D3 Go! Valentine's Day Love Letter Contest (Feb 14th-15th)



  • Natsufan01
    Natsufan01 Posts: 259 Mover and Shaker
    To Khamala,

    I'll keep this short and sweet. You and me on Valentine's Day, the most EPIC game of Twister ever!

    Afterwards... Have you ever seen that MadTV skit, Funky Walker Dirty Talker? Well...

    Baby, I want to expand myself in your orifices.

    Your hopeful Valentine,
    Reed Richards
  • To: Jennifer, my favorite defense attorney, who smashes more colors than I could ever hope to steal.
    From: Your favorite miniature thief and client?
    A Valentines day MPQ Haiku:

    I have admired
    Your green skin. Big. Small. Near. Far.
    A lush green forest

    Your secret Ant-mirer.
    P.S. Please don't tell van Dyne. She's already upset over the Wasp being left out of MPQ.
  • To: Hulkbuster

    From: Ironfist

    Do you remember when we were together? Every day and every night, no matter which event you would take me to, I’ve always loved our dates and I loved you. I didn’t love you because of how much money you had, what kind of a hero you are, or how buffed you looked; I loved you because of what we did for each other.

    Do you remember how successful we were? I couldn’t have been successful without you. Even though I worked hard, day after day, hour after hour, turn after turn to always make sure we are one step closer to our goal, I knew it was worth it in the end. Besides, it is my Exquisite Technique and I am good at it, which I am happy of because I knew you were attracted to me at first because I was unique, even though you never told me directly, I knew how you felt. I also knew the number one reason why you chose me out of everyone else. It is because I work hard for you, using my legs, body, and Iron Fist of K’un-Lun, I made sure that I am always there to give you fuel. But what touched me most is when you would go above your limits and Overdrive, sacrificing a part of you, to give me a boost to my Exquisite Technique, so that we can get to our goal that much faster. It’s great to see that you care about our future. I would always giggle inside whenever you Repulsor Punch through all road blocks in our life, you look so handsome while doing it too! Everyone wanted to be like us, they admired us, I was so happy. I knew you were the one for me forever, and I was ready to take it to the next step, that’s how sure I was about you. Then like all good things, it was only temporary. I can’t believe you would forget all that we’ve been through.

    Do you remember that night when you told me it was over? You said “I’m sorry Danny, I’m seeing someone else, she’s just so cute and she brings out the best in me.” I was so sadden, I had no words, and you did not even try to help, instead you broke my heart even more when you said, “She gives me Psychic Feedback, teaches me Mind Over Matter is much more important, and she’s just… so Full of Surprises!”. I hated watching you smirk as you were saying those words to me, as if I had no feelings at all. I still can’t believe you left me for a teenage girl, someone so much younger than you, don’t you think that it is wrong?

    I told you what goes around, comes around. I saw your Facebook page, and saw that she left you for someone much older than her. Oh… the karma. But I am not writing to you to tell you how much I dislike you. I am over that fact, I am writing to you to let you know that you taught me a lot of things in life, and that I’ve moved on. No matter where you end up in life, I do wish you the best. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

    A memory,
  • My dearest Chandra,

    Your mana's red
    My mana's blue
    My heart burns like your spells
    With my love for you

    As high as the mountains
    As deep as the sea
    I yearn for your answer:
    Izzet meant to be?

  • indesignkat
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    To: My secret admirer
    From: Storm, Headmistress

    Dearest Faculty,

    To whomever has been leaving me gifts in the X-Mansion, know that I am deeply moved. Had I known your true feelings, I would have confronted you face to face long before now. I only became aware of your affection while showering this very morning. While a three foot long mass of blue hair in the shower drain isn't a conventional Valentine's day gift, the fact that you made it yourself gives it a personal touch that jewelry and flowers simply lack. Please be a peach and come see me in my office. While here, we can discuss grooming etiquette and the importance of USING YOUR OWN FREAKING SHOWER AND CLEANING UP AFTER YOURSELF BEAST!!

    Love and kisses,

  • Raffoon
    Raffoon Posts: 884
    Dear Player,

    Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah Nyah! You'll never catch me.

    RNGeezus won't forgive you, good luck with your match 3's.

    You thought with 400 tokens you'd draw roughly 40 5 stars.

    You drew 3 total, so pony up. It's that 5 star guy or a new car.

    Your unobtainable love,
    Old Man Logan
  • scottee
    scottee Posts: 1,609 Chairperson of the Boards
    To: Doctor Doom
    From: Squirrel Girl

    Why do you resist me?
    Why do you run?
    I only send my kisses
    From the lips of my squirrels
    And you hide behind your mask.

    Squirrel Girl

  • Peej13
    Peej13 Posts: 165 Tile Toppler

    Don't mind the van. I don't want people to recognize me, so there are no windows. Take this chocolate and get in.


    Your Dirty Old Man
  • To: Hulk
    From: HulkBuster

    I'm red in color while you are green,
    I'm a machine while you are overgrown.

    Whenever I give you a Repulsor Punch, you will smash me upside down,
    Whenever I use overdrive, you will trigger your anger,
    Whenever I use my hulk-proof, you will use your thunderous clap.

    However, we are still the best buddies in the universe.
    Happy Valentine's Day, buddy.
  • Pessi
    Pessi Posts: 170 Tile Toppler
    From: Deadpool
    To: Deadpool Daily Quest

    I'm Daily Deadpool making you come back for more
    A match with you is never a chore
    When you match your three's I crave for Four's
    I crave your ISO like never before
    DDQ, it's you I adore.
  • Calnexin
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    From: Nick Fury
    To: Devil Dino

    Hey Dino Daddy.
    I know I've used you to surprise bad guys. Kind of a lot.
    But you know I only do it because I need you.
    I need you.

    Green, Red, you do your thing. Bite. Bite. Oh, that bite, Daddy.

    We've got our differences in the pink. You want to move those tiles. I get it. I get it. Ain't no way I can stop you. But if you can wait... just wait. About four times, just wait. I'll strike those tiles, steal the hearts of all those haters, and give them to you for more of that bite.

    I love you, Daddy Dino, but even with our synergy, there's something missing. How about we look for a third? Someone with a little... I dunno... yellow fever? That Beast - he can give us some loving. Keep us going All. Night. Long. Just don't stop biting, or he'll wreck the bedroom (if you know what I mean).

    Nickie Pie
  • Marine8394
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    To: Kamala Kahn
    From: Doctor Doom

    My beautiful stretching embiggined dove!

    My twisted armored soul cries out for your love!

    Come be by my side a Queen to be!

    Because if you don't, I WILL DESTROY NEW JERSEY!!!!

    HUGS@KISSES! The Love Doctor!

    Doctor Doom.
  • rixmith
    rixmith Posts: 707 Critical Contributor
    To: AP
    From: MPQ Players

    How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
    I match thee in groups of three, four, or five,
    And Bewlider foes, to keep me alive.
    When I am blue, my Technopathic Strike
    Awakens my blackest depths, which I like.
    I steal thee with my Aggressive Recon,
    And cause envy with my Gamma Siphon.
    I Overdrive for thee, though it pains me
    And sometimes I must Stretch Inhumanly.
    My Anger makes me see not red, but green
    And when I Recharge, many colors glean.
    When damaged I Absorb your Energy
    Deceptive Tactics seeking synergy.
    I take thee for myself (thanks, Dormammu)
    For there is none I love so much as you.
  • From: Red Hulk
    To: X-23

    My red destroys, your red heals
    Your purple is a trap, my purple steals
    Your green slashes, my green does crush
    When we pair, it makes me blush

    We should be Valentine's
    That's the end of these rhymes

    Love, Rulk
  • jackstar0
    jackstar0 Posts: 1,280 Chairperson of the Boards
    My Beloved Ororo,

    This war has kept us apart for so long, it begins to feel like infinity. I stand with my brothers and sisters to slash and claw at those who threaten our world, but each new battle takes a toll, and each night when the calm settles in I feel your absence; I feel that which I lack. Each morning I find myself awoken by a breeze and imagine that it must be you kissing me again, perhaps each day for the last time. No one sees it, but when the rains come, I feel my love strengthened for you.

    I do believe this long war will end one day and we'll be reunited to rule once more over our sacred lands. I know I require such terrible patience from you, but I know you have the means, my goddess.

    Reed says we'll be hitting Latveria in the morning to try and put an end to Victor's latest tantrum. I fear we'll also find Kang there, ready to keep me from you all the longer. I suppose I best start planning.

    I will return to you, my love.

  • Cylaali
    Cylaali Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
    Dear icon_blackwidow.png ,

    Roses are red
    The Hulk is green
    I'd totally smash
    If you know what I mean

  • rossmon
    rossmon Posts: 130 Tile Toppler
    Dear Deadpool
    Sorry I'm late, I forgot our date.
    This tinykitty weekend was loaded and free.
    My movie premier, and I drank too much beer,
    and forgot to submit my contest entry.

    My love is true, and only for you,
    And I know you'll do me so fine.
    So drink some more wine, my dear valentine.
    Because tonight, you'll only be mine.

    With all my love,
    Wade Wilson

    PS. Go see my Tinykitty Movie!
  • lukewin
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    From: Natasha Romanova
    To: Nick Fury

    Today is February 15th, 2016. Status report on MPQ.

    -Demiurge is still missing from the D3 Go! forums and the D3 representatives appear a lot less than they have in the past.
    -It's been a few days since I've seen any occurrences of 20 ISO. I faced Ragnarok again after defeating him multiple times before. Another victory for me, and to my surprise, instead of the usual 20 ISO I'd usually find, there was 5000 ISO. Unfortunately, it seems like I will never be able to repeat that same type battle. I wish that was able to, because it was a great way to get in some exercise. Even if I never found another 20 ISO after beating him, I'd still like the opportunity to do so.
    -I am seeing a lot more occurrences of 1 Command Point.
    -I remain unsuccessful in retrieving desired items from the "Taco" Vaults. There is too much junk in there and I don't have enough chances to attempt to pull something useful. Maybe if there was less junk in there or if I was given more attempts to pull things out, my mission would be more successful.
    -I have maxed out my ISO canister, since it only holds 40 levels. A lot of my fellow Avengers are in what could be considered an ISO drought. Those whose canisters can hold 94 levels seem to be full, while the 166 and 270 capacity canisters seem like they never will be. Something should be done about that.
    -I am seeing the Dark Avengers far too often. Facing off against Venom, Ragnarok, Yelena, Daken and Bullseye repeatedly is getting old. There are close to 100 heroes and villains, but I rarely encounter some of my favorite friends.
    -There is a vast inconsistency when I enter a battle with Phoenix, Old Man Logan, Silver Surfer or Spider-Man. They seem very weak when they go into battle with me, but I've seen them go into battle with other Avengers and behave like they were Omega Level Mutants. I have tried to make them stronger, but luck doesn't seem to be on my side. This does not seem like a fair fight and leaving too much to chance/luck sucks. I've been on this mission for a year and a half and it seems like other agents are advancing at a much faster rate. I've also seen agents with more time leave in frustration.

    Plenty more could be reported, but I've got to get back to the grind. If this report falls into the wrong hands, I suspect it will be destroyed and I will receive no updates on new directives.

    Natasha Romanova
  • slidecage
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    to old man logan

    maybe you should teach little logan the die hard move so he can keep me rocking all night


    professor x

    have no clue what the hell i just wrote icon_e_smile.gif
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