Human Torch (Johnny Storm) - 2*



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    Personally I think this is a great move.
    The new character is incredibly inventive with a unique set of skills... no, wait...

    At least the devs are telling us how they really feel about us! icon_razz.gif
  • Twysta
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    Well... then, at least they increased the rewards to compensate that they're giving out 2* covers instead of 3...


  • Twysta, are you saying you DONT want all of your characters to use red and green? Are you kidding me??? Screw yellow, purple, blue, and black!!!!!

    On a slightly different subject, I was trying to figure out what team to run with She-Hulk. But guess what? She has red and green. Yay for synergy! I decided to run She-Hulk, Falcon, and Hood. Screw it.

    P.S. Although if the game were truly balanced this team would be epic. LOL
  • I kind of get lazy characters. At least there's a draw there to have a more powerful character on your roster. But I can't see the point, besides the financial one, for making weaker versions of existing characters. Those of us whom already have the regular version are going to be forced to spend a lot of HP, 500 for me, just to open a character slot for someone we'll never use except for the rare times he's mandatory.
    I just don't get the reasoning. Are you guys short-staffed and out of new ideas already? Please don't do this again (as if there aren't probably 10 more in the pipeline.)
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    Eh, a new 2*, no big deal. My only nit would be a purple/blue character adds more potential variety to the 2* options then yet another red/green.
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    I wholeheartedly agree. The only way this wouldn't be bad is if they assured us these "Short Bus Stepchildren" would never be a required character in events, but I can't see that happening. I guess they figure people were still being able to save up too many HP to buy covers without having to pay money for HP, even with all of the changes they've already made to make that so difficult.
    If there's anyone at D3 that, in the decision making process for this, honestly thought weaker versions if existing characters is something players want and will like then that guy should be fired for incompetence. However, I seriously doubt there was anyone with that view, so it makes you wonder how much our opinions really matter to those in charge, if at all.
    Congrats on all the decisions and changes lately. If the goal was to get on players' bad sides you all have succeeded admirably.
  • im ok with the m releasing a 2*, just sucks that it happens right after i max cover my first 3* by buying a green sentry cover yesterday >.< it took like over a month to save up that hp lol.

    and now we get to have so much fun with nicknames.

    im pushing for johnny shortbus!!
  • Johnny shortbus is too long. Clearly the answer is torchling.

    Horrible Two-star Offering Requiring Cash and Hp
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    I wouldn't complain if he had new skills.
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    It's rather bizarre actually. I mean I don't think there would be any issues if they simply reversed the release order (2* then 3*), and had not made it the featured giveaway (in place of a 3*) in a PVE event. I'm not sure how this made it past the laugh test. What's next, new 1* rewards for PVE?
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    I guess the new precedent is that we will be getting lazy 2* versions of all 3* characters that don't have a 2* flavor, and vice versa, before we ever see buffs or third skills to existing characters.

    Keep on pressin' that easy button...
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    Silver Torch!
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    I have seen a few posts with players asking for the ability to lower a character level. I know this is different, but I think it can still be useful. Now have a high level 3* torch and I will soon have a 2* with same abilities to go with it.

    yes, the 3* is far more powerful, but sometimes 3*s can be too powerful. There are times when I play a match and if I use my characters over level 100 then it will be over way too soon. Theres no challenge. That is one of the things I play for.

    With a 2* torch, I can use Human Torch more often with high level opponents as well as low level. With weaker characters I dont have to worry about winning too fast. I can take my time, build up my ap for powers and win with style. Like doing just enough damage to get all 3 opponents health down below 50 or 100 health, then using all the powers I can in that last turn for a final blast. Just a little habit of mine, but I cant do it if my team is so powerful they kill all opponents in just a few turns.

    I do agree that completely new and different characters would be nice. But if I cant raise or lower the level of my characters to a level equal to my opponens, then having different levels of the same character is the next best thing. Dont misunderstand me now, I still use my high level 3*, but only if I want a fast win or am grinding those last few points at the end of an event.

    This is one that I beleive I am going to like and use often.

  • Saw the reward and thought it was an April fool's joke

    ... until I remembered it was July icon_eek.gif
  • Most of the latest Lazy characters are fun and/or useful in some PvEs.

    For this one, unless he is featured on a tournament, he won't be of any use for me. So he will be my Yelena for some time and won't spend HP to buy his covers. That will be a first.

    A 2* Juggernaut would have been more fun than this one.

    Or at least get other fun abilities for him (sort of Lazy Daken/Daken difference between the two).

    At least it is a break before more 3* characters, and some savings. They won't make big money out of him. But with Fury coming in more than a week, players will be focused on him. 2 big characters in a short timeframe would not have been good.
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    Finally have the real stats.