Rising Tensions Izzet League

Purple mana Crystal payments are procing but not paying out past the first. My count has stayed at 227 thought I've won ten between my last two bouts. 

I'm nothing short of infuriated with the time and money I've spent on this game for it to be absolutely plagued with bugs and poor coding.

Low vault planeswalker availability, only recently have certain events started paying out with any sort of semi- reasonable rates. I could go on but what hurts the most is I absolutely love this game.

Anyone else feeling like this?


  • BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 7,757 Site Admin
    @only1wolz Are you talking about Mana Crystals or Mana Jewels?

    Mana Jewels is the purple currency. Mana Crystals is the yellow currency.
  • only1wolzonly1wolz Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
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    @Brigby The purple currency
  • only1wolzonly1wolz Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    Just happened again in: a journey through space-time ...

    So itd bad enough with the mythic pack switch up, now we dont even get our gems and yes my app is up to date.  I work in IT as a Info-Sec Engineer. 

    I've noe been stiffed for somewhere between 20 and 40 purple gems.
  • only1wolzonly1wolz Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
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    It even shows them procing but the number itself doesn't change. I've even taken screenshots. I'd send them in for a support request but seeing the last three hasn't even deemed an automated or actual response I sort of throw my hands up and realize that I'm going to have a real bad time playing the ONLY mobile game I have downloaded to my phone and the only mobile game I've ever paid ANY money to play .... 

  • only1wolzonly1wolz Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    And another five, again, plus my "bonus dominaria rare" is fall of the Thran for the FOURTH TIME IN A ROW. 

  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
    Hmm, considering you work in IT, I suspect you've already tried my first two suggestions, resetting the app and your phone. Perhaps toggling airplane mode on and back off again right before accepting a progression reward would help? Retrying from the connection lost dialogue box seems to work a bit differently than just doing things normally.
  • only1wolzonly1wolz Posts: 32 Just Dropped In
    Tried all of that. I work in high level IT. I've attended defcon and used to manage all mobile devices and their security for a fortune 50 company.
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