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Rules for This Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you have filled all open positions. This is a courtesy to those alliances still recruiting as well as to those who are still hunting. If you have a new opening, re-post, instead of editing the original posting. Posts will be removed once they are marked as such in an effort to keep things manageable for recruits looking for a home.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see an alliance you're interested in, PM that poster. Any post that isn't an alliance seeking new members will be deleted.
  4. Don't post that you're an individual seeking an alliance. If you're an individual seeking an alliance, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. Please only post once per alliance, or family of alliances. This helps keep the list of alliances down so recruits can better access the thread. If multiple posts for alliances, or families of alliances, are found, the oldest posts will be removed.
  6. Any recruit posts that have not been updated in the past 30 days will be removed. This is to help make things easier for recruits searching and to keep information as current as possible in the thread.

Tips for Successful Recruiting
  1. List detailed expectations. Whether you're a top 50 alliance or a casual, make it very clear about what your expectations are regarding pve and pvp performance, level of social involvement, other apps that may be required (such as Line or another chat app), whether you ask for emails to conduct business, etc. The more information you provide, the better the fit will be for you and potential recruits.
  2. List Alliance Performance While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide some information that helps potential recruits gauge how they'll fit in.
  3. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active your alliance is or what your alliance performance has been is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with where your alliance is (or post that you have the goal of improving towards top 100). 

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 26 July 2017 - Added Rule 6
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 6


  • Swifty 2Swifty 2 Posts: 42 Just Dropped In
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    Ampersand is full

    Ampersand is t50/100PVP 
    t50/100 PVE, Full Progression Boss hybrid alliance, requiring 850 per event, 11k for season pvp, full progression+(green check marks) for PVE. 

    AmpersandAlpha is t50 PVP, Full Progression Boss, requiring 850/event, preferably more, 11k for season.

    AmpersandBeta is our t100 PVP, Full Progression Boss alliance, requiring 600/event, preferably more, 8k for season.

    AmpersandGamma is our t250 PVP alliance, requiring 400event.

    AmpersandKappa is our daily-play, hit the Boss hard (minimum full progression) alliance. 

    We gather PVE scores from our Non-Hybrid Alliances for a top 100 finish for players who make full-progression or greater. 

    We focus on being a friendly, welcoming group who have fun; we enjoy helping each other and joking.  This is a game, after all!  Ampersand wants it to be fun for as many people as possible.

    We will move players around between alliances as rosters improve or as playstyles change :)

    Line is strongly encouraged, as most of our communication and movement is coordinated there. We do have a small presence on Discord, if that is preferred.

    Pm me if interested or gmoney10 on line
  • MPQuestionsMPQuestions Posts: 19 Just Dropped In

    CURRENT STATUS: 1 Merc slot available for Juggernaut release

    4*/5* Players Welcome to Join Release Focused Alliance 

    “Only All Stars”

    Only All Stars is a release T100 PVE alliance for players who want to keep up with new releases without committing to a full daily T100 grind. We all like to keep our rosters growing and grab the latest characters, but prefer to avoid burnout. 


    Full Grind on New Releases - **We aim for T100 in all new character releases** 

    Full Progression on Boss Events - **We always clear full rewards in Boss events** (BOTH SIDES in the last run of Civil War)

    NO PVP requirements (usually T250)

    NO PVE requirements between releases (usually place just outside T100 for standard events and T100 for releases)

    NO outside communications app required

    Generally our members are a mix of daily players who have a PVE or PVP preference but all rally for Alliance events and new character releases.

    We’re a friendly laid-back crew who like to max rewards with minimum drama!

  • arejaygeearejaygee Posts: 24 Just Dropped In

    The Illuminati have a couple of t100 PVE-only spots available.   We’re looking for players who can hit 110% progression on regular events. For releases, we usually ask for 130%-140% (based on the event.)

    We’re a large family (10 allis) able to accommodate various play styles.   Because of this, there are opportunities to move around the family if you want more of a challenge or if you need to relax and take a break.   For most Boss Events, we usually get 6 alliances full progression rewards.  The most recent run of Civil War, we had 4 allis complete double progression.   

    We have a very active and helpful community on discord (and a smaller presence on line.)   We try to balance competition and placement with helping players develop their rosters and enjoy the game.   

    If this sounds like what you’re looking for, or if you have any questions, pm me.

  • FLYBeaglesFLYBeagles Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Rated X-Men currently has 1 opening for a well-established 3* roster and up.
    We are generally a very easy-going alliance for casual players who focus on Alliance/Boss events.

    Our only requirement is to participate fully in Alliance/Boss events.
    If for whatever reason you can't, we just need a heads-up first. Communication is greatly appreciated.

    We also have a LINE chat for better communications to coordinate Boss Events and chat about new characters, strategy, etc.

    Alliance is open to public so you can just search and join.  Cheers  :)
  • FelizFeliz Posts: 115 Tile Toppler
    Onslaught311 looking for hard working individual who loves to go hard in alliance events & PvE :)

    We normally get all prizes for alliance events. No need to spend money ;)
  • chf5868chf5868 Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    edited September 7
    Penguix Force currently has 2 open spots with more to come. We are a relaxed alliance currently undergoing a roster shuffle to make us a bit more competitive, mainly in PvE.

    Searching for members interested in playing daily & hitting at least half progression for now to make cracking top 250 a reachable goal. PvP is not a requirement, but is encouraged. Alliance events are an absolute MUST, as we have finished all levels a day early for at least last 6 months.

    We prefer that new recruits have at least a generous portion of 3* & 4*'s champed and working on building a stable of 5*'s. No further roster requirements, but this isn't the place for players new to the game. Line chat is not required, but we do have a group chat for interested members to share info & ask questions & on which all event updates are posted as released.

    Anyone interested in joining a group looking to grow can find us in public search or contact me on Line app, my game & Line ID's are chf5868
  • censolcensol Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Avengers-ITA sta reclutando!

    La nostra alleanza Avengers-ITA sta cercando membri. Abbiamo 14 posti liberi ed il livello dei 6 membri va dal 50° al 110° con roster di campioni a 3* e 4*.
    Siamo tutti italiani ma ovviamente sono ben accetti giocatori di altri paesi.


    Avengers-ITA is recruiting!

    Our Avengers-ITA alliance is looking for members. We have 14 vacancies and the 6 member level goes from 50th to 110th with 3 * and 4 * sample roster.
    We are all Italians but obviously players from other countries are welcome.
  • Tempestelf2Tempestelf2 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    ClawsToTheWall alliance is looking to expand our team of friendly supportive players.

    We focus on pve and boss events mainly, but our goal is to help one another grow into the best all around players.

    We chat about tips and advice on how to improve our game play, how to build stronger rosters and strategies on how to effectively us team combos. 

    We are set to grow big so if you are looking for a strong community alliance, this is it! 
  • BigND2k14BigND2k14 Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Hi, hero!

    Rusland2 alliance is recruiting new member.
    We are competitive top 100 PVE/full boss event progress alliance. Top 50 pve is our next goal.

    There is just ONE, but pretty BIG requirement:
    AT LEAST full individual progress in EVERY pve AND boss event.
    Pvp is optional.
    Late 3*->4* progression or 4* land and better rosters are preferable.
    We use Telegram ( as an external messenger. It is free. NO SOCIAL ACTIVITY is required, but everyone should read messages from commanders. Prooved itself very useful during Places of Power and Sinister 600 events. :-)

    So contact me via Telegram @BigND

    Welcome aboard, hero!
  • BeetleGeorgeBeetleGeorge Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    PVE-limit has one spot open.
    If you normally hit full progression in pve events but some days real life demands are stronger and they even don't care if a boss event is running then we might be the group for you.
    At times when everybody can play as he/she wants we end up in top100, if some don't have time we might go down to 120. At boss events we normally reach full progression after about 2 days.
    pvp is played only by some of us and we ended up between 150 and 250 lately.
    We are an international team, therefore no communication requirements and just a bit of in game chat.
    If you are interested PM me or just join.
  • PeelmanPeelman Posts: 31 Just Dropped In

    Looking for players to join my alliance, Kick Punchers

    Super casual, somewhat daily players welcome. No communication needed, no playing requirements (other than hopefully playing at least a few times a week), just wanting some extra people to get a little higher in events and up our daily rewards. Only a few members right now.

  • Deus_HadesDeus_Hades Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    edited October 5
    LeiasRebels is recruiting

    We're a new alliance focus on help players who want progress in the game or just play for fun. New players are welcome :) 

    Only 1 requirement, play daily.

    This is a friendly alliance. We are using Line (not required) to talk about strategy, ask advices...

    You can contact me here or in Line (ID: Deus_Hades).

    Alliance is public, you can directly join us :)

    We're full. Thx.
  • KrazyKrazy Posts: 12 Just Dropped In
    edited September 10
    Are you looking for a casual team to join?
    The Struggle is a team looking for a couple members  one more member who play regularly.
    We are a casual team that has no requirements.
    We typically place in the top 1000 in PvE events.
    Just search for The Struggle
    First ones to join will get in.

    EDIT: Sorry we are full.
  • A_Wise_ManA_Wise_Man Posts: 89 Match Maker
    edited September 13
    I am looking for just one player for a top 50 pve alliance.  Full progression minimum for all events.  We get RL happens and ask only for clear communication in advance when possible.  
           No need to download extra apps.  No blood tests or criminal background checks.  No purchase necessary (though we do buy in house, which is a nice bonus when it happens). No pvp required, but it would be nice to get some more pvp players (very close to t100 but not there). 
     Just play all the pve and kick tinykitty in boss events.  PM me if interested.  PM me if not interested.  Just PM me.  

    Edit: Spot filled.
  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 701 Critical Contributor
    Yancy-St.Gang is looking a hybrid player (pve/pvp, more emphasis on pve), daily player, and well established 3* roster and up.

    Top 90-130ish PVE.  We're hoping to turn this into a regular top 100 PVE.

    PVP, usually 100-200, there's a wide variance event to event, Usually end season top 250. 

    Boss events, usually done within 48hrs.

    We chat about the game and random stuff via the always reliable in game chat.  No need to participate if you don't want to.  As far as in game chat we only require that you read it when there's a boss event that needs coordination (eg boss raids, civil war, etc).

    DM if interested.  
  • PathmasterPathmaster Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    edited September 19

    'The Pun-ishers' are a T100 PVE and T150 PVP Release-Focused Alliance.  


    Full Grind on New Releases - **We aim for T100 in all new character releases** 

    Full Progression on Boss Events - **We always clear full rewards in Boss events** (BOTH SIDES in the last run of Civil War)

    PVP requirements: 2000 per season minimum(currently ranked 119 with 19 members)

    PVE requirements: between releases (Currently 57th in 'The Hunt',  46th in the last Alliance event )

    NO outside communications app requirements, but you can always message me here or on our facebook page.

    Message me and I'll open a spot for you.

  • RebelRebel Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    MCU German needs one more player.  We are a casual alliance with the requirement to play every day.  Our roster are made up of 4 and 5 star characters. But we have also members with only 3* covers. We are focuses at PVE. We are looking for someone who plays every day. Our main thing to get points for the alliance. We usually speaking german but it’s not a requirement. We have also English speaking members. We have a line group but it’s not an obligation to join in it. 

    if you are interested send a massage 
  • jgomes32jgomes32 Posts: 381 Mover and Shaker
    Lock and load will have 1-2 perma spots available this upcoming season. We are t10 pve and t25 pvp (two good scores will push us to t10). Requirements are optmal pve, ideally scl9 so you get the LT and 900+ pvp. Pm if interested or have any questions 
  • atmosvereatmosvere Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    SupaSoberPVP - top 50 PvP, top 100 PvE hybrid alliance, 1 open spot.

    Contact me here or on Line (atmosvere) for more details.
  • Roland8Roland8 Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    Union Force 80 is looking for 1 new member who has a healthy 4* & 5* roster who plays daily PVE for optimal progression points. 
    Member should be active and should communicate in chat (in-game or via Line) if real life happens. 

    We mainly focus o us on PVE, but have a good amount who are active in pvp as well. Members are expected to participate fully in group boss events as well. 
    Feel free to PM me here or look ya up in-game. 
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