PvP Frustration



  • Banquetto
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    The most populated slices for PVP (and pve) is 1 and 5. 
    Just to clarify, for a noob like me - by "1 and 5", you mean the time slice that starts and finishes first, and the one that starts and finishes last, right?
    Not that it really matters to me, generally there's only one slice that I could pick and actually play at the very start or the very end. And that's if I'm lucky.. the Magnetic Mayhem versus coming up, there's literally not one slice I can pick where I'd be able to push at the end, they all end either in the middle of the night, or while I'm at work on Monday. :neutral:

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    if I start early enough I just jump in and hit as many as I can to breakout and start getting seals and then you can usually hit wins progression pretty easily.  You have to be early and willing to just go all in.  If you float, you'll have a much more difficult climb once stronger players start filling out the brackets.
  • Neuromancer
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    MushroomGenius808 said:

    You could dump points by intentionally losing (retreating).  Your opponents will thank you.  Since you're just chasing wins rather than points, this tactic should work for you.  
    This was an old tactic referred to as "tanking," as in, to tank your score. It used to be an issue when MMR was determined by your win/loss ratio, but that's now a thing of the past. When I chase wins, I sometimes tank my score, but it's a lot faster to get points when that avenue is open to you.
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    I only play PVP in the last 2 hours of an event. Hit those 70pt matches, boost up to 700-850 in no time, 3h shield, top 100 placement.  Done.