Vision (Android Avenger) Updates Coming Soon



  • Spiritclaw
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    I traded quicksilver for a bunch of hp (and ISO) when they improved him. Liked the improvements, but needed slots that badly.
  • JVReal
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    hopper1979 wrote:
    It is not clear in the rewording do you think it is now possible to stack the blue or yellow power, in other words have two of the same color countdown out at the same time and double the effect? It is clear that when you cast a blue you destroy the yellow and visa-versa but I see nothing about resetting the power or destroying the already cast same color power. I realize that is how it worked initially but has that been kept the same or has this changed with this update. That tweak would fix most peoples issues with the character, he would be a beast on offense or defense due to the low cost of the two powers.
    Just tested Vision out in DDQ today, you cannot stack his abilities.
  • hopper1979
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    Too bad that would have made him very playable. Thanks for the info I have not had a chance to test that myself yet icon_e_smile.gif
  • udonomefoo
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    Seeing the "Vision update" popup just now made me sad. I wish he was getting a better rework.
  • Mawtful
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    Did the Vision update get applied already? I think the ability text is different, but I can't double car the same density. I also noticed the AI casting both densities in the same turn without using its Red.

    The devs do realise it wasn't so much the numbers but the mechanics that were wrong, don't they?
  • TheOncomingStorm
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    Warning: This is a rant -- Airing of grievances Vision style.

    I am really upset. I mean genuinely upset. I have not seen a great character robbed of its greatness to this extent since the mq blue nerf.

    Mq was underrated and one of my fave characters (in the game, not comics or movies). She was one the best designed. However, because of a problem with mnm, they were both nerfed. What made her blue great was that it was 9 ap. Supposedly keeping the cost at 9 ap and lowering the number of generated tiles to 8 wouldn't have fixed the problem. Yet, that winfinite still exists, but mq paid the price and has never been the same.

    Here we are again. Vision has always been a tricky character. He really represented more style than substance. But like Beast, I saw his potential and maxed him long before he became accepted as good.

    First, his enhancement of attack tiles was stripped from him. While technically correct because how attack tiles work, this was one of the things that actually made him great. However, the better course of action would have been to tweak the description of his blue ability. You know, don't nerf a character who does not need it.

    Now, because of gg, his red and blue tiles have been nerfed. You can't cast the same color of red or blue in the same turn, and the cd tiles no longer disappear. So he loses some of his spammable feature and all of his board shake ability. Why? Because of green goblin. The old unbroken character must suffer because of a broken one. Heaven forbid, they they adjust the new ability as being the problem.

    There has long been a disconnect between the development team and players over the value of older characters. My favorites aren't the only one. Remember Hood yellow? He was changed because of charged tiles. Instead of simply changing the wording on yellow to state he doesn't get extra tiles for charged tiles, they changed the entire essence of the ability.

    Aside from this do whatever we have to to the old to make room for the new attitude, there's also the insulting buy back prices of nerfed characters. Players not only spend such an extravagant amount of time collecting covers and iso for each character, but there is also an attachment for those characters themselves. I liked mq and vision the way they were. That is why I played all those long hours. That is why I interrupted and sacrificed sleep and time from loved ones (remember, we didn't always have 8 hour refreshes). That is why I remained motivated and loyal to and loyal to a game that had impossible periods of no new content.

    When a character is changed (for the better or worse), all that work is marginalized. That which was fought for so long and hard is arbitrarily stolen by the whim of another. No amount of hp, cp, or iso can make up for that loss. To add greater insult, the amounts offered in the past seem be the minimum offer of an austerity plan, no where to an amount that says "We're sorry that we changed the character. It was done as a last resort for the betterment of the game." Instead the message I get is "It's our game, we are excited about this new and shiny feature, the old one must pay the price. Players should thank their lucky stars they got to use the old feature. Here's a pittance for your loss."

    Let me be clear. I do not want compensation. I don't want to be told that I should not be upset because it's only vision or mq, 3*'s, they're not the focus of the current meta or the future of new features. These were well done characters the way they initially worked. A few damage tweaks does not make up the difference of value lost.

    TL; DR: Collecting characters should not be a lease arrangement. The amount of time and events to obtain and level is too great to pull the rug out from under players later. There is a proper time to change characters (buff or nerf). That time is not almost a year later.