus Season scores, list your simulator score as well (it helps give recruiters an idea of what your average Versus score is versus "padding" that comes from the simulator).
  2. Highlight your roster strengths and roster plans. Listing all your characters is equivalent to padding your resume with fluff. No one honestly cares that you have a level 25 Moonstone with 13 covers. List your 3*'s and which ones you're currently working to level up. Or if you're a 2* player, list your 2*'s that you're working on and which 3* you're trying to transition in and who they'll be replacing. This gives recruiters an idea of how much thought you're putting into the game and whether you have any sort of plan for how you're going to play in the future. If you have a Gamependium setup of your roster, a link to it would help with this as well.
  3. Link your current alliance. Assuming it won't upset or get you kicked out of your current alliance, provide the name of your current alliance so that recruiters can view your profile directly.
  4. Express your expectations. Alliances exist to serve one another. You should be very clear about what your expectations are regarding what you are seeking in an alliance (e.g. how social they are, how competitive they are, etc.).
  5. Be reasonable in your expectations. If you're a semi-daily player with all 2*'s, don't expect an invite to a top 50 or even a top 100 alliance.
  6. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active you are or what your roster looks like is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with your style of gameplay.

How to get in a top 100 PVP alliance
Now that seasons are underway for 4* Thor, and now that alliances are defaulting to 20 members, I thought I'd offer some tips for players seeking to get into the top 100 alliances. This is based off what I saw in season VII, and I expect it will only go up as more alliances get to fighting strength. If you don't feel you can maintain this level of activity, then don't join an alliance aiming for the top 100. You will only be setting yourself up for future discord as the season comes down to the wire.
  1. Average Versus score needed: 800+. This should be the average that you shoot for to keep your alliance in the top 100 for any given event. Fail to meet this score and you'll risk upsetting your alliance leaders and set yourself up to be replaced.
  2. Average Season score needed: 9,500+. This should be your target number. If you're on track to reach this target great. If it looks like you'll come in lower than that, consider pushing the simulator to boost your own number.
  3. Average Sim score needed: 1500+. Sim is padding on top of what you earn in the versus events. It can be lost which makes it very hard to gauge how solidly in the top 100 your alliance actually is. Aiming for 1500 points is a solid and maintainable margin of points to help keep your alliance up in the rankings.

If you feel there are other tips or rules that should be included, please PM me directly. Do not reply to this thread with your suggestions. Any post that isn't an individual seeking an alliance will be deleted.

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 5.


  • winticswintics Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited August 13
    Next try ^^

    So.... i´am searching a new home with active Discord members ^^ It must be causual, play boss fights with more then 4 peoples witch generate commando points AND the alliance should´nt kick me if i take not every PvE/PvP event ^^ Real life for the win. At the moment i play very often but 4-5 times is my weekly minimum. My rooster is NOT ready für every PvE/PvP ranking (top 100). I come from austria, so it will be a plus point if you have german speaking peoples ^^ my english is not the best. So enough words from me ^^ At least here my daily actual rooster. https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/Djunen/

    Wintics aka Djunen
  • mlody888mlody888 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Looking for alliance to boss event. 73 shield rank.All 3* and 4*(without 2) characters. Playing PVE
  • FpsheroFpshero Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited September 2
    Hi everybody,

    I'm a mostly PvE focused player who came back after a few month of absence. My roster contains most of 2 and 3* champions and i have some 4 and 5* too. My main focus is to reach the max progression level in every event and most of the time when i have the required characters i can achieve it easily. I'm active every day for about 2-3 hour. and currently looking for a somewhat competitive PvE alliance so if you want an active participant PM me.

    Best regards,
  • MadSoul818MadSoul818 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited September 7
    I am looking for another alliance. I have been in my current alliance for over a year, and to be honest, it is exhausting when there are team events and only 3 out of 20 members are participating. I have all 3* characters championed, 1 4* totally awesome hulk championed and a few other 4*s that are close to being championed. I have a few leveled up 5*s as well. I play everyday and usually spend $100 a month for coins. If there are some alliances out there that are active and have room, please let me know. If you would like to look at my roster, my name is MADSOUL818 and my alliance name is War Machines

    Thank you
  • NeonBlueNeonBlue Posts: 130 Tile Toppler
    Hi, took a 3-month break but now I'm ready to get back to the grind. I'm looking for a T100 or T150 PvE/PvP active alliance. I've recently entered 4* with my first champed team and have all the 2 and 3*s champed. I am SR79 and can reach max progression (or more) in PvE and average about 650-700+ points in PvP.
  • SeybourneSeybourne Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited September 12
    Hi, I m looking for  a T100 or T150 for PvE active alliance.
    For PvE, reaching max progression rewards is always for me.

    For PvP, if possible T250 will be great too. I m not so focused on PvP, but most of the time I do reach 575+ pts for each of them.

    I m SR 130 and most of my 4star roster already championed. Stating to re-train my 3star roster since some of them alrdy max championed. 

    If any alliance interested to take me in, do sent me a message. Tq

  • caverna2caverna2 Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    edited September 11
    Hey Friend, good day to you! Im coming back to mpq after some years and looking for a steady alliance. Im missing a lot of 4* due to inactive time. I do 700 in every pvp, all progressions pve, and always pop 1 or 2 starks/month. 
    Looking for T250
    Looking for buyers clubs
    Mpq: caverna2
    Alliance: Brasil Marvel1
    Line: malkaviano

    Used to play a lot, stopped for 3 years, now back and eager.
  • AndiTiAndiTi Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    edited September 22
    Hey everyone,

    Looking for a primarily PvE alliance. I regularly clear all progression rewards on SL9 (usually by 10K-20K points) and all solo rewards on boss events. Last boss event, Sinister Six, I had over 3.5 million points. Looking to join an alliance where we regularly complete all rounds for boss events and compete for high spots in regular events. Doesn't need to be ultra-competitive, but I play every day and contribute and would like to be in a group that does the same.

    I also play PvP to some extent. Last season I scored 9600 points and usually finished each event with 750-800 points, sometimes more. I almost always clear the 40 win threshold for the 4*, sometimes the 50 win threshold for the RISO.

    I have everything rostered with the exception of a few 5* chars (and a few of the "limited" characters). All 3*s are champed, thirteen 4* are champed (C4rol, Iceman, Rogue, Red Hulk, Ant Man, Wasp, Nico, Peggy, Yondu, Carnage, Medusa, Vulture, America Chavez). Next plans are to champ Bl4de, Jean Grey and St4rlord (soon as I can get the ISO).

    Roster is relatively up to date and can be seen here: https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/Andi-Ti/

    My current alliance is Axis n Allies, player name Andi-Ti. Thanks for your consideration!

    Accepted to new alliance. Thanks!
  • Rhadamanthus23Rhadamanthus23 Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    edited September 24
    EDIT: ALLIANCE FOUND! Best of luck to you all! (unless you're against me in PvP...) ;)

    Player: Rhadamanthus23
    Seeking: A competitive, yet casual Alliance. A group that strives to do well and improve, finish PvE with all rewards, and some PvP.
    Roster: Firmly in 3* Land, have all, but only 21 of 46 champed. Including: Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Human Torch, Hawkguy, IM40, Hulk, Kamala, Elektra and SWitch. Have several 4*s, just most of them with 1 or 2 covers. Nearing champ (but woefully lacking in ISO) for HulkbusterIM, X-23, Ghost. Several in 5-10 covers. Have a few 5*s, mostly with 1 cover, but Okoye 1/0/0 is still so useful to multiply powers of my 3&4*s. LumberCap is 2/1/0.
    PvE: Usually play at level 7-8, depending on rewards and who's boosted. 99% of the time, I get all node rewards, unless I misjudge time and miss one or two, max. Usually get within top 10, sometimes top 5.
    PvP: Usually play at level 7-9, depending on time available and progression awards. Tend to focus on Wins rather than Score, getting to 40 is the goal for the 4* character reward (don't always make it), but I've got 75 a couple times, as well. Just not as competitive without 4&5*s like the other top players do. Don't recall historical scores from the past; only been through one full Season, so far.
    Time: I'm currently between jobs, so have lots of time to play. Some health issues have made me sit out a couple PvE rounds, or start late enough to get the rewards, but not place highly. Still, I'm willing to put in the time and effort to help the Alliance.
    n00b: I'm still kinda new. I'm not sure I understand some aspects, like slices. I know conceptually what they are, and how using them helps, but I'm not sure how exactly to use 'em. Hopefully, the Alliance will answer questions.
    Comms: I don't have any set up, but point me in the right direction and I'll install what you use.
    Current Alliance: Cru Kulka. They're nice, and a few have been very helpful. However, we rarely get above the 1000 mark in Alliance rankings in PvE, and rankings for PvP are negligible. I'm currently first in our Galactus Hungers, by a fair margin, mostly because some of our best players don't have all the required/essentials. We'll be likely to finish in the middle of Round 6. Even if you'd like me to join yours, I'll stay in this one until that event is finished; The game will keep me with them, until it's over, anyway.
    Link: See my .sig for my updated Roster, or check in-game

    Edit: I play on PC, through Steam.
    Edit2: While I am looking for something more competitive than where I am, currently, I'm not looking to join an MPQ paramilitary boot camp. ;)
  • BzhaiBzhai Posts: 42 Just Dropped In
    edited September 28
    I've found a new home. Thanks to everyone who messaged me!

    Player name
    : Bzhai

    Seeking: Alliance members who are active in PVE (especially boss events) and casual for pvp. 

    Roster: 3 champed 5* and hoarding cp for the next batch once Wasp is out. Other than that have all 4* and 3* in game.

    PVE: I play scl7 most of the time but am thinking of trying out scl8 once my 5* roster gets stronger

    PVP: Usually play scl8 as it's the easiest for me to land T25. I average more than 800 every event. My minimum goal is to always get every progression reward and at least T50.

    Time: I have a fixed schedule for PVE which I adhere to religiously. PVP is usually during my commute to and from work and the weekends. 

    Expectations: Out-of-game comms are not a requirement. I just want to find an alliance where every member is active daily and contributes to growing everyone's roster. 

    Current alliance: Feral Ones. They're a great bunch but lately a lot of members have been spending less time on the game due to real-life stuff. Also I feel I need to up my game and focus on growing my 5* roster. 
  • GronkSmashGronkSmash Posts: 22 Just Dropped In
    edited September 28
    Joined a new alliance 9/27

    I wreck every event i play. I am a competitive commander in a casual league - the last boss event and discussion was the last straw and I can either join an established alliance or create a new one from the ground up. I am a top 5 PVE (scl 7) player and a top 25 PVP (scl 8/9) player. I don't miss days and i finish 1st every allaince boss event without fail. My wife plays just as hard as i do in story events but is more casual in PVE (around 500-600) depending on the rewards. I'm a package deal but you wont be disappointed. Also if there is enough room i can bring the more competitive players from my alliance. 
  • Mrcl25Mrcl25 Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    edited September 27
    Edit: joined a new alliance today!

    Hi, I'm on SR 85, and I'm a competitive player looking for an alliance that is competitive on PVP and PVE and gets all the prizes on boss events, for me and for my wife (she is about the same level). We usually play PVE on scl 7 or 8, and place at top 25 (sometimes top 10). At PVP we usually play on scl7 and end on top 25 (I'm usually a little over 900 points). We play boss events as quick as possible. We play every day and every event. Our rosters are somewhat unbalanced, but improving. We are not looking for interaction outside the game, just for an alliance where everyone plays and contributes. Our current alliance is WOH Origins 2.

    GronkSmash, if you are creating a new alliance, we are interested in joining. I can't PM you yet because I'm new in the forum, but if you want, you can send me a PM.

  • madsaladmadsalad Posts: 813 Critical Contributor
    Mrcl25 said:
    Hi, I'm on SR 85, and I'm a competitive player looking for an alliance that is competitive on PVP and PVE and gets all the prizes on boss events, for me and for my wife (she is about the same level). We usually play PVE on scl 7 or 8, and place at top 25 (sometimes top 10). At PVP we usually play on scl7 and end on top 25 (I'm usually a little over 900 points). We play boss events as quick as possible. We play every day and every event. Our rosters are somewhat unbalanced, but improving. We are not looking for interaction outside the game, just for an alliance where everyone plays and contributes. Our current alliance is WOH Origins 2.

    GronkSmash, if you are creating a new alliance, we are interested in joining. I can't PM you yet because I'm new in the forum, but if you want, you can send me a PM.
    PMd @Mrcl25 and @GronkSmash
  • Ed_DragonriderEd_Dragonrider Posts: 78 Match Maker
    edited September 28
    EDIT: Joined Alliance in like 5 minutes! Wow this was effective!! Thank you!!!

    Hi Everyone!

    I would like to join an active, PVE focused alliance, where all members play daily and give their best at boss events.  

    I'm at SR58, usually play scl7 and am firmly in 3* land.
     I mostly get through the full progression (and sometimes more), but my roster is a bit patchy on 3*-s which i'm trying to remedy now. Full roster here:  https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/EdDragonrider/

    In Boss events I usually get to the 900k top reward point (and sometimes more if the alliance needs it to complete the rounds... in one of the sinister six events I did 1.2 million) and even on the last galactus event when I was on holiday I still managed to get to the 4* wiccan cover at 600k+

    Would love to see casual conversations in game chat, but if no one talks to anyone, that's fine too. I don't have Line, but I guess I can learn to use it if need be. 

    Thank you for your consideration:

  • RolonRolon Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited October 1

    I'm Rolon, currently of the alliance Banshee Squad.

    I play daily, typically focusing on PVE - I usually hit all the progression rewards and finish top 100-200ish. I play a little PVP - maybe hitting 300-400 per event in-season. I'm also not a spending-actual-money guy.

    I'm at SR 112, and usually play SCL8. I have all 3-stars champed, all but the newest 9 4-stars champed, and one lonely champed 5-star, but I have a couple that are a cover or two away. Kinda screwing with my scaling, though.

    My current alliance is a little slow, with low participation rates in alliance events. I'm not looking for T-anything, I'm just looking for one that's a little more active.

    I'm also a limitless resource of Marvel trivia; whether that's a plus or a minus is up to you.

    EDIT: well, that was very fast! 
  • SnabesSnabes Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited October 3

    Edit: Found alliance 

    Hi I’m a daily player and I’m looking for an alliance that goes deep into boss events or where everyone participates. The last two boss events I was able to do full individual progression. 

    I play PvE at SCL 6 or 7 depending on the event. If I play 7, I’m going for the 4*. 

    I’m firmly in 3* land. All 3* rostered and 20 champed and all 2* champed minus bag man. About more than half 4* rostered.

    I can download any type of communication if needed. 

    Pm me here.


  • EqnEqn Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    edited October 3
    Found an alliance... 

    PVE player looking for an alliance. Ideally an alliance:
    - that completes boss events.
    - T100 would be nice

    Casual player for PVE; generally CL8;  finish all clears/exceeds progression but done with suboptimal timing (due to real life). 
    Dabbles in PVP (CL9) as time allows (will work to 900 and shield if HP are available); plays to 2000 in simulator; scores between 5K and 10K for the seasons (depending on time).

    Other info 
    Shield Rank: 146
    Roster: All characters rostered except for Kitty Pryde (2*: farming; 3* all champed/farming, 4* all champed except Frost/Dazzler/Nebula; 5* - 3 max covered, some leveled to 300)

  • shobi6669shobi6669 Posts: 54 Match Maker
    edited October 4
    UPDATED = found a new home, thanks for the inquiries, post can be deleted now
  • ManapoolManapool Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    edited October 3
    Found a new home, thanks for the PM´s

    Hello fellow tile-swappers

    I´m Manapool, Currently in a random Alliance that i joined just to get the daily ISO.

    I´m looking for a competetive alliance (top 100-250)

    About my rooster it can be found Here: https://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/manapoolxoxo/
    little info about it, im currently working on championing my last 3*
    Have most of the 4* and a few 5*.

    SR: 70, day:500

    Playing both PvE and PvP, in PvE im always hitting at least max reward, and in pvp goal is at least 40 wins for the 4* cover.

    If you have an alliance that seems to fit me and you have a spot, hit my up with that PM and we could have a chat.

    Thanks in advance // Manapool
  • nippynippy Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    edited October 2
    looking for a new permanent home, our alliance disintegrating... pvp - 900+ avg.  TAT score 89,000+, reach full progression on all pve, always vying for top10 scl9/8.

    50+ 4* champed, 10 fully covered, 10 collecting dust somewhere due to uselessness...
    champed 5* okoye, working on 5thor.  have 2 other 5 stars fully covered
    Have all characters, farming 3*, 2*, 1*..

    Always double alliance event max progression score

    Please only top50 PVE alliances or trying to be top50

    SCL level 135, day 1100
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