D3 Go! Valentine's Day Love Letter Contest (Feb 14th-15th)



  • philosorapt0r
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    [Xavier to Magneto]

    Take off your helmet, Erik, and let me in.
    We're old men now, there's no need to hide any longer.
    What do we tell our students? Be proud of who you are, the world will think what it will?
    We should listen to our own lessons.

    Take off your helmet, Erik.
    I don't need to be an Omega-level telepath to know exactly how you feel.
    We are two halves of one soul, you and I.
    It is time we made ourselves whole again.

    Take off your helmet, Erik.
    You're the one who broke my body, so don't shy away from me now.
    Putting teenage heroes into those tight costumes doesn't thrill as much any more.
    Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.
    And we've put off our own dreams for much too long.

    So take off your helmet, Erik. And let this old friend in.

  • mgallop
    mgallop Posts: 120
    From: Spider-Man
    To: All New Jean Grey

    Your hair is red //
    This Valentine's on the level //
    I've been alone in my bed//
    Since I sold my marriage to the devil...
  • Varg138
    Varg138 Posts: 128 Tile Toppler
    To Groot:

    You ain’t very smart
    A talking, oversized root
    But you’re my best bud to the end
    Because together, we are Groot.


    P.S. Make sure you’re free on Sunday. I got a plan…
  • IamTheDanger
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    From: Wolverine
    To: Pheonix

    My dearest Red;

    Seeing you every day,
    arm in arm with one eye.
    It rips at my very soul,
    from deep, down inside.

    When I close my eyes at night,
    your pefect beauty is all I see.
    Just having you close by,
    calms the beast inside of me.

    And you too have a creature,
    living deep within your ****.
    I see you struggle to control it,
    to keep it buried in your chest.

    We both have monsters inside,
    always begging for release.
    You, putting out the pheonix fire,
    me, taming the wild beast.

    But the two of us together,
    can keep them from getting free.
    All I ask is just one chance,
    a chance for it to be just you and me.

    All my Love,
  • Chief270
    Chief270 Posts: 137
    From: Deadpool
    To: Lady Thor

    Don't see me as the guy
    who played the Van Wilder part
    I may break fourth walls
    But will never break your heart

    Happy V day from your loving D
  • radiopy
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    July 1, 1863

    Dearest Tony –

    I write to you today as cannon fodder and arrows rain from the sky, staining the grounds of Gettysburg rusty with the blood of our friends and family. As fortune finds it, your beloved still stands, although seeing our fallen comrades makes me pine for an eternal sleep to ease the pain of mourning them without you by my side. I fear most for Matt, who cannot see how dejected I have become. I know we are both fighting for my namesake and the symbol on my shield, but our differing philosophies, until remedied, force us to see mirror-images of each other. Tony, I hope you are well, and I look forward to seeing you again. Until that time, I hope our fallen are limited. Tell Peter I said hello.

    ~ Steve Rogers

    July 2, 1863

    Steve, my love –

    It is good to hear from you. Every shot we fire, every fallen soul in our civil war, I pray you are okay and are being spared the worst of it. Although you would gladly give up your life to spare Sam or Scott even a scratch, I breathe a sigh of relief when I see your penmanship arrive under cover of night, knowing that we are each holding on, one day at a time. This battle is the worst we’ve seen, and I am jealous of the warmth and comfort Clint brings you at night, although I know you are just colleagues. Know that Jarvis is just a friend, and that the light in my chest burns brightly only for you. Peter has decided to leave us but not before agreeing to take this letter to you. O Captain, my Captain, our fearful trip is nearly done, the prize we sought is nearly won. Now I must rest and recharge for tomorrow. Stay safe, my love.
    ~ Tony Stark

    July 3, 1863

    Tony –

    I am happy to see Peter again, but I will have him reprimanded for boldly swinging up Barlow’s Knoll. General Ross believes this may be nearing the end of the conflict, as he truly believes Peter’s crossing of enemy lines may be just the stimulus that causes others to ignore our petty differences. On the eve of my namesake’s 87th anniversary, know that the countdown is almost complete and I will return to you soon. Let us not speak ill of the dead, nor continue the animosity leeching the blood from our hearts and onto the ground. I love you, and cannot wait to see you again. Together let us put these hardships behind both our sides and together once again fight for each other rather than against.
    ~ Steve Rogers
  • CT1888
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    From: Deadpool
    To: Moonstone

    10 things I love about you:

    I love that your costume colours match mine
    I love the way your mask accentuates your eyes *are you even trying here CT?*
    I love that we share taste in gems
    I love that you stole my heart and breath with your control shift *that makes no sense*
    I love you six pack tensing while you blast your photons
    I love the way that you are seemingly always there *you're a stalker! Great!*
    I love your golden hair glistening in the sun
    *seriously? You think I'd say this kinda stuff?*
    +Quiet Deadpool, I'm trying to get you some action here+
    *I ain't getting no action with you talking for me*
    +Just shut up and let me... What are you doing?+
    +Just put the sword down Deadpool, we can talk this ou....+

    Forget it.


    I love you so much I will give you my heart.



    Well, his anyway.

  • Green83
    Green83 Posts: 52 Match Maker
    From: Bag-Man
    To: Phoenix

    Your eyes are fire
    Their image burnt into my soul
    Sacrificed yourself for your team
    Someone like you can make me whole

    Unfortunately I am ugly
    Wearing a bag over my head
    No one wants to be with me.
    Will you make my life less sad?
  • nonnel
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    From IM35
    To IM40

    I love you. Does this count as some sort of self love, since we're the same guy? What if we invite the buster armor to join us. That would make it some weird one person, three exo suit love triangle.

    I'm not even sure how this would work. Do we swap arc reactors? And what about Jarvis in our HUD. Guess that makes it a group thing.
  • professorplum9
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    To: Deadpool
    From: Yelena Belova

    How do I love? Let me count the ways: +3125, +2865, +2935, +3055, +2809, +3158, +3128, +2830, +2815, +3111 >= 28000. Without you, I am nothing, but with you I feel that there is no challenge that life can throw at us that we cannot overcome. I know as a spy, you think I cannot be trusted. I know you are worried that stealing your heart will not be enough and that I will be tempted to use that which we hold most dear to steal from others rather than use it in a way that would allow us to prevail over all who would dare to oppose our union. What can I say? Sometimes I feel as if an unseen hand is guiding me to my destiny. Some may call it fate, others may call it foolishness, and others may call it Almighty Intervention (AI). It doesn't matter I know we are meant to be together. I conclude this message with a declaration of my love and an encoded message (it would not be a love letter from a spy without one).



  • CyberVenom2001
    CyberVenom2001 Posts: 203 Tile Toppler

    Today is Valentine's Day.

    Wife. Kids. THEY meant something. THEY were taken from me.

    So I guess I have to find other people to care about.

    I care about YOU.

    So I've written a note to you. You should be receiving it in it's special brass envelope just as soon as you realize this paper on your fridge faces a giant window.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

    Frank Castle
  • Romantic Haikus

    Dear Hulk -

    We're quite different.
    You're green, and I'm yellow, but
    Big men need love too

    You smash and crash me.
    But at the end of the day,
    It's clobberin' time.

    - The Thing
  • FD229
    FD229 Posts: 3
    To Juggernaut,

    Fighting with you has been such a rush.
    You've always been my unstoppable crush.
    Only you headbutt with such grace.
    Oh how I love to take Juggs to the face.

  • Twysta
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    From: Deadpool
    To: Old Man Logan

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

    I wish I was like a five star
    So I can get with Wolverine
    'Cause he don't know me but yo he's really fine
    You know I see him all the time every match I make
    And even in my dreams I can scheme a way to make your iso mine
    'Cause I know he's livin phat
    His crit's harp and he plays sharp
    So how am I gonna compete with that?
    'Cause when it comes to playing mpq
    I'm always last to be picked
    And in some cases never picked at all
    So I just lean up on the roster wall
    Or sit up in the bleachers with Bagman and Cho Hulk
    Who came to watch their match 3
    Damn ye! I never understood, black
    Why the 5 stars get the big iso and me I get the deadpool dailys
    I tell em "match, crit, combo"
    Got hit with a cascade
    And I been in the hospital for matching 3's
    I confess it's a shame when you living in a game
    That's the size of a phone app and nobody knows yo' name
    Glad I came to my senses
    Like quick-quick got to switch-switch all the AP
    Overcommeth by the thoughts of HP and ISO together
    Right? So when I asked him out he said I wasn't his type

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

    I wish I had a brand-new ability
    So far, I got this black
    And everywhere I go, yo, I gets laughed at
    And when I'm in my passive I'm laid back
    I got an 8-match and a spare bagman in the teamups, but that's flat
    And do you really wanna know what's really whack?
    See I can't even get a date, so, what do you think of that?
    I heard that night of the sentinels is near
    But this is a match 3 game so don't fear
    But really though, I'm a Figaro
    When I'm in my passives I can't even get a Lightning Round
    Well, so many people wanna play PvE on Sunday
    Well, then I'mma have to match more 3's and go
    You know I take the 1000's until the Legendary tokens
    Get off at progession, tell my devs "look alive"
    'Cause it's hard to buff when you're nerfing
    In a match 3 jungle and these buffs keep passing me by
    OML looks fly, OML looks fly
    Makes me say "my, my, my"

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan

    Hey, I wish I had my way
    'Cause everyday would be Wednesday
    And you could even speed on the LR's
    I would play more match3 games
    Name my abilities ghetto names Whales, Whales, Whales
    Yo you know that's on the real
    So if you're down on your luck
    Then you should know just how I feel 'cause if you don't want me around
    See I go simple, I go easy, I go Whale
    Hey, you, what's that sound?
    Everybody look what's going down
    Ah yes, ain't that fresh?
    Everybody wants to get down like that

    I wish I was a little bit Logan
    I wish I was a Hogan
    I wish I had a X-man who looked good, I would call 'em
    I wish I had a crit in a hat with a stat
    And a cheap high damage ability

  • udonomefoo
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    (Written by Loki pretending to be She-hulk)

    Dearest Robert,

    I've been wanting to tell you something for a very long time. I think I have fallen in love with you. Your flowing blonde hair, glowing yellow eyes and super-cool professional wrestler belt make me feel things I have never felt before. I yearn to touch you, but I'm afraid you don't feel the same about me. If you do, meet me outside my apartment tomorrow. Don't say a word, just kiss me like it's the only thing that matters in the world to you.


    The next day:

  • Iron Fist to Elektra:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Bend over baby,
    My fist is for you.

    Elektra's reply:

    From now on,
    I'm never wearing red,
    I'm never talking to guys,
    Who needs a fist,
    When i have my Sais.
  • To: Hulkbuster

    From: Hulk

    Smashes are Red

    Strength is Blue

    I'm full of anger so I want to smash you all day
  • ViralCore
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    Here's my entry:

    To Groot
    Fr Squirrel Girl

  • alphabeta
    alphabeta Posts: 469 Mover and Shaker
    To MPQ
    From The Players

    Don't go breaking my heart (of Darkness)
    I couldn't if I tried
    Hulk if I get restless
    Bobby you're not that kind

    Don't go breaking my heart (of Darkness)
    You take the weight off me by sending me airbourne
    Hulkbuster when you knock on my door
    I gave you my Fist

    Nobody knows it
    When I was down
    I was your Moonstone
    Nobody knows it
    Right from the start
    I gave you my MBW Team Up
    I gave you my AOE for Baking

    So don't go breaking my winfinte
    I won't go breaking your shield
    Don't go breaking my truce

    And nobody told us
    `Cause nobody showed us
    And now it's up to us bake
    I think we can make thing

    So don't misunderstand me
    You put the light in my Cyclops
    You put the sparks to the Human Torch
    I've got your heart in my sniper rifle sights
  • Houtro
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    From: Ares
    To: Aphrodite

    Love is like war! Easy to begin but very hard to stop when you are in it.

    From: Sue
    To: Richards

    Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.

    From: Deadpool
    To: Various address someone will respond hopefully

    All you need is loveeeeee. All you need is loveeeeeee. But some hot chimichangas now and then doesn't hurt anyone.

    From: Killgrave
    To: Jessica

    Love it's like a virus, it can happen to anyone anytime!

    From: Wilson
    To: Vanessa

    Vanessa do you want have dinner with me!? Zuppa for dessert?

    From: SpiderMan
    To: Mary Jane Watson

    I can't promise to solve all your problems, but I can promise you won't have to face them alone... Spider sense.
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