The Kamigawa Run

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“That way lies death. This way, a chance.”       

Event Type: PvP, Coalition

No Entrance Fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

Rewards: Progression, Rank, Coalition

Number of nodes: 2

Color Restriction for each node:

  • Top Node: White, Red, and Green Planeswalkers.

  • Bottom Node: Blue and Black Planeswalkers.

Event Duration: 46h

Initial charges: 2    |   Maximum charges: 6    |   Recharge time: 8h 

While the Emperor of Kamigawa might finally be heading back to her home and people with help of the Reality Chip, some sort of scheme goes on among the high ranks of the Futurists, involving a being of another world. As the Samurais and Warriors of the plane team up with the Kami, eager for their Emperor’s return, Ninjas and Rogues plan a secretive mission to uncover the truth about the Futurist conspiracy.


Each node features a different event support spawned under no player’s control, but affecting both players.

The supports are:

  • Search for the Emperor (Top Node):  Throne of Eiganjo

  • Stealth Operation (Bottom Node): Enhanced Espionage

Throne of Eiganjo

(White, Blue, Black, Red, Green) Support Card (Indestructible) Token

“When a player matches only 3 gems: The fisrt Samurai or Warrior creature they control gets +1/+1 and gains Vigilance. When a player casts an Enchantment or Aura card: If that player has 5 or more Enchantment or Aura cards on their graveyard and exile - That player creates a support named The Wandering Emperor under their control.”

Enhanced Espionage

(White,Blue,Black,Red,Green) Support Card (Indestructible) Token 

“When a Ninja or Rogue creature enters into the battlefield under a player's control: That player draws a card. If the last card in that player's hand is an Artifact card - It gains 3 mana. When a player casts an Artifact support card: The first creature card in that player's hand gains 3 mana”


Search for the Emperor (Top Node)

Win the Fight!

  • Win the fight against your opponent!

    • Reward: 200 Mana Runes, +5 Score, +5 Coalition Score.


  • Win with only Common, Uncommon and Rare cards.

    • Reward: +3 Score, +3 Coalition Score.


  • Win the fight with 50 or more HP remaining.

    • Reward: +2 Score, +2 Coalition Score.

Stealth Operation (Bottom Node)

Win the Fight!

  • Win the fight against your opponent!

    • Reward: 200 Mana Runes, +5 Score.


  • Cast 3 or more supports during a single fight.

    • Reward: +3 Score, +3 Coalition Score.


  • Cast 4 or more creatures with power 3 or less.

    • Reward: +2 Score, +2 Coalition Score.



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