Alliance Recruitment Thread

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Rules for This Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you have filled all open positions. This is a courtesy to those alliances still recruiting as well as to those who are still hunting. If you have a new opening, re-post, instead of editing the original posting. Posts will be removed once they are marked as such in an effort to keep things manageable for recruits looking for a home.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see an alliance you're interested in, PM that poster. Any post that isn't an alliance seeking new members will be deleted.
  4. Don't post that you're an individual seeking an alliance. If you're an individual seeking an alliance, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. Please only post once per alliance, or family of alliances. This helps keep the list of alliances down so recruits can better access the thread. If multiple posts for alliances, or families of alliances, are found, the oldest posts will be removed.
  6. Any recruit posts that have not been updated in the past 30 days will be removed. This is to help make things easier for recruits searching and to keep information as current as possible in the thread.

Tips for Successful Recruiting
  1. List detailed expectations. Whether you're a top 50 alliance or a casual, make it very clear about what your expectations are regarding pve and pvp performance, level of social involvement, other apps that may be required (such as Line or another chat app), whether you ask for emails to conduct business, etc. The more information you provide, the better the fit will be for you and potential recruits.
  2. List Alliance Performance While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide some information that helps potential recruits gauge how they'll fit in.
  3. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active your alliance is or what your alliance performance has been is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with where your alliance is (or post that you have the goal of improving towards top 100). 

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 26 July 2017 - Added Rule 6
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 6


  • iwolfiiiiwolfiii Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Overshot is looking for members!

      We are a fun casual guild with all our members being in the 3* to 4* range, some 5* players.  We for the most part finish all alliance story events within the first or second day.  We were a top 1000 alliance but recently had some members leave.  We are an older guild in terms of playtime.  No chat required.  Come along on the fantastic voyage that is Overshot. B)
  • spirtirespirtire Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    A casual group is looking for 2 daily players.

    We are top 250 in PvE and PvP

    please join Play2gether
  • spirtirespirtire Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Seats still available, please join
  • Lubka19Lubka19 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2021
    Aces n Eights looking for new members. We have 2 slots open at the moment.
    Our rules:
    Min. 10k points at PVE event
    Min. 500k points at aliance events
    Max. Non-activity 14 days
  • MonkeyfooMonkeyfoo Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2021
    Open alliance Revolt Nation5.  Multiple spots open. 
    Casual. No Mins. can be PVP or PVE.  
  • palantierpalantier Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Shades o Chaos is recruiting!

    2 slots open.

    Casual alliance. Must have at least one champed 4*. Members that are inactive for more than 3 days without notice will be removed. Alliance event participation strongly encourage. We have completed all alliance rewards for the past year.
  • DyingLegendDyingLegend Posts: 1,008 Chairperson of the Boards
    I need a new alliance that actually plays

    Just a casual alliance that enjoys playing. 

    No buy club alliance 
  • PyroPyro Posts: 5 Just Dropped In looking for top 100 or top 50 alliance for pvp i make 900pts per pvp minimum..if you need daily player send me message..Thanks to all
  • LFChikarasonLFChikarason Posts: 362 Mover and Shaker

    All New X Men (no dashes) is looking for two new members, Lost some folks for not playing in the boss event!  Only requirements are:

    play once a day (seven days no play will result in removal)

    all hands on deck for boss events

    We are casual play with no PVP or PVE requirements. We have a Facebook group shared with two other alliances (including our very own Puzzle Warriors 3!) and a just started Discord. Please message me here before sending a request to the group in game. 

  • OugaboogaOugabooga Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    edited December 2021
    Edit: positions filled
    TheWatchtower is recruiting! We have 2 slots open at the moment.

    We're a casual alliance filled with Veterans. We usually finish T100 PVE / T50 PVP or better.

    The only requirement we ask is for you to hit progression in PVE. No PVP requirement. 

    PM if you're interested. 

  • JetmanvinJetmanvin Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
    Recruiting again:

    Hello: Spiral Power has 1 spot for our alliance. Our main requirement is to participate in Alliance and PvE events. Great opportunity to build up 3 and 4 stars. Alliance average score top 300. PvP encouraged but not required, just ask to play constantly and have a blast. Please send a message prior to sending a request to the game.
  • CrimsonHawk007CrimsonHawk007 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited 12 January 2022, 16:35
    Hi everybody!
    Team Awesome is looking to fill 1 open position.

    We are a good balance between active/casual that is serious about the team/alliance events, and we've been around for several years now.  (If we were to play out after receiving all the team rewards, we would probably be in the top 200.)

    Things we are looking for:
    1) Daily Play of some sort (either PVP or PVE).  Obviously, the more you play, the better your roster will be, and we are more than willing to help people get better.  We have several members who started as 2* and now are 4 or 5*.
    2) Team/Alliance events are required.  We love these events the best and try to work as fast as possible to complete them.  (However, we also like to promote a good play/rest balance, so if something urgent comes up, let us know, and we can work with you.)
    3.  Chat isn't required, but it is fun to keep up on our progress or have questions such as who to use for certain puzzles or events.

    PM crimsonhawk007 if you are interested, and we look forward to adding some great people to our team soon!

  • SidlonSidlon Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    edited 6 January 2022, 15:13
    KA Padawan is looking to build into a T250 PVE group, and needs your help!

    Looking for people who:
      * play daily
      * complete at least 40% of progression

    When you eventually want something more active, the KA family has 15 alliances for all types of PvE & PvP gameplay.

    PM if interested!
  • Sisqo16Sisqo16 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    RogueKnights have 3 spots open. We are a casual alliance, but prefer members who are active daily and participate in the boss events.
  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 1,020 Chairperson of the Boards
    Yancy-St.Gang (1 slot)

    Mostly centered on PVE, PVP optional.
    Well established 3* roster and up
    Daily Player
    PVE, currently top 100, but we're losing a member.  We'd like to stay in the top 100 

    PVP we're usually top 150.  
    Boss events, expect full participation, we usually finish within 48hrs.
    We chat in game about the game and random stuff. No need to participate if you don't want to.
    If this sounds like a fit, DM me. Thanks.
  • jp1jp1 Posts: 934 Critical Contributor
    GreyWolf Elite has 5 open slots. 

    Daily play and all in on alliance events is the only requirement. That’s said if you’re a competitive player and contribute further we would most likely break top 100 regularly.

    Join in game and PM me for approval. Sorry to those I missed last round, COVID related things had me distracted pretty heavily.
  • jp1jp1 Posts: 934 Critical Contributor
    edited 20 January 2022, 12:28
    GreyWolf Elite still has 1 slot open. 

    Hit me up.
  • SkrimgeourSkrimgeour Posts: 28 Just Dropped In
    edited 20 January 2022, 12:38
    BloodNSteel has one spot open for a 4* or 5* player.

    Casual alliance. We max Alliance Events. Other than that all we ask is that you play regularly and aren't a jerk.

    Just request to join in game
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