D3 is making it apparent that they really want me to spend more time with my wife.



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    Those days are behind me just like bonus heroes :::sob!:::
    Bonus Heroes? That's what I call my children!
    Literal LOL on that one.  Bravo.
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    pheregas said:
    Vhailorx said:

    SGA for theroadwarrior:

    If you are referring to someome hailing from somewhere north and/or east of New York City (e.g., someone who lives near Demi's Cambridge, Mass. offices), I would suggest using a term other than 'yankee.' Blame baseball. ;)


    That is legitimately funny in context, but i have to admit that I remain a little wierded out by the female objectification/lack of agency underlying the whole joke.

    To be fair now I have to spend time with my husband 😕
    Careful.  Spending time with your spouse is a good way of ending up with children.  Children, as we all know, are the most devastating thing that can happen to your final sub grinds or being able to play optimally at all.
    Those days are behind me just like bonus heroes :::sob!:::
    Ditto. I dont even bother with the final sub grind anymore (unless it's a new release. Even then it's not optimal, start the sub an hour late or grinding an hour early). 
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