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Alliance Recruitment Thread

DuckyDucky Posts: 2,255GLOBAL_MODERATORS Community Moderator
edited April 30 in MPQ Alliances
Rules for This Thread
  1. Please edit your post if you have filled all open positions. This is a courtesy to those alliances still recruiting as well as to those who are still hunting. If you have a new opening, re-post, instead of editing the original posting. Posts will be removed once they are marked as such in an effort to keep things manageable for recruits looking for a home.
  2. First time posters need approval. If you've never posted here before, there is an approval process that takes place before the post appears.
  3. Don't reply to individual posts. If you see an alliance you're interested in, PM that poster. Any post that isn't an alliance seeking new members will be deleted.
  4. Don't post that you're an individual seeking an alliance. If you're an individual seeking an alliance, there's a thread for you to recruit in. Posting here will result in that post getting deleted as well as the offending poster likely receiving a warning (especially for repeat offenders).
  5. Please only post once per alliance, or family of alliances. This helps keep the list of alliances down so recruits can better access the thread. If multiple posts for alliances, or families of alliances, are found, the oldest posts will be removed.
  6. Any recruit posts that have not been updated in the past 30 days will be removed. This is to help make things easier for recruits searching and to keep information as current as possible in the thread.

Tips for Successful Recruiting
  1. List detailed expectations. Whether you're a top 50 alliance or a casual, make it very clear about what your expectations are regarding pve and pvp performance, level of social involvement, other apps that may be required (such as Line or another chat app), whether you ask for emails to conduct business, etc. The more information you provide, the better the fit will be for you and potential recruits.
  2. List Alliance Performance While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, it does provide some information that helps potential recruits gauge how they'll fit in.
  3. Be courteous and honest in your posting. Lying about how active your alliance is or what your alliance performance has been is being discourteous and wasting everyone's time. So be honest, and be content with where your alliance is (or post that you have the goal of improving towards top 100). 

*Updated 4 May 2017 - Altered Rule 1 and added Rule 5.
*Updated 26 July 2017 - Added Rule 6
*Updated 30 April 2018 - Altered Rule 6


  • NotBAMFNotBAMF Posts: 293 Mover and Shaker

    Yancy-St.Gang has 1 opening!

    Some info on us:

    *We are currently right at the borderline of T100 PVE. We either finish just inside or just outside that threshold.

    *We are well inside T250 seasonally on PVP. We usually are easily in the top 150.

    *We hit max progress on Alliance Events in about 40 hours

    *We are very conversational on the in-game chat, but it's no big deal if you aren't. We like to discuss the game or anything else and help people out.

    *No requirement for out-of-game chat like LINE or anything.

    DM me if interested!

  • charmbotscharmbots Posts: 82 Match Maker

    The U.N.I.T is looking for 1 more solid contributor. We are top 200 in both pve/pvp and fully clear all boss events, except civil war (we’d like to change that). There are no score requirements but we are looking for someone who consistently scores well in both pve/pvp and are actively trying to grow their roster. If interested  please send me a message.

  • freakygeekfreakygeek Posts: 69 Match Maker
    MaliciousJager is currently a top 120 alliance. We need to get 2 or 3 stronger players than what we have to make top 100 in PVP and PVE. You can DM me here or on Discord as freakygeek.
  • chf5868chf5868 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    edited October 6
    Step forward and be heard!!

    Penguix Force is a newly formed alliance by a couple super regular players. All we require is more of the same. We formed our little nest with the hopes of getting actual rewards for banging group events. Only conditions of joining are regular play, a little communication and have fun!! Anyone with an extended leave, please just let us know. WELCOME ABOARD!

    Please look us up in-game, need lots of active players!! Beginners welcome, we don't mind coaching in chat. The few players we have now VERY active in group events! C'mon over & bring a friend!

    Update 10/5/18: Well, we filled our roster in near record time, it seems. However, like in so many games, we have 1-2 spots that keep opening up. If there are any serious dependable players still looking for a home, come check us out or holler @ me on the Line app. My ID both there & in-game is chf5868. Thanx to everyone for the terrific response!
  • SkrimgeourSkrimgeour Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    BloodNSteel, a casual PvE alliance is looking for 2 new members that play regularly.

    1) We are a 4-Star alliance that typically finishes all rounds of Boss events
    2) We have no drama and are extremely laid back. If you are looking to just do the work and get the rewards, we are an alliance for you.
  • Hit4SixHit4Six Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Clever Girls is currently seeking players to fill our ever growing alliance.

    Started by 3 experienced players with extensive rosters, we have decided to move out of a top 25 PvP alliance into a more casual, but still somewhat competitive, PvE alliance.

    Our expectations:
    1)   Daily play is a must (Deadpool daily is enough to constitute daily play).
    2)   Full commitment to boss events (Galactus events etc.).
    3)   On-going, friendly communication within the game (no external chat platforms required).

    Though we don't have minimum requirements, the better you do, the better we all do.

    If the alliance is full, send me a message and/or a request and we will find space for you.

    Hit4Six ~ Clever Girls Commander
  • AndyBAndyB Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Lock and Load4 have openings for PVE focused players. If you reach max progression and then some, join us in game
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,414 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited August 29
    Fluffers is a dedicated T100 PvE alliance .  

    • Daily Play
    • Max PvE Progression Score in each PvE event
    • Focus on Alliance boss events when they occur
    • No PvP requirements
    We have LINE, participation is not required, but encouraged.

    Failure to score more than 25% progression in any of the first 3 events after you join will result in immediate kick.

    If you're interested PM me.

    Current Recruitment Status: Full

    Alliance Placement Record found here:

  • turtlerad17turtlerad17 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    We are a Alliance of regular daily players looking of more regular daily players. We welcome daily players of any level and we are all VIP members. We want players who participate in PVP and PVE and especially Alliance events. We are a friendly, casual group that all we ask for is that your show up, participate and have fun. Come join SplattThwap!
  • AkuvilleAkuville Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Our alliance RogueKnights is looking for a new member. We're active, daily players at various stages of the game in the 3*-5* lands. However, our lives do not revolve around the game, and we don't have any progression requirements in the PvE/PvP events. 
    Please PM me if you're interested.
  • Watt14Watt14 Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Hello all!

    Our alliance Heroes forhire is looking for a new member. Most be actively daily and we focus on PVE. No level requirements, just do your best on PVE and be ready to go all out on the team events to continue completion streak. You can PM if interested or just join on the game.

  • justsingjustsing Posts: 318 Mover and Shaker
    edited September 4

    ETA: Spots filled. Thanks!

    DeadpoolsTacos is an easygoing T50 PVP / T50-T100 PVE alliance with 2 open spots.

    Requirements are:

    • 900+ points in PVP

    • Max progression in PVE (1x for regular events, 1.3x for new release events)

    • Full participation in alliance boss events

    We're part of the Lock and Load alliance family with many vets willing to provide game and roster advice. We also understand that real life can be busy, so just give us a heads up when you can't make a requirement for a specific event. 

    We communicate via LINE (highly recommended but not required) and the in-game chat. 

    If interested, please message me here or contact one of our commanders Toughwolf13 on LINE (ID: toughwolf13).

  • SkrimgeourSkrimgeour Posts: 16 Just Dropped In
    BloodNSteel is looking for one more member. We are a mature, no drama alliance. We are mainly 4 stars with some making the 5 star transition.

    Our rules are simple:
    1) Give Boss/Alliance Events Your All
    2) Have fun

    We are primarily a PvE alliance.

    Come on over the water is fine.
  • BjhoakBjhoak Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    NightStalkerPA is looking for several new members. 

    Our alliance is fairly casually and mostly focused on PvE alliance events.  We understand that our members have careers and cannot play every day, but ask that everyone participate in the monthly alliance events.

    We are currently focused on the new "Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six" event.

    You can message me if you are interested or just join our alliance directly.
  • RebelRebel Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
      MCU German is looking for new members.

    We are a German alliance looking for new more members. we play pvp, pve and boss events. we are a new alliance currently of 4 members. our roster goes from 4 and 5 stars cover. if you want to join in, leave a message or join directly. We would like to play with members who play daily to get rewards.
  • turtlerad17turtlerad17 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    SplattThwap is an alliance of 5 regular daily players looking for more regular daily players. All player levels are welcome. We are looking for players who participate in both PVE and PVP events but especially Alliance events. We are a friendly, casual group that all we ask for is for members to participate and have fun. Players interested in joining can directly apply to SplattThwap in-game.
  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 771 Critical Contributor
    edited September 14
    [ Updated 9/11 : still/again looking for a member! ]
    [ Updated 9/14 : position filled! ]

    Looking for 1 new member for the Dawnbringers

    • active player, preferably daily (but it's not a shocker if you miss some days now and then)
    • contribute as best as you can in alliance events (we usually clear enough to get all but one of the round rewards)
    That's it, really. No placement requirements, and whether you're a veteran or newbie doesn't really matter; however if you're new you should be serious enough to (want to) get better :). Other members will always be happy to help with team ups and tips.

    Apply in game, or if you have questions you can pm me here too.

  • SakisekSakisek Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Cat Gang
    New alliance looking for active players. We don´t expect you to play each and every day.

    • "Bit of Both" pvP, pvE or which one you like most.
    • "Maximum effort" for boss events.
    •  No strict progression requirements so far.

    Join us directly or leave me message.

    // Cz/Sk players welcome
    // Members : 3/20
  • SidebernieSidebernie Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    edited September 8

    Edit: Full up again!  Thanks to those who responded! -Sidebernie

    Recruiting for Zilver Mask!

    Looking for adventure, romance, and really wild things?

    Sorry, can’t help you.  Good luck with that.

    Looking for a casual alliance full of active players?

    Zilver Mask is currently a fairly casual group, trying to emphasize members who are active daily and enjoy interacting in chat. A few people drop a couple bucks on the game now and again, but we're really not a Money group. Most of us (although certainly not all) have a solid roster of champed 3*s, and a few of us have made the 4* transition, but we're happy to have active players of all levels. We try to organize to do well in special alliance events, where we often manage at least all three 4* covers, if not all of the progression rewards.  That's not really the usual state of affairs, though--we're active, but not that coordinated most of the time :eyeroll:. More often, Zilver mask finishes overall at about 400 in events. We're stable and reliable, a good place to grow your roster, but not aggressively competitive. If you think you are interested, find us in the game as "zilver mask", or pm me with any questions.

    Cmdr Sidebernie
  • ThePunishersThePunishers Posts: 50 Match Maker
    Elite Forces looking for an optimal PVE player for t10/t2 pve ally placement.  Hybrid alliance generally t10 pvp placement with no pvp minimum.  Please reach out to Awarnica, Dictator or Virus aka PhantomSniper via Line if you’re looking for a hybrid home.  Super laid back drama free alliance.  
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