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  • Mawtful
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    My April Fool's prank is a two step process. My first action is to blast Totally Awesome Hulk off into space. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction - so we'll replace the 4* Hulk with a Hulk from space.

    The Hulk (World War Hulk)

    greenflag.pngInfinite Rage (Green, 9 AP)
    Hulk's durability and regeneration increase in proportion to his temper.
    Hulk gets so angry that his wounds heal and tissue regenerates. Drains all Red AP and restores 77 health per AP.
    (Passive) Whenever Hulk takes damage from an ability, his maximum health is increased by 40% of the damage taken.

    Rank 2: Restores 103 health per AP. Passive increased to 50% gain.
    Rank 3: Also shatters up to 3 basic red tiles, dealing damage & gaining AP from each, before draining AP. Passive increased to 60% gain.
    Rank 4: Restores 181 health per AP. Passive increase to 70% gain
    Rank 5: Shatters up to 6 basic red tiles. Passive increase to 100% gain.

    redflag.pngFists of Fury (Red, 8 AP)
    The Hulk doesn't get hurt, he only gets angry - and takes it out on his enemies.
    Deals X damage to target opponent, plus an additional Y damage for each 10% of Hulk's health missing.

    Rank 2: Increase base damage.
    Rank 3: Increase bonus damage.
    Rank 4: Increase base damage.
    Rank 5: Increase bonus damage.
    (Max Level, rank 5: deals 4118 damage, and 616 additional damage for each 10% of health missing)

    blackflag.pngWorldbreaker (Black, 15 AP)
    Hulk unleashes his rage in a devestating attack on his enemies.
    Deals X damage to the enemy team, and his health pool is reduced by X.

    Rank 2: Increase damage.
    Rank 3: Increase damage.
    Rank 4: Increase damage.
    Rank 5: Increase damage.
    (Max Level, rank 5: deals 6259 damage to the enemy team, and his health pool is reduced by 6259)

    Notes: World War Hulk gets mad! Really mad!

    I wanted to play around with changing the size of a character's health pool, rather than simply just adding in healing or regeneration. For the most part, character's health pools only go in one direction in MPQ - down. I wondered what it would be like to fight a character who's potential health increases and Hulk was really the perfect candidate. Everytime he takes damage from an ability, that upper limit of his health is going up, however that is a gain of "empty" hit points - so he's still damaged and that plays into his other abilities. His Red is going to deal much more damage the greater % of missing health. His Black reduces his health "pool" so it's reducing the total maximum, but it's essentially taking from the bottom first - this ability can definitely self-KO.

    I also wanted to feature Hulk's regeneration in some way. Obviously self-healing was going to create a great synergy with the increasing health pool, so I wanted to make sure that choosing to heal meant giving up damage. That's why his heal drains Red - if you use that to deal damage first, then you're only going to heal for a very minimal amount.

    Lastly, I went with 4* since the numbers for the healing were already calculated for a 4* level. However, I think the damage numbers on his Black are, infact, closer to 5* level. Since the numbers aren't truly required, I'm going to leave it as is, since it's got a more complete feel about it as a 4* power set. If anyone wants to recalcualte for a 5* character, then by all means, go right ahead.
  • Pinko_McFly
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    icon_deadpool.png Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force)
    4 Star Rarity (Legendary) Wiki-wiki-wiki Link
    At Max Level: HP: 13934 Tile Damage: 11/82/11/64/10/73/ae/io/u~y/3.14x

    Link to downloadable wallpapers here (NSFW or in any way tasteful)

    Skullpoopl's Flaming Bag of 'Fun' - 9 redtile.png AP
    "Who dropped this bag on the battlefield? Hey, it's on fire!!! OMG! OMG! Stomp it out!!"
    FzNegsM.png?1 reporting for doodie!!!! The soiler of sandals, the mucker of moccassins, the flipper of flops. It's time to bring those shiny superhero boots down a peg as I add a special Is94W9s.png?1 tile to the board. This little brown (or is it :tan:) bag of 'fun' can be stomped out by matching any two like colors against it. Deals 401 damage if matched by the enemy. If matched by us, I'll use my super sharp sword to clean off your boot. Generates 2 redtile.png AP as I save what 'fun' I can for later.

    Level Upgrades (which are really Power upgrades)

    Level 2: Watch out World!!!!
    icon_e_surprised.gif You got a second cover for this?!? OMG you should be able to dominate now!!! Your bag o' 'fun' now does an additional 80.085 (hee hee, ****) damage when stomped.
    What? Not enough? Fine! Generates an additional redtile.png AP as well if matched by us. Can I go on? I really want to get to the next one.

    Level 3: Flinging the stink.
    Allright now we're hitting the "seeing corn for the second time" levels of 'fun'. I'll just reach into some of these plentiful pouches of mine and toss 3 Is94W9s.png?1 tiles onto the board. Each 1 does 3000 damage to the enemy and generates 4 redtile.png AP if matched by us.

    Level 4 (Seems like a good time to mention that there is no balance here at all. I'm just pulling this outta my 'fun' factory as I go. Good luck with your Best Build threads...):
    Time to start spreading the 'fun' all over the place. This time I'm throwing 2 Is94W9s.png?1 tiles onto the board but these ones are a little messier. Stomp one out and it explodes into three itty bitty Cj1orcj.png?1 tiles. The Is94W9s.png?1 tiles do 2000 damage to whoever matches them, and the Cj1orcj.png?1 tiles do 1k damage to the enemy team or generate 5 redtile.png AP if matched by us.

    Level 5 Level 5 Level 5 Level 5</echo> :
    Xl2pT3b.png?1, I mean AhOMgFS.png?1, has been hitting the hotdog.png stand hard and I've been right behind him. Replaces the 4 center tiles with one huge bdT5uPs.png. Stomp this one by matching any two colors against it and the 'fun' really hits the fan adding 10 Is94W9s.png?1 tiles all over the board. Each of these deals 2000 damage if matched by the enemy or generate 3 redtile.png AP if matched by you. But beware the icon_beast.png. If his big bare fuzzy blue feet stomp the jumbo bdT5uPs.png, its an instant win for his team as the other team downs itself laughing (you'll get a super special sparkly victory banner if it's your icon_beast.png that needs to hit the car wash). Wooo-boy, I haven't seen this much 'fun' in the game since first run icon_galactus.png .

    At Max Level
    Ha! Seriously? The whaliest of whales won't be able to spend their commandpoints.png and iso8.png quick enough to keep up with Marvel yanking our license.
  • mikepro
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    icon_deadpool.pngredflag.png 3*

    Just the tip.

    Rather then slicing and dicing his enemy's health with his swords he pulls out his pistol and shoots their health down. Same percentage as little off the top but after he shoots them he puts the pistols to his mask and the smoke goes up his nose.

    icon_deadpool.pngpurpleflag.png 3*

    Rather then whales whales whales. It's raining unicorns. Same damage as whales but with unicorns dropping and rainbows on screen.

    Tiny hands.

    Anytime an enemy takes more damage then him his tiny hands come and help repair his and his teammates health.
  • emaker27
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    Nick Fury (Sam Jackson)
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png (Ultimate)
    At Max Level: HP: 100,000 Tile damage: 300/124/123/125/300/300

    Monkey Fighting Snakes - Yellow 9 AP
    Nick Fury finds himself on a Monday to Friday plane. Snakes stun the enemy team for 2 turns while Sam Jackson curses you out. The enemy team loses self esteem and gives up 2 AP in each color.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Stunned for 3 turns. 4 AP.
    Level 3: Stunned for 5 turns. 6 AP.
    Level 4: Stunned for 7 turns. 8 AP.
    Level 5: Stunned for 10 turns. 10 AP.


    Mastered - Purple 5 AP
    (PASSIVE) Nick Fury uses the force to predict the enemy's moves. Choose any tile to become a 10 turn countdown tile that reduces max damage taken to 500 unless being attacked by Emperor Palpatine.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Max damage of 400.
    Level 3: Max damage of 300.
    Level 4: Max damage of 200.
    Level 5: Max damage of 1.


    Mistaken Identity - Black Passive
    Nick Fury doesn't like when you call him Laurence Fishburne. If you do, he deals 50,000 damage to your entire team.
    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: 60,000 damage.
    Level 3: 70,000 damage.
    Level 4: 80,000 damage. 100,000 extra if you say Hoff's Nick Fury was better.
    Level 5: 100,000 damage. 200,000 extra if you've ever joked about his eyepatch.
  • jobob
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    Potentially NSFW

    X-23 (All-New Wolverine) star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png

    THREADS TO SHREDS - purpletile.png (Passive)

    Have you ever noticed that no matter how the rest of the team looks after a fight, X-23 comes out wearing next to nothing at all?

    If the friendly team has more than 6 Blue AP, this power becomes HEADLIGHTS.

    Level 1: An unfortunately-located rip in X-23's clothing makes the opponent do a double-take. When X-23 drops below 40% health for the first time, the opponent for is stunned for 1 turn.

    Level 2: An explosion tears away X-23's uniform from belt to cowl; catching the men on the other team off guard. Stuns opponent and all males for 1 turn.

    Level 3: Gunshots tear massive holes in Laura's pants, and even the ladies can appreciate how hard she must work out. Stuns all opponents for 1 turn.

    Level 4: Barely anything remains of Laura's outfit, and her stunned opponents can't help but stop and stare. Stuns all opponents for 2 turns.

    Level 5: A direct blast vaporizes X-23's clothes and hair. The entire battlefield is mesmerized. Stuns allies for 2 turns and opponents for 4

  • morph3us
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    Quake (Daisy Dukes) icon_quake.png
    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png (Legendary Stare-At-Her)

    Hippie Shake - 11 greentile.png
    Everyone around Quake gapes and trembles as her shameless gyrations rearrange the battlefield, melt her opponents' minds, and spikes their blood pressure. Stuns the enemy team for 1 turn, deals 421 damage to the enemy team, and shuffles the game board.
  • grael23
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    Excuse the speed paint, but I think this explains why Daredevil isn't in Captain America: Civil War. DD01.jpgDD02.jpg
  • 0rnur53
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    Card Name: Unwilling Sacrifice
    Color: Black manablack.png
    Rarity: Mythical
    Cost: 10

    Description: Destroy target opponent creature and gain life equal to its life points.

  • AXP_isme
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    Devil Dino
    purpletile.png 3 AP Cups and Balls

    Devil dino's little arms move in a blur as he misdirects the enemy team switching their AP while the cups and balls effortlessly appear and disappear.
    1 cover
    DD switches two random AP colours and amounts on the enemy team
    2 covers
    DD switches two random AP colours and amounts on the enemy team pocketing one of each in his cups
    3 covers
    DD switches 3 colours, stealing one from each
    4 covers
    DD switches 4 colours, stealing one from each
    5 covers
    DD's tiny arms reach supersonic speed. While the enemy team is distracted he knees a random enemy in the unmentionables, stunning them for two turns, switches 3 AP colours stealing one each and randomly steals all the AP in a fourth, random, colour.
  • Zikato
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    Spider-Man 3*

    blackflag.png Ow, my Arachnads (Passive)
    Spider-Man finds himself in the most unfortunate situations. Everytime Spider-Man or his teammates take a hit in the Arachnads for more than 300 dmg, he adds a webtile to the board.

    Level 1: 1 webtile
    Level 2: 2 webtiles
    Level 3: 3 webtiles
    Level 4: 3 webtiles and a Critical tile
    Level 5: 3 webtiles and two Critical tiles

    At level 166, Spider-Man will protect others when they take 1000 or more damage.

    redflag.png While I'm sitting here (Passive)
    Spider-Man feels so useless and unloved that he encourages his teammates while he watches. If somebody else is tanking Spider-Man's color, deals additional his match damage for that color + 200 per destroyed webtile.

    Level 1: Destroys 1 webtile
    Level 2: Destroys 2 webtiles
    Level 3: Destroys 3 webtiles
    Level 4: Destroys 4 webtiles
    Level 5: Destroys 5 webtiles

    blueflag.png I am the captain now (Passive)
    He's climbin' on your buildings, he's snatchin your shields up. Every time a red or blue countdown tile is matched, Spider-Man steals a shield from somewhere that returns 6 ap of that color.

    Level 1: 6 AP
    Level 2: 7 AP
    Level 3: 8 AP
    Level 4: 9 AP
    Level 5: 10 AP
  • ronin_san
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    The ~~Succulent~~ Spider-Pig from another dimension is making his way into MPQ.

    star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png 8500 HPs.

    greenflag.pngHam it Up 5 AP.
    Spider-Ham yucks it up, slinging bad puns and web alike
    Porker spins a web, gunking up enemy ability tiles. Convert a random enemy ability tile to a web tile.
    Rank 2. The bigger the pun, the harder the sigh. Convert 2 random.
    Rank 3. The jokes keep coming. Convert 1 of your choosing and a random. Costs goes up to 6.
    Rank 4. He who would pun would pick a pocket. Convert two enemy ability tiles of your choosing to web tiles.
    Rank 5. The crowd sufficiently impacted by an onslaught of Dad Jokes, Spider-Ham converts three enemy ability tiles into web tiles. Cost now 8.

    purpleflag.pngSave the Bacon. Passive.
    Spider-Ham's sixth sense saves him form certain, crispy death. If Spider-Ham would be dealt damage exceeding 30% of his health, mitigate it by 1% for each Web tile present and remove web tiles.
    Rank 1. Mitigation up to 2%
    Rank 2. Ability fires if damage exceeds 20% of his max health.
    Rank 3. Mitigation to 3%
    Rank 4. Riposte damage equal to 150 per web tile.
    Rank 5. Riposte damage up to 225 per web tile.

    blueflag.pngKnuckle Sandwich - NOT that kind 10 AP.

    Spider-Ham loses everyone on his senseless tirade, destroying random tiles and dealing damage to a random enemy. Destroy 4 non-blue tiles and deal 650 dmg and gain AP equal to the tiles destroyed.
    Rank 2. Destroy 5 non-blue tiles. Damage up to 760.
    Rank 3. Generate a web tile.
    Rank 4. Generate two web tiles.
    Rank 5. Destroy 6 random tiles.

    Max level: 3500 dmg and generate AP.
  • Darknes21
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    Time traveler
    12 AP blueflag.png

    Bishop travels back in time to where PVE was fun and eliminates all scaling increases.

    Big blast
    9 AP blackflag.png

    Bishop destroy all the critical boost rewards from the sub and replaces them with 500 ISO

    10 AP greenflag.png
    Bishop grabs a PVP player and pulls them back to PVE (not available for new releases)
  • Character: Storm (any star level)

    Power - yellowtile.png 9 Mawwiage

    If there be any who object to this union, let him prevent this power from firing! When your opponent's team has Black Panther, Storm's yellow power converts to reflect the deep bonds of trust, co-operation, and theoretical emasculation based on their time as husband and wife.

    Level 1: Storm makes T'Challa late for an Avengers meeting by making him drop her off at the hair salon. Does 130 damage and stuns Black Panther for one turn.
    Level 2: The Black Panther suit is at the dry cleaners and Ororo took the car that Panther was going to carpool with. Stuns enemy team for 2 turns and turns a random tile into a strength 100 Attack tile.
    Level 3: T'Challa stopped for a drink with Tony and Clint after a meeting - but forgot to call home. Dinner got cold as a result. All enemy special tiles are converted to basic tiles, doing 137 damage for each tile converted.
    Level 4: Black Panther bought Storm an ex-girlfriend's favorite perfume instead of the one Ororo likes. All yellow tiles for the rest of the game are trap tiles which do 201 damage when matched or destroyed. This includes any yellow tiles dropped onto the board after a match or desctruction. (A woman's memory is long!)
    Level 5: Welcome to Divorce Court. The settlement dictates that Storm gets 33% of T'Challa's stuff. Storm receives 33% of the AP collected/generated by the opposing team for the rest of the battle, reduces all damage taken by her team by 33%, increases all damage done by her team by 33%, and when her team wins the battle, she takes 33% of the opposing players HP and ISO-8.
    MAX Level: Storm gets all of it. Storm receives 100% of the AP collected/generated by the opposing team for the rest of the battle, reduces all damage taken by her team by 100%, increases all damage done by her team by 100%, and when her team wins the battle, she takes 100% of the opposing players HP and ISO-8.
  • xellessanova
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    Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff) icon_quicksilver.png


    Pietro Maximoff Syndrome - 7 blacktile.png AP
    Quicksilver is tired of being ordered around and micromanaged by fools and incompetents! You're not very good at this puzzle game, are you? Aaaaaaughh, why are you taking so long to choose your move?! It's right there!! Right there!! From now on, he's going to make the matches.

    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: Sets autoplay for 2 rounds, also deals 55 damage.
    Level 3: Sets autoplay for 2 rounds, also deals 110 damage.
    Level 4: Stuns the opposing team for 1 round and sets autoplay for 3 rounds, also deals 248 damage.
    Level 5: Stuns the opposing team for 2 rounds, and sets autoplay for 5 rounds, also deals 523 damage.
    Max Level
    Level 3: Sets autoplay for 2 rounds, also deals 348 damage.
    Level 4: Stuns the opposing team for 1 round, sets autoplay for 3 rounds, also deals 783 damage.
    Level 5: Stuns the opposing team for 2 rounds, sets autoplay for 5 rounds, also deals 1653 damage.

    Get Your Hands Off My Sister - Active/Passive 12 bluetile.png AP
    (PASSIVE) Quicksilver's only true loyalty is to his sister, the Scarlet Witch. If any damage is done to Scarlet Witch, Pietro strikes back, creating a 1-turn CD tile that does 25 damage to the enemy team. (200 damage at max level)
    ACTIVE - Triggers random Scarlet Witch Team-Up

    Mean Streak - 8 greentile.png AP
    Quicksilver just keeps punching away at the speed of sound. Creates a Green Countdown tile that activates every other turn, generating 1 Attack tile that deals 55 damage.

    Level Upgrades
    Level 2: 1 Attack tile that deals 71 damage.
    Level 3: 2 Attack tiles that deal 71 damage.
    Level 4: 2 Attack tiles that deal 137 damage.
    Level 5: 3 Attack tiles that deal 137 damage.
    Max Level
    Level 3 - 2 Attack tiles that deal 435 damage.
    Level 4 - 2 Attack tiles that deal 921 damage.
    Level 5 - 3 Attack tiles that deal 921 damage.
  • ronin_san
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    To go along with the new PvP, Wabbit Season (Because pftt, who wants Duck Season)....


    White Rabbit star.pngstar.pngstar.pngstar.png 11500 HPs.

    yellowflag.pngCarrot Volley 7 AP.
    White Rabbit unleashes a volley of razor sharp carrots, dealing team damage and destroying tiles. Deal 350 dmg to the enemy team and destroy two random tiles.
    Rank 2. Damage up to 550.
    Rank 3. Destroy 4 tiles.
    Rank 4. Destroy 6 tiles.
    Rank 5. Damage up to 750.

    redflag.pngVorpal Rabbit 10 AP.
    White Rabbit's automaton of doom lashes out, with sharp pointy teeth. Deal 600 damage. If this downs an enemy, regain one yellow AP .
    Rank 2. Damage up to 850
    Rank 3. Regain 2 yellow AP
    Rank 4. Damage adjacent enemy for half dmg. Cust up to 12.
    Rank 5. Regain 3 yellow AP.

    blackflag.png Rabbits Revenge 8 AP.
    IF this tile is destroyed, this ability becomes "Rabbits Rampage".
    White Rabbit places a two turn timer tile. While in effect, regain one AP of any enemy ability spent.
    Rank 2. Timer tile up to 3.
    Rank 3. Timer tile lasts 4 turns.
    Rank 4. Regain two AP.
    Rank 5. Gain half the black AP spent if this tile is destroyed.

    *ALTERNATE* Rabbits Rampage. 6 AP.
    Maddened; fueled by rage, White Rabbit lashes out to enemies and teammates alike. Deal 900 damage to the enemy team but place two enemy trap.png tiles. If your team trips them, take 1250 damage.

    Rank 2. 1100 to the enemy team.
    Rank 3. 1400 to the enemy team. Place three enemy trap.png tiles.
    Rank 4. 1700 to the enemy team.
    Rank 5. 2100 to the enemy team. Place four enemy trap.png tiles.
  • scottee
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    Moonstone (Dark Avengers)
    2-star Rarity (Uncommon)
    At Max Level: HP: 5586 Tile damage: 9/49/11/55/10/43/3.0
      Dev Manipulation 3 purpletile.png
      Moonstone uses her psychological expertise, master manipulation, and womanly wiles to control the developers into increasing her power in Marvel universe beyond any other that has come before! Increases the chance of your next token pull being a Moonstone cover by 328%.
          Level 2: Catches the graphic artist's eye, causing him to drool and increase all of Moonstone's tile damage by 2.
          Level 3: Opens the backdoor created by the obsessed intern programmer. Allows Moonstone to cast Whales! Whales! Whales! without a Team-Up.
          Level 4: Causes
          Demiurge_Will to become obsessed with writing Moonstone valentine cards. The current PVE accidentally gets run three times in a row.
          Level 5: Moonstone's powers grow beyond the developers' control. Adds a 5* Moonstone to your roster.
        • slf03c
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          Howard The Duck (Quack Man) :duck:
          4 Star Rarity (Uncommon)
          At Max Level: HP: 15972 5760 base Tile Damage: 11/82/10/11/73/64/3.0x

          That's Quack-Tastic - 15 yellowtile.png
          Howard The Duck is on the case and everything is coming up roses. Once summoned, change 20% basic tiles of a single color to "?" tiles where anything can happen. (When matched ? tiles can become trap tiles, strike tiles, random stun, ap generation, etc."
          Level 2: 40% of basic tiles of a single color
          Level 3: 60% " "
          Level 4: 80% " "
          Level 5: 100%" ".
        • DAC169
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          Devil Dino

          Iso Rain - 3 purpletile.png
          Devil Dinosaur wants to recognize how awesome you are by not just having him, but having his "useless" purple cover! Devil Dinosaur performs a little "Iso-8 Rain Dance" to get the player a gift. Grants the player 70 bonus Iso-8 after battle for each time the skill is used, but has a 25% chance to fail and give Crit Boosts instead.
          Level 2: Grants the player 140 bonus Iso-8 after battle for each time the skill is used, but has a 20% chance to fail and give either +All AP Boosts or +All Match Damage Boosts instead.
          Level 3: Grants the player 250 bonus Iso-8 after battle for each time the skill is used, but has a 15% chance to fail and give 20 Iso-8 instead.
          Level 4: Grants the player 500 bonus Iso-8 after battle for each time the skill is used, but has a 10% chance to fail and give 70 Iso-8 instead.
          Level 5: Grants the player 1000 bonus Iso-8 after battle for each time the skill is used.
        • KGB
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          [anchor=spiderman]Spider-Man (Bagman)[/anchor] icon_spiderman.png
          2 Star Rarity (Rare)

          Snarky Remark
          Power Cost - 7 yellowtile.png

          The wise-cracking web-head befuddles his foe placing a 3 turn countdown, increasing the timer on a selected Countdown tile by 1 plus 1 for every Web tile (up to 10). Turns all Web tiles to basic tiles. If you spend a Command Point the game sends a snarky email to every developer at D3 letting them know that characters like me should be fixed before any new ones are released.

            Power Level 2 - Increases timer by 2 plus 1 for each Web tile. For 2 Command points a second email will remind them that the ISO shortage isn't fixing itself.
            Power Level 3 - Increases timer by 3 plus 1 for each Web tile. For 3 Command points a third email suggests replacing random 5* pulls from Legendary Tokens with a fixed distribution scheme.
            Power Level 4 - Increases timer by 4 plus 1 for each Web tile. For 4 Command points a fourth email says 'If it ain't broke (eg DDQ) don't fix it.'
            Power Level 5 - Affects 2 Countdown tiles. For 5 Command points all the emails are sent again!

            Who's with me in spending 5 Command points to fill up the Dev's inboxes!

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