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Rules for this Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you've accepted an alliance. It is a courtesy to the other recruits and to the alliance leaders that you edit your post to say you've accepted an alliance invite once you've found a new home in-game. Once players have indicated they have found an alliance, their posts will be removed from the thread.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see someone you're interested in, PM that person. Any post that isn't an individual seeking an alliance will be deleted.
  4. Don't advertise your alliance here. If you're an alliance leader, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. After posts reach 30 days, they will be deleted. This is to keep the player pool fresh and active for inquiring commanders looking for recruits.

Tips for Recruitment
  1. Post relevant tournament information. Don't post "I average top 50 in PvP"; rather post "I average 700 points in PvP". It gives alliance leaders a clearer understanding of who you are and what you're capable of. Same thing for PvE events - saying top 5 doesn't mean all that much if you missed half of the progression rewards. Give specific examples from recent PvEs about how many points you scored. Also, when listing Versus Season scores, list your simulator score as well (it helps give recruiters an idea of what your average Versus score is versus "padding" that comes from the simulator).
  2. Highlight your roster strengths and roster plans. Listing all your characters is equivalent to padding your resume with fluff. No one honestly cares that you have a level 25 Moonstone with 13 covers. List your 3*'s and which ones you're currently working to level up. Or if you're a 2* player, list your 2*'s that you're working on and which 3* you're trying to transition in and who they'll be replacing. This gives recruiters an idea of how much thought you're putting into the game and whether you have any sort of plan for how you're going to play in the future. If you have a Gamependium setup of your roster, a link to it would help with this as well.
  3. Link your current alliance. Assuming it won't upset or get you kicked out of your current alliance, provide the name of your current alliance so that recruiters can view your profile directly.
  4. Express your expectations. Alliances exist to serve one another. You should be very clear about what your expectations are regarding what you are seeking in an alliance (e.g. how social they are, how competitive they are, etc.).
  5. Be reasonable in your expectations. If you're a semi-daily player with all 2*'s, don't expect an invite to a top 50 or even a top 100 alliance.
  6. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active you are or what your roster looks like is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with your style of gameplay.

How to get in a top 100 PVP alliance
Now that seasons are underway for 4* Thor, and now that alliances are defaulting to 20 members, I thought I'd offer some tips for players seeking to get into the top 100 alliances. This is based off what I saw in season VII, and I expect it will only go up as more alliances get to fighting strength. If you don't feel you can maintain this level of activity, then don't join an alliance aiming for the top 100. You will only be setting yourself up for future discord as the season comes down to the wire.
  1. Average Versus score needed: 800+. This should be the average that you shoot for to keep your alliance in the top 100 for any given event. Fail to meet this score and you'll risk upsetting your alliance leaders and set yourself up to be replaced.
  2. Average Season score needed: 9,500+. This should be your target number. If you're on track to reach this target great. If it looks like you'll come in lower than that, consider pushing the simulator to boost your own number.
  3. Average Sim score needed: 1500+. Sim is padding on top of what you earn in the versus events. It can be lost which makes it very hard to gauge how solidly in the top 100 your alliance actually is. Aiming for 1500 points is a solid and maintainable margin of points to help keep your alliance up in the rankings.

If you feel there are other tips or rules that should be included, please PM me directly. Do not reply to this thread with your suggestions. Any post that isn't an individual seeking an alliance will be deleted.

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 5.


  • PollozzPollozz Posts: 82 Match Maker
    I am a strong player who took a break from the game, now playing hard again, looking mainly for a T50 PVE guild, always end on t50 at least, so I go full progression and beyond. Not looking for a PvP alliance, I always hit the 575 mark and sometimes 900 if I want the 4 cover, but not really into pvp.

    Currently with KA Boom, nickname Pollozz if u want to check my roster, just leave me a msg, cheers,

  • Junglejim5Junglejim5 Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    Hello Pollozz 
    My Alliance isn't a T50 but the grind is daily and at most times if not all come close to the hundred being something like a T115.or less , if you haven't yet joined and am still looking i will be happy to have you join my PVE alliance .
  • BoskyBozBoskyBoz Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I'm looking for an alliance that plays alliance events hard, but is casual in the other game modes. I can almost always make full progression on alliance events, & I expect the alliance to hit full progression as well.
    I'm level 92, 165 characters collected. Alliance: Taprabbits. User name: Bosky Boz
  • HudachkoHudachko Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    my alliance sucks. I buy literally everything they offer and get tons command points for the alliance and I can barely get the guys to play. I play every day, have ever level 3 character to the hero level and working on level 4 and 5 now. Name is Hudachko if anyone want's a serious player in their alliance. Thanks
  • NotBAMFNotBAMF Posts: 401 Mover and Shaker
    edited 24 September 2019, 16:16
    Looking for a new alliance. I'm a strong PVP player (10,000+ every season), but I barely touch PVE at all. I'm looking for a casual or PVP-based alliance where my lack of PVE won't really affect anything negatively, but my PVP score may be helpful. 

    EDIT: I should point out, I do play heavily on Boss events. I always reach personal max progress on those. It's just the day-to-day PVE I don't play. 
  • NahligeNahlige Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Strong Player looking for strong alliance. Full roster yes, all 194 characters! Currently with GrindSquad.pve looking to move. Check out my stats there. I am nahlige.
  • HawkGuy616HawkGuy616 Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    I'm looking to short term with an Alliance that's going to finish Round 8 against Galactus. I have a few champed 5*s, and will probably use 5* Hawkeye,  5* Spidey (red) and Coulson against the big guy. I used to be in the Immunati family,  but took about 18 months off. Now I'm back, mostly playing casually, but I love me some boss events, and casual alliances aren't going further than round 5. Best contact is probably through the forum messaging system here. My current alliance is called Team Two, and I'm Hawkguy616, like my forum name.
  • HawkGuy616HawkGuy616 Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    ^ I have also just re-installed Line. Same username of Hawkguy616.
  • Makami_KashimaMakami_Kashima Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited 15 October 2019, 06:29
    Edit: I found an alliance, thanks!
  • A_McBA_McB Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    edited 7 November 2019, 15:08

    Update: I am in alliance now.

     I am looking for an active pve alliance. I have been playing for 1639+ days and have every character (except new 5*Carnage) . 4x champed 5*. All but 7 champed 4*. All others max champ.

    I usually get top 100 on every pve (level 8) event always max out progression on alliance events.

    I dabble in PvP when rewards are really good (limited covers and double iso).

    I keep vip active and am looking to join an alliance that pulls similar weight.

    In game name amcb
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