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  • FendrishFendrish Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    T100 PvE/T100 PvP alliance has 1 opening.  120% pve progression and 500+ pvp minimums, and line account are required.  Great people, great scores, great times.  Come join the fun and grow your roster!  Search us out at KA Ragnarok!
  • Hashbrown500Hashbrown500 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Rebels need one for their top 100 Pve alliance LooniesRebels. You need to reach 120% of progression  for pve. No minimum for pvp.We always finish boss events early. Line is encouraged but not compulsory. PM or contact me on LINE hashbrown500
  • JSP869JSP869 Posts: 771 Critical Contributor
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    Mad about MPQ currently has 2 spots open.

    We are a T100 PvE/Story Alliance that asks our members to hit at least 100% in each PvE event (if not higher), and if you're not going to be able to play for a day or two, just let us know in advance.

    We do have a Line room but communication outside the game is like PvP: it's encouraged, but not required.

    We are currently a Public Alliance, so if you've got the points in Thick as Thieves, or Meet Rocket & Groot (or whatever the current Story event is), feel free to drop in.

    edit: we are currently full. 
  • JFischJFisch Posts: 113 Tile Toppler
    New Asgard has a player taking an extended break and needs to fill their spot.
    We're a top 100 PVE, (usually) top 100 PVP, both sides of Civil War alliance with no roster level or communication platform requirements. Just a bunch of great folks pooling their effort for better rewards. If you're the best player in your public alliance or you're a tryhard who needs to step back a little, I think we're a great landing place.
    - Full progression in new release PVEs
    - 575 or so in season PVPs preferred (about 6,000 total points at the end of the season)
    - Full participation in boss events
    PM if you're interested.
  • azninvasion2000azninvasion2000 Posts: 31 Just Dropped In
    Hellfire Spade is looking for 1 member.

    Requirements : have at least a dozen or so champed 4*s, play every day, hit the boss events hard.

    We are a pretty chill hybrid semi-casual alliance. Join up and if your roster looks good i'll approve you. Will remove this post once the position is filled.
  • SkrimgeourSkrimgeour Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
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    BloodNSteel is a casual PvE alliance looking for 2 4 or 5* players.

    If you want an alliance that finishes boss events, plays daily, and has no drama...then search us out in game as a private alliance and request to join.

    May your Match-5s always be plentiful.
  • Roland8Roland8 Posts: 39 Just Dropped In

    Union Force 80 is a T25/50 PVE focused alliance looking for two new members. 

    Searching for one new member who plays daily in PVE and get minimum 80% of max score in each events. This means a healthy roster is a must; 4* champions plus some 5* is required.  We ask that you participate in each PVE event to get the best score that you can.

    We also require full participation for group events (Civil War, Apocalypse etc) as we generally get all rewards.

    Communication through In-game chat or through Line thread is required if you cannot participate for whatever reason.  Failure to participate and leaving a reason why is subject to removal from the group.

    If you feel like you can contribute, look us up and please introduce yourself in the chat.

  • palantierpalantier Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Shades o Chaos is recruiting!

    Several year old family and friends alliance just cleaned house and we have 5 roster spots open. We clear all 4* tokens in Alliance events and are looking to get over the hump to get the legendary token.

    Alliance Rules:
    Roster must have at least two champed 4*.
    Let us know if you will be inactive for more than 3 days.
    Participate fully in alliance events.

    Thanks for your interest!

  • LucasRavenLucasRaven Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    Hey fellas! Wrathofshield is looking for one more partner. 

    T100PvE/T100 PvP alliance, 100% pve progression and 300 pvp minimums. We chat on Facebook messenger, you don't have to communicate daily, just let us know if you can't complete and event for whatever reason. 

    Come join this growing alliance and let's get them rewards!
  • itsuka7itsuka7 Posts: 56 Match Maker
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    AoP is a friendly group of pve alliances (see our specific ad in this forum for more information).
    The AoP group has decided to start a new T250 alliance, AoP 4. All rosters welcome. Requirements will be low at first. Daily play, to play for the first cover award in any pve. No pvp requirements. Boss events we will strive at first to get to round 7, later to finish it completely.
    The idea is to organically grow the alliance and see where its members can take it. Members that are more ambitious may be invited to other T50 or T100 AoP alliances, incidentally for certain events (mercing), or to move up permanently once their rosters is suitable for that.
    There will be plenty of advice around (for much of the good stuff, like a great friendly social environment, the advice and the moving up opportunities, you will need the Line communication app, though that is not mandatory if you just want to play within AoP 4 without too much hassle).
    The alliance is set to public, just walk in if you are interested.

    *note* aop 4 is currently full, but check our specific aop ad in this forum for other vacancies
  • tallemantalleman Posts: 414 Mover and Shaker
    The Topguns family is recruiting!

    We are currently searching for an active player to join our top 100 pve top 100 pvp alliance called Topguns Alpha.


    * Log in: Daily
    * Pve: At least full progression
    * Pvp: At least 1 point
    * Boss: Team effort Full progression
    * Line: Mandatory

    Let me know if you are intrested in joining.
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 741 Critical Contributor
    Pandas of Doom are a top 100 pvp team and we're looking for a player that scores 6k+ points in a season.
    No pve required.
    We clear bosses fully too. 
  • SidebernieSidebernie Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
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    Edited: Spot filled!

    Recruiting for Zilver Mask!

    Looking for adventure, romance, and really wild things?

    Sorry, can’t help you.  Good luck with that.

    Looking for a casual alliance full of active players?

    Zilver Mask is currently a fairly casual group, trying to emphasize members who are active daily and enjoy interacting in chat. A few people drop a couple bucks on the game now and again, but we're really not a Money group. Most of us (although certainly not all) have a solid roster of champed 3*s, and a few of us have made the 4* transition, but we're happy to have active players of all levels. We try to organize to do well in special alliance events, where we regularly complete progression rewards by the last clear.  That's not really the usual state of affairs, though--we're active, but not that coordinated most of the time ;) . More often, Zilver mask finishes overall between 200-300 in events. We're stable and reliable, a good place to grow your roster, but not aggressively competitive. Our only real rule is that you need to let us know (either in-game or by PM'ing me here) if you're going to be absent for more than a week or so.  We don't mind--life happens--but we appreciate being kept in the loop.

    If you think you are interested, find us in the game as "zilver mask", or pm me with any questions.

    Cmdr Sidebernie
  • PathmasterPathmaster Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
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    'The Man-things' ...We. Play. A. Lot. Currently ...(87th in the 'Venom Bomb' event and 89th in the versus season with 19 members(  ...rankings just to give you an idea of how much we play))  As usual, the alliance is open to public.   Just search and join.  We only ask that you're on par with the rest of us.  We. Play. A. Lot!  If it's full send me a message. Cheers!  

  • AndiTiAndiTi Posts: 108 Tile Toppler
    1 space just came open in Match Makerz. T100 PvE focused alliance. Criteria below:

    1) Have at least a developing 4* roster with several champs.

    2) Enjoy PvE and can make max progression each event. Also, play whatever SL you want, 10 is not required.

    3) Like clearing boss events with 36-48 hours to spare.

    4) Aren’t wanting a primarily PvP alliance (there’s no PvP required score. That said, many of us play on the side-usually ~T125 in season as a group).

    5) Like a chill, easy-going group to get PvE rewards with!

    Send me a message if interested.  Join now while T100 shards for the new 5* are in play!
  • atmosvereatmosvere Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    SupaSoberPVP2 - new PvP alliance, multiple open spots.

    Supasobersorta - top 100 PvE & PvP hybrid alliance, 1 open spots.
    SupasoberPVE2 - top 250 PvE alliance, 1 open spots.
    See our thread in Alliance section, or contact me for more info.

  • jp1jp1 Posts: 789 Critical Contributor
    Greywolf Elite now has an open spot.

    Daily play and best efforts for boss events are our only requirements.

    We would love to push in to the top 100 and if you are a dedicated player we may very well accomplish that goal (we are always close). 

    We don’t do Line, swapping, or drama. If you want to join a friendly alliance with low stress this may be a great opportunity for you. Find us in game or message me on the board for any additional details.
  • oni_889oni_889 Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    Alliance: The_Foot_Clan
    IGN: Oni_889
    2 Spot(s) Available.
    We are a alliance of daily players with a Top 250 PVE, most of the time around 130's.  Generally top 500 in pvp as well.  We all come together to fully finish all Alliance Events.
    Alliance looking for Casual but Dedicated Daily Player. I think the alliance is split between pvp and pve players. We would like a dedicated player of any skill level, BUT they should be interested/motivated to reach the MAX PVE progression. We would also request any heads up for time taken away from the game, otherwise we would have thought you have left permanently.  We complete Round 8 of Boss events that are single rewards.

    The Alliance uses LINE for coordination, chatting and sharing of information.  It is not required but encouraged to make the experience more enriching.

    Let me know if you are a good fit.
  • AJChillAJChill Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
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    Masters of PVE is adding a Hybrid team: MoP Hybrid

    Some of our players wanted to set their goals higher so we now have openings across the alliance family as some of our teammates transfer to the new team!

    Masters of PVE aims for t50.  Full progression with an extra 1.3x push for new character releases (most of us do more). All in on boss events. No PVP required

    MoP II is our 50% progression PVE team. Aims for t250. Least restrictive team.
    MoP III has full PVE progression as it's goal and tries to be a competitive t100 team.
    MoP Hybrid is our newly formed team and is looking for 1.2x PVE progression players and a 400/event PVP score  (This may change as the team grows). They are aiming to be a competitive t100 team in both formats.

    We also have a LINE group that is not required, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for coordination among the teams.
    Small active alliance family who like to help each other play to their strengths for the best rewards

    We have something for everyone. Feel free to look us up.

    Will also consider merging with smaller alliances to grow faster. 


    Message me here or on LINE if interested.

    LINE ID: AJChill

  • KippoKippo Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Phoenix Xforce is recruiting.  We are daily players who are looking for more daily players to complete team events. No pvp or pve requirements. 
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