Poll: Emrakul's Corruption



  • Ithilglin
    Well I like the challenge of emrakul event, because I like playing slow control decks.
    With a level 40 Jace, I won once with 15 supports and 22 eldrazi...I like that, and other players as well, so if you don't, you can just don't play the event...

    With cards like Tamiyo's Journal you just need 8 round to play 8 supports...
    And there are enough cards with summoning eldrazi scion tokens to make an 8 eldrazis objective quiet easy.

    However, I agree there is a problem with Emrakul event but not with the objectives : with the rewards.
    If the event is deck control based, you should win 5 points for the objectives and only 1 for the victory. Otherwise, there is no interest in completing the secondary objectives.

    And, as such an event take time to play, several times in a row is obviously too much.

    But an event for slow decks is definitely a good idea for. Just need some improvements.