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  • 2112poe2112poe Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    AARP Avengers is looking for some new members due to people moving on from the game. We are a casual alliance with no requirements except to try to play everyday. PVP, PVE or DDQ, doesn't matter what. Pretty simple and no stress.
  • Tempestelf2Tempestelf2 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Clawstothewall family is ready for new members! 

    We are chill and love to talk, very active and social. We are like a family. 

    We have 5 players 2 high lvl 1 mid and 2 lower lvl.

    We welcome any player who loves the game and want to play with friends. 
  • SidlonSidlon Posts: 134 Tile Toppler
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    Love MPQ but want to spend less time in it?
    Want to keep up with new chars, but only compete every couple weeks?

    KA Retired has a few spots available.
    We only play T100 for PVE release events (#65 for Hellcat), and finish boss events, with only daily play in between. 

    We're in the KA alliance family, so mercenary spots will be available for any other events you choose to play.  Maximum rewards for minimal required effort!

    Message me to come enjoy the perks of semi-retirement.  B^)

  • AndiTiAndiTi Posts: 108 Tile Toppler
    1 space just came open in Match Makerz. T100 PvE focused alliance. Criteria below:

    1) Have at least a developing 4* roster with several champs

    2) Enjoy PvE and can make max progression each event

    3) Like clearing boss events with 36-48 hours to spare

    4) Aren’t wanting a primarily PvP alliance (there’s no PvP required score. That said, many of us play on the side-usually ~T125 in season as a group)

    5) Like a chill, easy-going group to get PvE rewards with!

  • DzhynDzhyn Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    The international alliance -Nova Corps- announces a set of fighters.

    Requirements for Recruits:
    - level not lower than 100
    - active and stable game

    Our goals:
    - minimum TOP-100 in PVE
    - at least minimal activity in PVP (without fanaticism, but also without a freebie)
    - 100% passing alli events

    The alliance includes experienced active players who are ready to help with advice, discuss gameplay, and so on in a group in telegramm (MPQ -Nova Corps-).

  • dragonreaderdragonreader Posts: 78 Match Maker
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    SupasoberPVE is a top 100 alliance. We are looking for a motivated player to fill one spot.
    Requirements are simple:

    1. Full progression on all PVE events

    2. All-in on new release and boss events

    We are a part of the Supasober family of alliances and there is the opportunity to move to other alliances in the family if your play style/preferences change.

    If interested PM me.

  • Tempestelf2Tempestelf2 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Clawstothewall is a Free Play Public Alliance. We participate in both PVE and PVP events. 

    Alliance is Public so just search "clawstothewall" and Join! 
    No need to ask, just join up! All we ask is to be respectful of others. 

    Looking forward to teaming up on events!
  • MathiasTCKMathiasTCK Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    Medusas Muse is recruiting for t100 pve pvp hybrid

    Medusas Lair is recruiting for t50 pve pvp hybrid (often t25 pvp)

    Medusas Gaze is recruting for t100 pve
  • jp1jp1 Posts: 756 Critical Contributor
    Greywolf elite is still looking for a potential recruit. We are a fairly casual alliance with many great members. 

    No big requirements on your part, check our thread for more info.

    We have been clearing boss events 100 percent and are just shy of making PVE top 100 quite often. Maybe you could be the player to push us over the top! Welcoming casual daily players of all roster strengths.
  • JoshowaJoshowa Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
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    All spots filled! Thank you! 

    The TeX-Men
    are actively recruiting! We are a group formed by several veterans who finally left a dead alliance and we'd love to you have you! 

    We are open to all skill levels for both PVE and PVP. We only ask that you:
    • Play regularly. 
    • Participate in alliance events. 
    • Be respectful.
    You don't have to be a Texan or a mutant to join. There are no outside-app communication requirements. We are  a friendly, easy-going group that keeps the rewards coming by playing daily.

    Just search for The TeX-Men in the app and join the gang. We look forward to seeing you!
  • BeetleGeorgeBeetleGeorge Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
    PVE-limit has one spot open.
    If you do full progression most of the time in PVE events but not always because most days you have enough time but some days you have no time our group might be the right place for you.
    If there's room you can just join. If not you might PM me.
  • Roland8Roland8 Posts: 39 Just Dropped In

    Union Force 80 is a T25/50 PVE focused alliance looking for one new member. 

    Searching for one new member who plays daily in PVE and get minimum 80% of max score in each events. This means a healthy roster is a must; 4* champions plus some 5* is required.  We ask that you participate in each PVE event to get the best score that you can.

    We also require full participation for group events (Civil War, Apocalypse etc) as we generally get all rewards.

    Communication through In-game chat or through Line thread is required if you cannot participate for whatever reason.  Failure to participate and leaving a reason why is subject to removal from the group.

    If you feel like you can contribute, look us up and please introduce yourself in the chat.

  • MPQuestionsMPQuestions Posts: 30 Just Dropped In

    CURRENT STATUS: Recruiting 

    (1 Slot Open for Legion release or permanent)

    4*/5* Players Welcome to Join Release Focused Alliance 

    *Only All Stars*

    Only All Stars is a release T100 PVE alliance for players who want to keep up with new releases without committing to a full daily T100 grind. We all like to keep our rosters growing and grab the latest characters, but prefer to avoid burnout. 


    Full Grind on New Releases - **We go T100 in new character releases** 

    Full Progression on Boss Events - **We always clear full rewards in Boss events** (BOTH SIDES in Civil War)

    NO PVP requirements (T250)

    NO PVE requirements between releases (usually place just outside T100 for standard events and T100 for releases)

    NO outside communications app required

    Generally our members are a mix of daily players who have a PVE or PVP preference but all rally for Alliance events and new character releases.

    We’re a friendly laid-back crew who like to max rewards with minimum drama!

  • Ampersand_RayAmpersand_Ray Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Public Alliance: AndreDavis
    19/20 Slots Available

    PVP and PVE. Looking for effort in placing high with no specific requirements except to score for the Alliance.

    Brand new Alliance with Discord Channel to come once the initial 10 members join.
  • D3athStr0keD3athStr0ke Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
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    Howdy y'all!!

    For long time players you may remember me from the boards here and in FB.  We have a lot of alliances in our family.   But I'm looking for PVP players.  We are a Top 100 PVP alliance with no PVE requirements.   

    KA Elite is the name of the alliance.  We have 2 slots available (you can find it under private)

    Requirements:   PVP average 500-600 per event min.  But we have plenty of guys in the 1k every event.   
    Once we're full we will be T50 PVP.  

    Line is preferred but not a hard requirement.  But it's easier to let us know if you have life events that come up.  We have lots of different alliances you can join if you would like to merc out for a PVE etc.

    Hit me up on Line or just join the alliance - Search under private alliances

    LINE ID:  D3athStr0ke <-- that's a three and a zero in there

    Happy cascades!
  • SkrimgeourSkrimgeour Posts: 23 Just Dropped In
    BloodNSteel is looking for one 4* player for our casual PVE alliance.

    No drama. Play daily. Max boss events. Have fun.

    If you are interested, just request to join.
  • arezaeiarezaei Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Thor may have his Stormbreaker, but our alliance will break the wind!!

    The "Windbreakers" alliance is currently recruiting for one more experienced game family members!

    We also get Alliance Commands Points from purchases every single week regularly.

    Join us!   :)
  • SpaceBadgerSpaceBadger Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
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    14 places free now. All players welcome
  • y4747y4747 Posts: 149 Tile Toppler
    fresh "Daily and Boss" alliance looking for... well.... daily players who go for boss events :)
    no chat, pvp, pve requirements, come one come all.
  • SpaceBadgerSpaceBadger Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Harmony 14 slots open. All welcome.
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