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  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Looking for our Next two Pandas of Doom. Skills required matching three gems, eating copious amounts of bamboo, looking cute except still being a bear and mauling the fools who hop in our cages! Also mating is optional cause that is how we pandas do.
    I want to join this awesome team icon_e_smile.gif I play every day, almost every time, and I have good characters.

    Pandas welcome Joao as our newest member from the great nation of Brasil! Bumba bumba!
  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,222 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hello, I'd be interest in joining your alliance. I'm a daily player on PC and I usually place top 15 in PVP tournaments and rather well in PVE. My roster is a mix of 3 stars & 2 stars, couple of 100's.
  • sounds good! i, for one, welcome our new panda overlords.

    my doom bracket is hyper competitive, should still grab a couple though (i got 300 -> 800 with only being attacked 2-3 times), i'm going to wait a day or two to enter the new pvp for an easier bracket. though with the on-going grindfest, it shouldn't be too hard to get. sucks that my daredevil is a 5/0/0 though, 2 wasted covers right there.

    and everyone, remember to get the easy bracket points while you can, in a couple days everyone's going to be straight 230s. don't rush your resets or anything though. I think we'll get top 50 without too much trouble in the subs, which is 2k iso each. we'll have to see how close we get to top 25.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    OK we are closed again. Welcoming Tayders is that like potatoes? and Sinner is our tenth panda. I booted Choco Mint for now because i had no way of getting in contact with him ;( but if you do join the forum feel free to send me a msg Choco. Apologies for those who didn't make it this time.
  • welcome all!
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Ahh **** all my secretarial duties got me all outa whack gotta push for HP in this tourney. Although I do quite enjoy smashing people with ares
  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,222 Chairperson of the Boards
    Glad to have made the cut icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • Thanks for the invite.

    Yup, Tayders is for potatoes, mmmm.

    Now back to the simulator!
  • Been out of pocket due to work, but no 1 in easy mode... Working on hard now
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 823 Critical Contributor
    How telling is the position at the 12h-multiples check marks I wonder? Currently (36h to go) we are 45~52 somewhere around where we finished in the PvP too.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    I think i am kinda screwing my self with my refresh timing oh well play when you can...
  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,222 Chairperson of the Boards
    12 hour refreshes are kind of hard to manage I find... icon_e_confused.gif
  • yeah, you can miss them on a 2 day event, as long as you hit the nodes before they cap out on points (3.5k or so i think on the biggest ones) you wont get left behind. I had to miss a reset, but i still ended up #3/#6 when i farmed down to 400 points left on the biggest remaining node, which means it didn't hurt me. i'm only looking to get top 50 in everything for easy tokens and the two lazy capt covers at the end.

    the real important thing is to do your last clear starting at 3 hours left or so if you want to max you points and final standings. there's also the daredevil event ending at the same time, but i only need top 10 and most people 3h shield, so that should work out okay.

    i wonder what the one-star rewards will be...
  • We're not rocking the sim ranks ATM. #55. I hope folks have got some refreshes to play through I'm hoping we hit top 25 for both easy and hard sims, so we've got some work to do icon_e_smile.gif
  • we've got 10 people, the alliances with double our score have 20, so i doubt we hit top 25. I still have the final refresh, so i should go from 40k to 55-60k. the problem is these sims are super super easy, so everyone else can get the same amount of points at will too.
  • KolenceKolence Posts: 823 Critical Contributor
    I stopped grinding this refresh at 46k to leave enough time to play full value nodes on the last one. This first round at least, because it's weekend, I could organize well when to play.

    Really had fun trying out different lineups in the beginning. But some missions are getting to be dangerous already, compared to the starting levels anyway. Luckily, of the most valuable ones, only Moonstone could insta-kill someone if cascades enough red, so not so bad for the final play through.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Yeah its tough a lot of people loaded up members between the last alliance event plus with the reward restructuring its more competitive now. I was talking to deadpan and he was offering to buy into co-commandership with me to help grow larger seemed like a better idea then opening it up to a buncha buy slot mercs until they add more flexibility to alliance where members can donate HP to the alliance specifically for buying a slot (obviously don't want embezzlement of alliance funds heh). So yeah if anyone would be interested in that let me know. The way these PvEs are scored smaller alliance are at huge disadvantage hard to play better really and score more points. We will probably still get 3 covers at the end though either way.
  • if people are willing to buy slots i'd be down with that icon_e_wink.gif the people in seem active, at least from the alliance scoring so far. i'll get top 50 in these two easily, might grind one to top 4, or at least try to. did a couple fights at the 3:30 mark and it was just clearing way to fast, so i had to stop for a bit to make sure i don't run out of points before time runs out.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    Great we can sort it out tom. nedja said he would throw in for one i should be able to get one after tonight's rewards i think.
  • MaxCavaleraMaxCavalera Posts: 440 Mover and Shaker
    pulled a blue spidey out of a plain recruit token ! sweet =)

    also lone star is alliance event too sweet =)
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