Facebook login error / stuck on log in screen

JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
I have been unable to log into the game during the evening hours for about a month now. The hours vary a bit And it is a complex issue so I will explain below.

In the beginning the problem only occurred every 3 days. This was right after/around when M20 was released. 

During this time I have tried multiple combinations of clearing app data, clearing app cache, clearing phone RAM, restarting my phone, uninstalling the app, and reinstalling the app. During this time, I was unaware of a specific pattern; hence, i switched it up and kept trying to see if there was a specific combination that made it work. There were only 2 incidents it worked but when the same steps were repeated again, it failed. 1 incident was extremely fast, the other took 3 hours (I was doing other things but trying a step every once in a while during those 3 hours). 

However, all the other times, nothing worked. Thus, I installed an android emulator on my laptop but still faced the same errors. 

There was no internet or network issue, as my computer was streaming an HD video fine, laptop was loading webpages fine, primary phone was also loading webpages fine, secondary phone was loading webpages fine (mtgpq installed here). 

But I would have problems loading / logging into the game. There were two errors:
ERROR 1 - network error (few and rare)
ERROR 2 - facebook account authorization or password has changed (constant)

So I hit retry. ERROR 2 again. Hit retry again. ERROR 2. Hit cancel. Enter in my facebook email and password. Tells me I have used this account before. Hit continue. ERROR 2. Go to facebook website and attempt log in with same email and password. Log into facebook just fine. Hit retry. ERROR 2. Then use a combination of clearing app data, clearing app cache, clearing phone RAM, restarting my phone, uninstalling the app, and reinstalling the app, and re-opening the app... ERROR 2. 

I even played the tutorial again and after I finished, tried to log in. I logged in and it showed my facebook profile picture as well as my account name. However, all my currencies were that of a new account. But the login button was still available from the mtgpq account settings page, as if I hadn't logged in. Upon pressing it, i can see logout (flicker) and then proceed to change to login. The app tries to log me in.. although I am already logged in (facebook name and profile picture) but it fails and my currencies remain that if a new account. There may have been more details or an error I am forgetting to mention. I am unsure. Despite all this, in the morning, my account is back with no problems (i may have to log in again but it works fine)

After about 2 weeks of trying. I noticed a pattern. I had no problems during the day time (morning and afternoon)! The mtgpq app will work fine from 4 am to 6 pm my time. (I am UTC +9 hours). However my login issue will start anywhere between the hours of 6pm to midnight. The highest occurence being after 9pm. The problem will always resolve from 4am and sometimes earlier. 

Now when the problem started it was every 3 days. Then, it started to happen more frequently. It started happening every 2 days. Then every day. A couple days after i started having the problem every day, EVERYBODY started to have problems logging in (you know that time when everyone was posting on the forums). Then when everyones problem was resolved, i too was able to log in. However the very next day my problem resurfaced. Only it started at around 11pm - 1am and the problem resolved much sooner. Within 2 hours. Then EVERYBODY had another cant log in issue on the forums. When that got resolved, others could login BUT I couldnt. I believe the root issue/problems were different between this two. 

Then after all of this, my problem no longer resolves within 2 hours. It persists again for about 4-6 hours. And the problem start time has reverted back to after 6pm to midnight, with the highest occurrence around 9pm. 

I have messaged support and have had the issue escalated but they found no issues with my account. They have unlinked my account so I can log in again to no success. Now they are going to permenantly unlink my facebook account. Yet I am still having issues. 

3.8 M20 update - i start having log in issues every 3 days

I noticed 3.8.1 prelease notes state a "facebook SDK change" - After this update my login issue starts becoming more frequent.. every 2 days... then becomes every day. 

There is either something wrong with your server, mtgpq communcation with facebook, or you updated something related to facebook since 3.8 that is causing problems for me.

Android 7.0




  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Now I am stuck on the "logging in" part when the app loads. I can see my UID in the bottom right corner if I press UID. 

    Today is the first time, I get stuck on this screen with it giving me the "facebook authorization.. password has changed error"

    I have tried to login since 4hrs and 30 mins ago. I have tried login 1 hr 30 mins ago as well. 
  • ZedsterZedster Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I’ve been having issues with logging in for the last few days as well, but I don’t use Fa**book.
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    I was able to log in 17 hours ago. Currently able to log in. 
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Playing 2nd game of RT and stuck on loading profile after i finished match. 

    Then error "unable to connect to game server. Please check internet connection." Internet works fine as I am posting this now. Currently stream video on computer
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Closed app and restarted.... and as always "unable to connect to facebook. Your password has changed or the application is not authorized on this account. Press cancel and log in again." 

    Here we go again.. 
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Now working
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Can't log in again. Same facebook error. 
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Now working
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    edited November 2019
    Didnt work yesterday around midnight my time. But seemed to resolve quickly; can't tell if it was short because of the time i tried to log in or if it was actually short.. 
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Cant log in
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Was able to log in during the day.  Now unable to log in for 2+ hours
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Not working since 1hr 30 mins ago
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Not working
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker

    Anyone at D3 or oktagon caring?
  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 558 Critical Contributor
    Hello @JamesGam

    Thank you for the feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
    Are you able to open a ticket with Customer Support?
    We'll be happy to help through there.
  • FindingHeart8FindingHeart8 Posts: 2,511 Chairperson of the Boards
    I lost my account too
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    They can only unlink my facebook account. I asked them to allow me to see for the next couple of days (i thought the problem was getting better.. duration has improved but still persistently getting the error)

    Now I have messaged them to unlink my account and they are ignoring me. 

    I have gotten the error every single day as I wait patiently for no one to respond.. 

    Mind you, the issue has been escalated to mtgpq support team yet they are the ones ignoring me

  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Oktagon support got back to me in a timely manner. Thank you. :)

    Unsure if problem is resolved but will update. 
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    So my accout was successfully unlinked and relinked it seems. 

    Yesterday I couldnt test.

    Today, got an error during "loading assets." I believe it was a cannot connect to server (Can't remember the exact error). Duration approximately 1hr 30mins. Then it transitioned to the typical facebook login error, which is still ongoing.
  • JamesGamJamesGam Posts: 55 Match Maker
    Now working. 
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