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    SnowcaTT wrote:
    slidecage wrote:
    they nerf OLd man then i demand they nerf every 5 star i dont own.

    They should nerf all the 5*'s, at least the match damage. You see tons of 1 cover 5*'s out there in early PVP's and throughout LR's because the 2*/3* rosters -have- to run that as their best scarecrow. Somewhat due to level, somewhat due to health - but mostly due to that match damage!

    And also due to healing, which several of the 5*'s have. True healing should either go from OML, or be added back into every other character that had it. No more prologue healing anymore, why not? Would make some characters playable (Beast, Spiderman).
    I'm more than happy to use my boosted 3* and 4*s against a single covered 5*. 255 OML with red, 255 SS with black, bring em on. Only time I use my 270 Phoenix with IF in DDQ required character node. Match damage with IF time make quick work.
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    HaywireII wrote:
    How about we discuss something positive like what kind of character would be a good counter to him in PvP? It would have to be a 5* so the abilities could be something new that don't exist currently. Like:

    Passive: Prevents enemy team from regenerating health (20% to 100% at 1 to 5 covers).

    If your car breaks down, you can be positive there is a chance mechanics can fix it or another model car will be good. However, the reality is if every mechanic tells you your car isn't broken and they refuse to work on it, it doesn't matter how many new models come out, your car is still broken.
    How about your car is so good that you can do 500km per liter of petrol, only needs servicing once every 3 years and have tires that can last 200,000 km? Obviously jealous people and other car manufacturers will want to sabotage your car. Yourself and others who have it will continue to say its damn good and worth the money.