What you gain with a Planeswalkers Level



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    Currently leveling Nissa.

    24 Improved Regeneration
    25 +4 Hit Points
    27 +1 Spell to Deck

    I'll add more once I get more runes.

    28 +4 Hit Points
    29 +1 Red Mana manared.png
    30 Improved Regeneration
    31 +4 Hit Points
  • Theldin wrote:
    All updates as of this post have been moved to spreadsheet.
    Not sure if you missed it but I already confirmed lvl 31 and 33 for Chandra, I noticed they are still orange after the update while they should be green.

    Chandra lv34 -> Improved Regen*

    *Got to be honest about this, I **** up because when I leveled Chandra to 34 I didn't pay attention and the level up message fade away so I didn't know what I got but I "made some research" and I can say for sure that it's Improved Regen. You regen 5hp\5mins when you start and you get +1 hp for every "improved regen", there are 6 improved regen prior to level 34 so you heal 11HP(5+6) at level 33, I'm regening 12HP at level 34 so yeah I got improved regen once again at 34 icon_razz.gif
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    Update on Jace:

    26 Mind Sculpt lvl 1
    27 Increased Regen (10/5 min.)
    28 Blue match +1 mana (to +3 mana)
    29 HP +4
    30 +1 support
    31 +1 spell
    32 Mind Sculpt lvl 2 (15: Activate 7: Drain 3 mana)
    33 HP +4
    34 Increased regen
    35 Increased regen (12/5 min.)
    36 +1 spell (7)
    37 HP +4
    38 Confusion lvl 3 (3: -3/-0 to target creature -> 3: -6/-0 to target creature)
    39 Red Match +1 Mana (0)
    40 Increased regen
    41 HP +4
    42 +1 Support
    43 +1 Spell
    44 Ingenuity lvl 3 (12: The last spell you cast is returned into your hand and has it's cost reduced to 0.)
    45 HP +4
    46 Increased regen
    47 Green match gives 1 more mana (0)

    I have won all the story line and challenge fights, so leveling up the last bit is going to take a while as I go through and complete all the secondary win conditions. Fortunately my daily login bonus is picking up.

    Of the three levels left, one is HP+4, one is level three Mind sculpt, and the last is probably +1 support making the max type/deck 5/8/8 creature/spell/support.
  • TrykeTryke Age Unconfirmed Posts: 320 Mover and Shaker
    Chandra redflag.png

    lvl 44: Scorching Strike lvl 3 (9 cost, 3 damage to all enemy creatures).
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor

    level 48: +1 Spell (9 spells max)

    That leaves +4 HP (at level 49) and Mind Sculpt 3 (at level 50) based upon the level 50 Jace you can fight.
  • I can confirm

    19 Improved Regeneration
    20 Ingenuity level 2 (last spell cast is returned to hand and costs 6 less)
    21 HP +4
  • manawhite.png Gideon's "Champion" Lv3 ability is actually "+4/+4, Berserker, Life Link, and First Strike."

    You can also view the Lvl3 of each of the planeswalkers' abilities by fighting them in their respective "Heroic Encounter".
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    Thanks to all contributors.
  • Anyone has pics of nissa and gideon at lvl 50? Thx anyway.
  • Snaqky wrote:
    Anyone has pics of nissa and gideon at lvl 50? Thx anyway.

    You can go to the challenge battles, which will pit you against level 50 planeswalkers.
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    Jace 49: +4 HP
    Jace 50: Mind Sculpt lvl 3

    Lilliana 29: +1 Support
    Lilliana 30: +4 HP
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor

    31: Increased regen
    32: +4 HP
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor

    33: Raise Dead lvl 2 (18: The last 2 creatures you controlled that were destroyed are returned to the battlefield.)
    34: Red match +1 mana
  • I got Chandra 22: white match +1. Has any of this changed in the update?

    Edit with more data:
    24: +1 spell
    25: +4 hp
    26: mind sculpt 1
  • IrgyIrgy Age Unconfirmed Posts: 148 Tile Toppler
    I can confirm what's there for Chandra 34-38, with the missing one on 35 being "improved planeswalker regeneration". That's three of the does-nothing level-up in a row, ugh. Also, the missing one on level 39 is +1 spell to your deck.
  • BromhilBromhil Age Unconfirmed Posts: 15
    With the 1.3 update an indication of which level abilities are 1.3 changed / updated / confirmed would be great.

    Example: Jace at level 50 increases Mind Sculpt to level 3 but the cost is increased from [email protected] to [email protected] I can't see any reason to upgrade past L49 especially since it only drains mana from the first card.

    Great work.
  • majincobmajincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    Confirm Nissa lvls 24-30
  • lorokuloroku Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,010 Chairperson of the Boards
    elackey wrote:
    I got Chandra 22: white match +1. Has any of this changed in the update?
    I can confirm Chandra 22 gives +1 white now, not black. This leaves her at white even, green +1, red +2, black even, blue -1 at level 22. I'll come back and post when I hit 29 as well as I'm guessing that's changed, too.
  • EDUSANEDUSAN Age Unconfirmed Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    could someone update the spreadsheet?

    i wanna know if the lvl 50 PW mana gains are equal

    Black at lvl 50 gets +3 per black match, is this the same for every color?
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