Deadpool Daily Quests reward list (past and future)



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    SnowcaTT wrote:
    NOTE: This will be my final update. I have the Behemoth Burrito rotation, the 4* rotation, and the 3* rotation under tags below, you could still figure them out. The vaulting of most of the 4*'s and half of the 3*'s has really sapped any desire I have to continue this, after so many seasons of doing so.

    Wow it's almost been two years since you first started this post. I am sorry to see this great thread come to an end. Honestly I used to frequently visit this post but once I fully completed 3* land, I didn't need to visit anymore. It's a shame for new players but with the consistent monthly updates from Brigby on the main page, it's for the best. Enjoy the extra time to gather more Iso! It is your day! icon_e_biggrin.gif

    hey SnowcaTT. Just want to echo Punisher's comments. Keeping guides like this updated on the forum is a thankless job, but I definitely visited frequently in my 3* transition days. Thanks for doing this for so long, it was definitely appreciated by many forum users.
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    Thanks again to SnowcaTT.