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*** Daredevil (Man Without Fear) ***



  • eidehua
    eidehua Posts: 521 Critical Contributor
    Patch daredevil icon_e_smile.gif
    I guess daredevil's new purple is kinda similar to 4thor's yellow
  • IamTheDanger
    IamTheDanger Posts: 1,093 Chairperson of the Boards
    Red Panda wrote:
    Looks like Patch has a new partner to help take care of enemy strike tiles!

    After Patch's Berserker Rage, cast DD's purple then match DD's red. His red alone is rough, but with Patch's strike tiles added in, it could be a one hit kill.
  • itstime1234
    itstime1234 Posts: 369 Mover and Shaker
    Does Dakens or others abilities rewrite over DD still? If not this guy is now in beast mode with his red. Cast ambush match 2 times, 6K damage and cast another ambush, 2 different reds to do either 5/3K. Rinse repeat.

    So glad I kept him with max covers. I smell a future red nerf coming.
  • PuceMoose
    PuceMoose Posts: 1,445 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm looking forward to trying a Patch /Daredevil /Spiderman team - Spiderman is taking care of the available purples (and increasing defense) to reduce the enemy strike tile positions available, and building toward a Purple Daredevil to take care of the stragglers after a Berserker Rage.

    Also, I wish the thread title was appended with "Snicker-Snack!"
  • That red is ridiculous. It really makes trap overwriting and line-clear destruction necessary. Otherwise, now you might want to match the trap so your red user goes down as opposed to your whole team. Blue looks like a neat ability too.
  • CrookedKnight
    CrookedKnight Posts: 2,579 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'd be shocked if they don't. The trade-off of using special tiles to overwrite Ambush but opening yourself to more Radar Sense damage as a result is too perfect.
  • It seems like they're literally making him Captain America lite and thus making him one of those 'this character would be viable if XYZ isn't in the game'.
  • D2KM_
    D2KM_ Posts: 134
    Testing out new changes to DD in BoP and he is a lot of fun to play icon_e_biggrin.gif my DD is at an undesirable 5/5/3 but still way fun to play. Pairing him with patch and daken. Get green/purple, cast patch green then DD purp and damage does over 6k icon_razz.gif granted its BoP but still.

    And blue is fun...two turn stun, three tile countdown and oh whats that, another two turn stun icon_e_wink.gif rinse and repeat.

    Its early but I am digging the changes to DD.
  • FaerieMyst
    FaerieMyst Posts: 319 Mover and Shaker
    I've been one of the few DD fans. His red was awesome. Saturate the board and you could get a situation where a match took down two opponents. The biggest downside was the trap tiles being overwritten. I'll have to rethink how I play him now but I'm looking forward to it.

    I think all character changes should be between seasons when you have events like BOP and Gauntlet to get to know the new builds.
  • Pwuz_
    Pwuz_ Posts: 1,180 Chairperson of the Boards
    DrNitroman wrote:
    Phaserhawk wrote:
    DrNitroman wrote:
    Mikaveus wrote:
    So happy to hear that Matt Murdock is being buffed. Can't wait to see Daredevil's new specs later this month.
    Same here.
    I hope that the buff was nicely done so that the icon_daredevil.png True Believers are rewarded.
    Yes they said we were fool to believe in the Red Devil because he's blind (...and to say the truth he was not really accurate when setting his trap) but now, this will change, now we will rule the world icon_twisted.gif

    or not. icon_neutral.gif

    on a lazy note my :daredevil is 5 redflag.png 3 blueflag.png 5 purpleflag.png and I hope that I will not need to change his build icon_e_confused.gif

    If they want to make $ they would make it so blue is the one worth getting 5 covers thus ensuring a vast majority will spend HP to respec if he's that good.
    But... but, it would be evil! no? icon_e_confused.gif

    edit: actually stun powers can be very useful and we gave up DD's stun because it was unefficient, if ever it's correctly fixed it could be worth investing...

    I'm pretty sure going 5 Blue is now the way to go. I do wonder how much loss of effectiveness this will have when you have more than one tile going off at the same time.

    3/5/5 is where I want to go now...too bad I'm suck at 5/2/3 for the time being.
  • I think purple needs to be able to get rid of CDs to compete with the other two abilities.
  • Pjoe0211 wrote:
    can you make it so red strike tile generators(daken and blade mainly) dont automatically overwrite and disarm his red trap?
    That's the point of his purple...
    i dont think you read what i wrote... his purple doesnt help his red tiles getting over written by the creation of strike tiles, i guesss it could reduce teh chance minimally by clearing some but i really dont think its that helpful in that respect so i dont agree with your condescending comment

    ill make all the red strike tiles i can vs him, his purple isnt scary
  • ClydeFrog76
    ClydeFrog76 Posts: 1,350 Chairperson of the Boards
    Just had a quick bash with him against a relatively easy node in Gauntlet. I *really* like his new red. Getting a couple out - even when he's a lowly lvl 70 - is awesome.
  • GuntherBlobel
    GuntherBlobel Posts: 987 Critical Contributor
    edited December 2014
    I just became a fan of character rotations. This feels like Daredevil. Great job!

    Edit 1: I came here right after getting whooped in the Gauntlet. Not realizing that the new powers were in affect, I thought that I had won when I downed Thor and was left with just Loki and Daredevil. Wrong!

    Edit 2: With each new character that counters special tiles, Patch makes a new best friend. My fav PvE team of Patch/Daredevil/Spidey just became ridiculously awesome.
  • Phantron wrote:
    I think purple needs to be able to get rid of CDs to compete with the other two abilities.
    I agree. It'd make him perfect against goons (his major weakness before).

    Am I the only one that thinks 5/3/5 is still the best build? It's almost always better to max damage abilities in the current meta, and a countdown-based stun just strikes me as too risky to actually reliably stunlock anyone except goons. I think his blue is still great at 5 covers, but I'm not sure the payoff of 3 to 5 covers is as good in blue as in purple.

    Of course, his purple is unuseable against characters that don't use special tiles, so I could be wrong.
  • Pylgrim
    Pylgrim Posts: 2,296 Chairperson of the Boards
    turul wrote:
    i still miss all-trap DD

    I pray you never ever get to feel as alone in your life as you are in this matter.
  • Given how dumb the AI is, I doubt it will prioritize a red match if it's trapped, which means on defense red was basically nerfed. The cherry on top is that we now have nore red strike generators than ever before, which means there's a solid chance it gets disarmed.

    Blue...I don't even understand. 9 blue to stun for 2 turns, then babysit a countdown tile for 2 turns to get the same effect? I'd rather have 1*BW's power. I mean potentially this is 9 blue for 4 turns of stun, but...meh?

    Purple...is just Loki's ability?....what?

    I'm just not scared at all of this character. Loki's green made me go from "Just ignore Loki the entire fight and nothing happens" to "Loki needs to die ASAP or I will be completely drained", this one makes me go "Glad I sold all those DD covers for iso"

    Edit - Though purple does sound fun with Patch. Gotta admit that.
  • homeinvasion
    homeinvasion Posts: 415 Mover and Shaker
    I just mucked around with daredevil in BOP, he is still awful. Random traps that just sit there doing nothing. When are the devs going to learn that countdowns and traps you can't place are terribad.(cough Beast) look at how much better groots blue is over beasts, mainly because you can place it. Also Why does Dakens blue disarm the traps? Is that a bug? It happened three times to me in one match.
  • All special tiles disarm traps. Daken is Daredevil's arch enemy for this reason, especially since the only trap is red now.

    He's much less awful than he was. He's playable at least now, in PvE if nothing else. Just not against Daken. Take all the red, make all the traps, use those to beat face. Some blue for some stuns is bonus.
  • homeinvasion
    homeinvasion Posts: 415 Mover and Shaker
    Lerysh wrote:
    All special tiles disarm traps. Daken is Daredevil's arch enemy for this reason, especially since the only trap is red now.

    He's much less awful than he was. He's playable at least now, in PvE if nothing else. Just not against Daken. Take all the red, make all the traps, use those to beat face. Some blue for some stuns is bonus.
    Traps are just awful design then. So I match a green, Daken gets 2 free strike tiles and will probably disarm the 9 AP trap, that wasn't going to get matched anyway, what a crock. Also in PVE versus goons, he does absolutely nothing except when you match the tiles? Bleh pass.