***** Captain America (First Avenger) *****



  • Glockoma
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    Firstly, @Neko, this man’s power layout hasn’t been updated since, I forget when…just a heads up for accuracy.

    Secondly, what can I do with this guy? I’d love to get some up to date ideas to play around with him on some modern teams. I’ve been playing since 4* Thor’s release and I just now champed him. Thanks in advance
  • Vhailorx
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    Is there any way to see what Cap's yellow actually does? The in-game description has always been useless, and I feel like he is at least 2 reworks past the info in this thread. At least his blue and red powers still work basically as described here, even if the numbers are way off (red doesn something like 3x more damage AND costs 4ap less than I remember).

  • MoosePrime
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    The in-match description tells what it does, the description in the roster does not.
    Edit: Level 454, with 5 in yellow: