D3 Go! Valentine's Day Love Letter Contest (Feb 14th-15th)

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Hey there lovebirds and lonely hearts,

It's your friendly neighborhood fight4thedream here again with another contest to celebrate Valentine's Day, or *cough* happy singles awareness day *cough*! Hopefully you've got a little more loving to give as our next contest is about helping a game character of your choice capture the heart of their special somebody. So for those in the mood for a little bit of romance or just in need of some extra booty (the in-game currency kind sorry can't help you an further than that lol) please read the contest rules and details below and prepare your best lines to woo that special Valentine.

The contest: Participants shall submit one love letter post selecting two characters from a D3 Go! game and have one of those characters write a Valentine message to the other. The winners will be decided by upvotes; in the event of a tie, D3 Go! will decide the winner. Winners will receive a PM to discuss which game they would like to receive prizes for and to what account prizes should be sent. Submissions and voting will be restricted to two days, February 14th and 15th. In the meantime, you can prepare your entry. The contest ends on February 15th, 6pm EST (23:00 UTC/GMT).

A sample entry:

To: Spider-man
From: Deadpool

Hey there hot stuff!

Blood is red
(part of) Your costume is blue
Won't you be the koo koo
to my ka choo?

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know where to find me (and I know where to find you hehe)

Your V-day buddy,


*1st Place (1 winner) - MPQ: 1 x cover of your choice, 1 Legendary Token, 500 Hero Points, 10 Command Points & 20k Iso or MtGPQ: 600 Mana Crystals & 2k Mana Runes or ATPQ: 1,200 Hero Coins & 10k Magic Dust.

* Runners up (2 winners) - MPQ: 500 Hero Points, 5 Command Points & 10k Iso or MtGPQ: 200 Mana Crystals & 1k Mana Runes or ATPQ: 500k Hero Coins & 5k Magic Dust.

* Honorable Mentions (7 winners) - MPQ: 100 Hero Points, 1 Command Point & 1k ISO or MtGPQ: 60 Mana Crystals & 1k Mana Runes or ATPQ: 200 Hero Coins & 1k Magic Dust

Guidelines for post submission:

1. Voting will be restricted to two days, February 14th and 15th, in order to help mitigate the advantage early posters get with votes. Obviously it's not a perfect solution, but it's a step in the right direction.

2. If, for some reason, you will be unable to submit an entry during the selected time period, you may send a PM with your entry to fight4thedream and he will post your submission with your name in the contest thread.

3. A participant may submit only one entry. So give it your best, hot shot!

4. Please read all prior entries before posting yours to avoid similar submissions.

5. Forum members may vote for as many entries as they like. However, in the event of a close race please feel free to remove previous upvotes in order to support the entry you feel is best.

6. Please do not post comments or suggestions in the contest thread. A discussion thread will be provided for those that have any questions or comments.

7. Keep it clean. Offensive and vulgar entries will not be tolerated and will earn you an immediate ban from the forum, either temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the offense.

8. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by D3 Go! Also D3 Go! reserves the right to select an entry not among the top three voted. In the event that D3 Go! does make such a selection, there will be two top winners: The Chosen One (D3! Go selected) and The People's Champion (Top voted entry) and both will receive 1st place prizes.

9. Be creative and have fun! ( ゚ー^)イェー♪

Please remember all submissions and votes must be submitted by February 15th, 6pm EST (23:00 UTC/GMT). If you have any questions or comments, please post in the contest discussion thread here. Good luck!


  • fight4thedream
    fight4thedream GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,895 Chairperson of the Boards
    From: Magneto
    To: The Thing

    Dear Thing, Let's have a fling.
    You're made of stone, so it won't sting.
    If you like it rough, we'll wrestle and claw
    And then before bed, we'll recite the Shema.

    Forever Yours,

    (by mpqr7)
  • fight4thedream
    fight4thedream GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,895 Chairperson of the Boards
    "Dear Herald,

    Wherever you are, won’t you come back to me? I do hunger so.

    I know we’ve had our differences! I’ve always been peckish for other things, and you were always so easily distracted… but don’t we make each other better?
    I gave you a hip new makeover and the cosmic means to save so many planets from…… me. And you, you gave me life! You gave me a respite from this ravenous, all-encompassing hunger.

    I know you’re off doing your own thing now, and I’m partly to blame for that. And although I’ve replaced you with some other Heralds down the way… I think we both know that it isn’t the same.

    If you’ll give us another chance I’ll even let you see Zenn-La every millennia or so. See! I can be sympathetic now! I’ve changed Norrin, and I hope you’ll take this Valentine’s day to realise that we could both change the galaxy too, together.

    Your beloved master,

    P.s. If you’re game, just signal me. I do hunger so…"

    (by Monged4life)
  • The Bob The
    The Bob The Posts: 743 Critical Contributor
    edited February 2016
    To: Hulkbuster
    From: Jean Grey

    At first, we were the perfect pair
    A power couple, we were everywhere
    When you’re around, my AP rises
    Our Team-up was Full of Surprises

    I know you fooled around a bit
    Experimented with Bobby, explored the Fist
    I did it too, I will admit
    But she was just a total Witch

    You didn’t Mind, it didn’t Matter
    But now things seem a little flatter
    I realized that you are heartless
    And it Repulses me, I guess

    Besides, I’m seeing someone new
    An older man, Canadian too
    Your four-star spell is finally broken
    I’m leaving you for Old Man Logan
  • fight4thedream
    fight4thedream GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,895 Chairperson of the Boards
    To Betsy:

    Some people call me Deadpool. Some call me the Gangster of Love. Some people call me Maurice, 'cause i speak of the Pompatus of Love.

    But you Betsy, you can call me Darling! [it starts with a D too!]

    You know I love you. I have confessed to you not once, but twice. [see pics.. ummm i mean see my memories!]


    I promise to put away my chimichangas over you.

    I promise to stop playing those stupid Match-3 games [even the ones I am in].

    I promise to force D3 developers give you a new X-force uniform, or I will strike those server hamsters [hey! your forummites should remember the first iteration of DP vs MPQ right?]


    Betsy, accept my flowers and chocolates and be my Valentine! I know you will accept it; I have even drawn out the beautiful picture of our Valentine Day date~~~~


    With undying love [well, I don't die]

    (by atomzed)
  • Moon Roach
    Moon Roach Posts: 2,863 Chairperson of the Boards
    A paean to a now-unrepeatable feat

    Oh Surfer, with skin of Silver hue,
    A luminous snack you were, so true.

    The Power Cosmic tasted so minty,
    Your liver went down well with Chianti.

    Next Balance of Power you will again be gored,
    Why aren't you cowering behind your board?

    No wonder you are so arrogant when you surf,
    Because you tell me there's been a nerf.

    Even at level 550 I cannot Devour,
    How can the devs so emasculate my power?

    Less than 20k damage with 8 web tiles?
    You've made me almost as lame as Miles!

    You have completely destroyed my ferocity,
    tinykitty, tinykitty, tinykitty, tinykitty.
  • morph3us
    morph3us Posts: 859 Critical Contributor
    We see these names all the time when we battle seed teams, and it got me wondering about the people behind those names, and what would happen if they knew each other? So, here's a bit of doggerel from one seed team to another.

    From: Battleangel1
    TO: pyromantic

    I’m penning you this letter
    As your name just says it all.
    You’re fiery and amorous
    Though we’ve never met at all.

    I’m your secret ‘mirer,
    Since I’m hardly seen around.
    And you I mostly seem to see
    In the thick of Lightning Rounds.

    Your valor and your courage
    Although the conclusion is foregone,
    Through defeat by five star after five
    Undaunted, you soldier on.

    So let me sum up, dear Pyro
    With the beating of my heart
    I think you’re so romantic
    I wish we'd never be apart.
  • Raisse
    Raisse Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    To: She-Hulk
    From: Daredevil


    Roses are black,
    Violets are black,
    I don't have to see you
    to know you have a great—

    What do you say we go grab a drink after I win this case? Assuming you're not too green with envy of course.

    Blindly in love,
  • Soma
    Soma Posts: 24 Just Dropped In
    Dearest Psylocke,

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    I would totally...


    Wade, I'm a psychic, remember.
  • Hey Laura!

    Let me just start by saying Id normally be spending Valentines Day with my lady Death, but she's not a playable character and thus outside the bounds of this letter writing thingy. So anyway that means you've won an all expenses included night out on the town with the most eligible bachelor in Marvel Puzzle Quest, Mr Wade Wilson himself!

    Now I gotta say, you butt looks WAY better in the blue and yellows than the short hairy one. Not that I was staring at his butt, ol' Deadpool don't swing that way (well, there was that one time in Barbados.....), but I digress. So, free on Sunday? We could catch a movie, go for a walk in the park, chase some fat kids, set fire to a circus, you name it. Maybe we could even get a hotel for the night, I hear you can be quite the animal *wink wink*. We both got healing factors so you could be as rough as you want icon_e_wink.gif

    So, call me?

    The Poolman.
  • I am Groot,

    I…am…Groot. I am Groooot, I am…Groot. I am Groot! I am...

    I am Groot <3

    (From: Groot
    To: Rocket)

  • Der_Lex
    Der_Lex Posts: 1,035 Chairperson of the Boards
    To: PLAYER
    From: DEADPOOL

    Last V-Day,
    I gave you my whales
    But the very next day,
    you used them to blow some overscaled thugs away
    This year, inspired by beer
    I'm giving you something special...


    (in ALL CAPS too), so you know it's gotta be super serial)

    Listen player, this is our second Valentine's Day together here in MPQ land, and I have to tell you... it's not working for me. It kinda blows. Here I am, merc with a mouth, guns and katanas and general asskickery at my disposal, yet I have to wait for you and your fat, Cheeto-stained fingers to move some digital gems around before I can finally do what I do best. And half the time I'm only here to take big blasts to the face anyway, because of course we don't want dainty miss Hood to lose a couple of precious hit points now, do we?

    And maybe it wouldn't be that bad if you had some idea of how to play this game, but face it, you don't. You kinda suck. And all these other idiots in your roster might not be self-aware enough to realize when you're leaving another obvious match-5 on the board, but I just want to reach out of the screen and throttle you. And not in the fun, sexy way either.

    Oh, I know what you're going to say. “Deadpool, baby, don't be that way, didn't I give you a sexy new gray outfit and a whole additional star a few months ago?” Yeah, right. And that was supposed to make me happy? Whose bright idea was it that I'm supposed to wait around until one of the other chumps on my team gets hit until I can dish out some punishment of my own? You know what that means, player? It means that I'M STILL THE ONE THAT ENDS UP GETTING PUNCHED IN THE FACE FIRST. And this gray suit doesn't even hide the bloodstains. So thank you for the higher laundry bill, I guess.

    Seriously, I don't need this. I have a movie coming out. Ryan tinykitty Reynolds is playing me, for Stan's sake. Yet I don't even have a 5 star version. You gave tinykitty Bagman a 5 star version.
    But who cares? Certainly not me. I'm goin' places, baby. I'm a star. Whereas you, you'll still be playing this game on your poop break for years to come, grinding away for that legendary token, and you know that's just gonna get you another Invisible Woman anyway (not that I wouldn't like to get an Invisible Woman myself. I'd show her that her husband isn't the only one who's super stretchy, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

    And let's be honest, you know the feeling is mutual. I've seen you checking out other characters. I've seen you look at Cyclops' butt. I've seen you look at Moonstone's... moonstones. I've even seen you look at Creepy Bobby's butt, you sick perv. We had a good run, but maybe it's time to call it quits. Sure, I'll still be here every now and then to throw around a whale or two for old times' sake, but I really think we should see other games. It's better that way.

    It's not me, it's you.

    Hugs and kisses,

    Your Merc with a Massive Restraining Order
  • To: Moonstone
    From: Hulk



  • D4Ni13
    D4Ni13 Posts: 745 Critical Contributor
    Star-Lord & Gamora

    To Gamora:

    Yello' Green,
    With waist so thin
    Please don't blush,
    But you're my crush!

    Ever since we danced that night,
    How I want to hold you tight!
    Please refrain rejecting me
    'Cause I know we're meant to be

    Flashy, classy, dangerous
    Reputation: Marvelous,
    I am bold and you are stunning,
    And together we are cunning

    Yeah, I know, I am a thief,
    But have a moment of belief
    Often find myself in jam
    This time surely have a plan.

    Can you trust me just one bit?
    Have strong feelings about this
    I may not be sane all time
    Would you be my Valentine?

    Signed Star-Lord,
    your legendary outlaw.
  • NickHewitt12
    NickHewitt12 Posts: 116 Tile Toppler
    From: Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men)
    To: Professor X

    "Your suit was blue,
    My eyes went red,
    I fired my lasers,
    And now you're dead.

    Sorry bro"
  • To Spider-Gwen,
    From Spider-Man


    To Spider-Man
    From Spider-Gwen

    I wrote a letter to and from these two, however I felt the need to make a video for it.Apparently embedding doesn't work, so please click the link to my entry, thanks

    Spider-Man and Spider-Gwen Valentines Correspondence Link Below


  • From: Carnage
    To: Squirrel Girl

    My Furry Friend
    Your violence is new
    You hurt me more
    When I react to your moves

    Our symbiosis
    Could be a breath of new love
    But it's no scythe of relief
    It's nuts from above

    My tendencies
    Are hurting me too
    So put down your shields
    And let me cut through

    The bigger my heart
    The harder I fall
    So come back to me Doreen
    Because you know Carnage Rules
  • DeNappa
    DeNappa Posts: 1,363 Chairperson of the Boards
    From: Invisible Woman
    To: Spiderman (Bag man)

    The moment you walked in on me
    My force bubbles just shattered
    And I knew immediately
    That you were all that mattered

    Your face is covered by a bag so fine
    Naught on the board could match it
    It would complement this pair of mine
    That - I assure you- are legit

    From twins to triplets
    Lay your head to rest
    Dreamland's fast lane tickets
    My cushions are the best

    I wouldn't ask for much you see
    I'm really not demanding
    The only problem seems to be
    You will not see me standing!
  • stowaway
    stowaway Posts: 501 Critical Contributor
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Hey Scotty,

    I found this on the ground near our lockers. People tell me I have diaper butt and the dead vacant eyes of a mud golem, so I don’t think it’s for me. Your rear end was the number one Hot Topic on campus last year, so I thought of you! (See attached.)




    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Seriously, Bobby, pretty eyes? It’s not for me. Think it through. (See attached.)

    -Scott Summers
    Team Leader
    “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” –Vince Lombardi



    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Dear Doctor McCoy,

    I am writing to inform you that some of the students who can so-called “pass” for so-called “normal” have been leaving ironic Valentine’s Day cards to taunt the students who cannot. This is the sort of thing that drives mutants to join the Brotherhood, and I intend to take a leadership role in combating it.

    I am reaching out to you instead of one of the other faculty members, because your blue pelt is one of the few things on campus more horrifying than my death eyes and Bobby’s diaper butt. So you know what it’s like to look forward to a lifetime of lonely Valentine’s Days.

    -Scott Summers
    Team Leader
    “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” –Vince Lombardi


    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Dear Scott,

    I’m confident this will turn out to be a misunderstanding, so please don’t leap ahead to another one of your “leadership roles.” I think you’ll one day look back and see that it’s this behavior, and not your horrifying death eyes, that put people off.

    Also, I don’t really want to get into this, but I do just fine. Furries are a thing now.

    Hank McCoy
    “Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” –Immanuel Kant


    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Hey Bub! Er, Bubbette!

    What’s crappenin’? I left a note for you this morning. Did you get it?

    Yer Favorite Teacher


    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Dear OLD MAN Logan,

    I get that note off your stinking brainwaves every time we share a room. Shut it down.

    Jean Grey (the TEENAGED one!)
  • dr tinykittylove
    dr tinykittylove Posts: 1,459 Chairperson of the Boards
    From: Devil Dinosaur
    To: Nick Fury

    A Savage Haiku
    Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr
    Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr
    Rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr

    Sigh, who knew that Dino's scaly hide concealed such a romantic? All he wants to do is dance and protect his beloved...
  • Pats0132
    Pats0132 Posts: 146 Tile Toppler
    edited February 2016
    To Grey
    From logan

    just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
    Gotta make you understand

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you
    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

    We've known each other for so long
    Your heart's been aching, but
    You're too shy to say it
    Inside, we both know what's been going on
    We know the game and we're gonna play it

    https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ ?
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