Permanent SWW errors, game stuck logging in etc.

Right now "playing" this game has become nearly impossible. After a successful Holiday event match, the game almost exclusively responds with an SWW error. Eventually it provided the win and even started a new match, but after that the same thing happened again and I won't try again to get the rewards from the win.
One reason is that it is impossible to guess if one can play the game after starting it. Many times the games gets stuck during its very first function - logging in. The wheel keeps spinning, but absolutely nothing happens.
The same thing happens after clicking the events tab. Most of the time the game gets stuck in one of the functions it painstakingly goes through whenever the tab is changed / anything whatsoever is pressed.
This has been going on for weeks by now and makes it virtually impossible to do anything.


  • NyarlathotepNyarlathotep Posts: 64 Match Maker
    edited 3 January 2020, 04:41
    I can only approve the above. 
    I stopped counting the times i restarted the app only to get stuck in either loading data, logging in or loading profile again. 

    And it happens every time i either start up the app from scratch, or open the event tab.
    I tried reinstalling, clearing the cache, restarting my phone and nothing really helps.

    Please look into that. Something is going horribly wrong and it has been weeks since we heared anything of real value. 

    Also it does not even ask me to retry, not after 2 minutes, not after 20 and not after 40 freakin minutes of loading data. 

  • joergingerjoerginger Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    Today absolutely no playing at all has been possible. The Holiday event doesn't need to be mentioned anymore, there are plenty of threads about it already.
    Foolishly I paid for entering the Rising Tensions event, but all attempts to enter the event have failed while one of the repeated stupid loading whatever things were attempted - 'loading profile' it is right now. Others are player events and what have you...
  • NyarlathotepNyarlathotep Posts: 64 Match Maker
    edited 3 January 2020, 20:40
    I have not been able to login today, too.
    It could be everything, a routing problem from anywhere between my location and the servers location, a software problem, anything.

    It also does not ask me to retry or cancel and also does not give out any error message. 
    It just loads and loads and loads without an end.
    I could login yesterday and filled a ticket in game about this problem nd many others, but no it seems i cant even get the answer anymore... 🙄 
  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 670 Critical Contributor
    Hello guys,

    We truly apologize for this issue.
    The event is already fixed and will be working properly the next time it runs.
    Thank you for your patience.
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