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Alliance Recruitment Thread

DuckyDucky Posts: 2,230GLOBAL_MODERATORS Community Moderator
edited April 30 in MPQ Alliances
Rules for This Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you have filled all open positions. This is a courtesy to those alliances still recruiting as well as to those who are still hunting. If you have a new opening, re-post, instead of editing the original posting. Posts will be removed once they are marked as such in an effort to keep things manageable for recruits looking for a home.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see an alliance you're interested in, PM that poster. Any post that isn't an alliance seeking new members will be deleted.
  4. Don't post that you're an individual seeking an alliance. If you're an individual seeking an alliance, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. Please only post once per alliance, or family of alliances. This helps keep the list of alliances down so recruits can better access the thread. If multiple posts for alliances, or families of alliances, are found, the oldest posts will be removed.
  6. Any recruit posts that have not been updated in the past 30 days will be removed. This is to help make things easier for recruits searching and to keep information as current as possible in the thread.

Tips for Successful Recruiting
  1. List detailed expectations. Whether you're a top 50 alliance or a casual, make it very clear about what your expectations are regarding pve and pvp performance, level of social involvement, other apps that may be required (such as Line or another chat app), whether you ask for emails to conduct business, etc. The more information you provide, the better the fit will be for you and potential recruits.
  2. List Alliance Performance While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide some information that helps potential recruits gauge how they'll fit in.
  3. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active your alliance is or what your alliance performance has been is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with where your alliance is (or post that you have the goal of improving towards top 100). 

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 26 July 2017 - Added Rule 6
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 6
MPQ IGN: Ducky
SHIELD Rank: 153
Current alliance: Quack Fu

*** This is my mod voice. ***
I am not an employee of D3 Go!, Demiurge or Oktagon.


  • millenniumkittenmillenniumkitten Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    New Alliance, LGBTQ Marvel, is recruiting.
    We're looking for players who of the LGBTQ+ community and area regularly active on MPQ.
  • GronkSmashGronkSmash Posts: 17 Just Dropped In
    Motown Army is looking for 2 casual-competitive members. Shield Rank 30+ is a bonus but not a requirement. Story and Alliance events focused (versus also a bonus). We average top 500 in versus events 4 of 5 events. Our alliance events typically net all character covers and more frequently the legendary token. Serious inquiry only - a long staple member passed away and their friend left so we are aiming to fill the space sooner than later. Typically quick reply. Our group is listed as private but I am a commander so i check requests often
  • angryelvisangryelvis Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Carnifex is looking for 2 new members.  We are active in PVP events, some participation in PVE, and get full clears on the boss events.

    We only look for an average of 300 in PVP.  We have finished top 250 every season, even this past one when we had 2 members essentially blank the season.

    Most members are facebook friends to share rewards.
  • Watt14Watt14 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In

    Our alliance "Heroes ForHire" is currently looking for a new member. we are mainly a PVE team that requires daily play and participation towards team events. We are looking to get max progression for the upcoming Civil War event like we have in the past which is why we have an opening. Anyone interested or that has questions please message me and we can get you answers or on the team.
  • MysterBMysterB Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    PayToWin is looking for a few more players that at least play once a day and have no issues with beating up on Boss’s in the Alliance events.

    A good portion of us CP up often to keep the Alliance name Legit (PayToWin). Low stress Low drama, games are meant to be fun not a Job.

    If you’re an elitist and or completionist, this may not be the alliance for you. Thanks for the read, and take care. 
  • SkelloggSkellogg Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    The kindlyones is a new alliance looking for people who play regularly.  PVE is a plus, but our main focus will be Alliance Events.

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