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  • MrOmegaMrOmega Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Hello I'm Mr OMEGA of TOMBSTONE

    we currently has 5 open spots with more to come. We are a relaxed alliance currently undergoing a roster shuffle to make us a bit more competitive, mainly in PvE.   We’re looking for players who can hit 100% progression on regular events. For releases, we usually ask for 130%-140% (based on the event.)looking for hard working individual who loves to go hard in alliance events & PvE .Full Grind on New Releases - **We aim for T100 in all new character releases** 
     Our requirements is to participate fully 
    If for whatever reason you can't, we just need a heads-up first. Communication is greatly appreciated.

    We also have a HANGOUT chat for better communications to coordinate Boss Events and chat about new characters, strategy, etc. Our goal is to help one another grow into the best all around players. We chat about tips and advice on how to improve our game play, how to build stronger rosters and strategies on how to effectively us team combos. 

    If you are up for the challenge,  show your skills and lets go!!!!
    PS - T1's Beware We're coming!!!!

    Mr. Omega 
  • PathmasterPathmaster Posts: 9 Just Dropped In

    'The Pun-ishers' is a 3*-5* Hybrid Alliance(meaning we play both story and versus) that focuses on New Releases.

    ...We're seeking one more.   in the quest for Northstar(currently top 100 in both the Mindstone Season and Infinite Pursuit with 19 members.) and beyond.  The door's open, so just search and check it out.  Cheers!

  • JFischJFisch Posts: 108 Tile Toppler
    New Asgard - typically a top 100 PVE/PVP Season, both sides of Civil War alliance - has an opening for one awesome, engaged player.

    We're not part of an alliance family, we have no specific chat/line/Discord requirements (though we have a channel on the Puzzle Warriors Discord you're welcome to join), and we understand life happens and are willing to carry folks as much as we can.

    Low stress, no drama, just do your clears and get rewards. Are you the best person in a public alliance? Come get more rewards for what you already do! Do you play a lot but don't think you can handle top 100? You can; let us prove it to you!

    Minimum requirements are:
    • Max progression in new release PVEs.
    • Full participation in boss events.
    • 575+ in season PVP events (no minimum in off-season).
    • Play every day, but if you can't, make sure to let us know.
    Otherwise we have no specific roster requirements. Most of us are 5-star or 4-to-5-star transitioners, but if you can do the above with less we'd love to help your roster grow no matter how big it is currently.

    If you're interested, hit me up with a PM here or, if you're part of the Puzzle Warriors Discord server, you can message me there (same user name, similar avatar).
  • turbomooseturbomoose Posts: 477 Mover and Shaker

    is recruiting for 2 people 

    our alliance is looking to step up to becoming a top 100 PVP 

    we have a range of rosters from fairly small to 5* veteran 

    very easy going relaxed alliance but myself and co commander have realised that we could be earning more rewards 

    we score quite low in PvE and this is an area we also hope to improve 

    Minimum requirements are Alliance event participation on PvE and 100-550 points on PvP

    We have a LINE chat group called The Moose Is Loose but if unable to find us look for Daz0273 ,he is co commander 

    more spaces may become available as we improve but for now I have 2 spaces and have set alliance to Private so we can recruit from this forum 

    If interested, please PM me or send a message to myself Martynthemoose or Daz0273 on LINE 

    look forward to hearing from you 
  • freakygeekfreakygeek Posts: 83 Match Maker
    MaliciousJager is a top 250pve/top 100 pvp moving up to t100pve/t50pvp.

    We need 1 new player to help out. We expect a minimum of 4k per season and the 4* progression in pve.

    Full participation in alliance events is required and we finish both sides of civil war. DM if interested.
  • arezaeiarezaei Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Thor may have his stormbreaker, but our alliance will break the wind!!

    The "Windbreakers" alliance is currently recruiting for more game family members!

    We are a growing alliance, so you can be a new comer, or an experienced player like myself, looking for a more relaxed, personal team to grow with! 

    We also (relatively) routinely get Alliance Commands Points (8 2 weeks ago, 1 last week, 4 this week).

    Join the Windbreakers!  🔨💨
  • Roland8Roland8 Posts: 31 Just Dropped In

    Union Force 80 is a T50/100 PVE focused alliance looking for one new member. 

    Searching for one new member who plays daily in PVE and get minimum 80% of max score in each events. This means a healthy roster is a must; 4* champions plus some 5* is required.  We ask that you participate in each PVE event to get the best score that you can.

    We also require full participation for group events (Civil War, Apocalypse etc) as we generally get all rewards.

    Communication through In-game chat or through Line thread is required if you cannot participate for whatever reason.  Failure to participate and leaving a reason why is subject to removal from the group.

    If you feel like you can contribute, look us up and please introduce yourself in the chat.

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