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    shardwick said:
    Given that he's a unique novelty character, I'm fine with him being Limited, especially if he's Limited in the same sense that Howard the Duck is (i.e. we have an opportunity to earn covers in an event once every couple of months.) But that said, why gate our ability to earn him even further in this small window of time by making Dazzler one of the required 4* characters in S.H.I.E.L.D. Training? She's still brand-new (she's not even in packs yet!), and very, very few people will have her at 13 covers, let alone at lvl. 209. If you're going that route why not just make Devil Dino one of the required characters? Veterans should have enough covers by now, and new players will have the opportunity to earn them in the Anniversary events.

    Is this something that can be adjusted Brigby?

    EDIT: Now I'm confused. This post calls out Hulkbuster, Moon Knight, and Dazzler, but the Anniversary thread mentions Peggy Carter, Emma Frost, and Wasp (Janet Van Dyne). Which is it? I'd argue that Emma Frost is also still very new, but at least she's already in packs.
    It better be a mistake because if Dazzler is one of the essentials then I'm gonna be so freaking pissed. It's bad enough that I can't even get her black cover from Shield Sim, I was already counting it as my eighth cover for her, and instead I get a cover for a character, sorry, LIMITED character that I don't care about, and that I need to use one of the absolute worst 4* characters in the game, Emma, in a highly competitive Strange Sights to get said LIMITED character of whom I have absolutely no idea when I will ever see more opportunities of getting more covers for.
    Woops! That's my mistake. It seems I had only updated the one in the News & Announcements section, but not this one. I've now updated it to reflect the correct characters. Nice catch!
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    Am I the only one underwhelmed? Taskmaster is a character with so much potential and this is just... disappointing. Conceptually it’s a cool idea but the selection of powers doesn’t excite me at all. While I’m sure there are some neat combo possibilities they’re pretty much all weak or slow powers. Twin Pistols? Really?! An adequate power for a 3* and absolutely pathetic for a 4*. A limited 4*. 

    You're not the only one. I was hoping for some sort of mimicry power against opponent's he's actually facing. Imagine being able to use 5* Daredevil's Sonar Strike against him, for instance. Instead, we get 18 abilities we've already seen before. Meh.

    You want to give Taskmaster other characters' abilities? Give him Okoye's Black, Black Bolt's Black, and 5* Strange's Yellow.
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    A limited character....1000hp lost for a character (a fun to play and a favourite one) that we could only use once a year and won't be able to champion if only after few years.
    Unless they create a new PVE event that rewards a cover like Webbed Wonder...in this case you'll be able to champ him in a couple of years if you'll be lucky enough to find different coloured covers.....
    Not particularly excited about this anniversay celebration, so far :#
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    I am very disappointed that Taskmaster is limited, he has always been a favourite of mine. I guess we will have to see how limited he ends up being but I can't wrap my head around the logic on this one.
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    Seems like everyone voted for damage or stun powers... but may have missed out on the types of powers that boost yourself or other cards well.... I guess that is what you get when you ask to build a card this way.  To bad the devs didn’t take the “top 2” powers from different categories (damage, stun, self buff, team buff, steal AP, etc)...
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    limited character equals saved 1000hp in roster slots and don't know how much iso to level a low tier 4* to 209.

    why not make the infinity glove a playable character and limited, but taskmaster?

    this is some green-sentries-level tinykitty.
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 5,877 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hilk said:
    Seems like everyone voted for damage or stun powers... but may have missed out on the types of powers that boost yourself or other cards well.... I guess that is what you get when you ask to build a card this way.  To bad the devs didn’t take the “top 2” powers from different categories (damage, stun, self buff, team buff, steal AP, etc)...
    A buff power would have been appropriate considering Taskmaster is usually all about training goons. It would have been fun for him to have had a version of Coulson or Kingpin's powers where they summon goons but he could have had H.A.M.M.E.R. or something I guess.
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    Something else strikes me and kind'a feeds in to how Taskmaster can get a Crash so early.

    What if those powers listed are just the ones that TM knows to begin with? Maybe he can learn certain other skills and you can swap them in or out? So in the Crash, you could potentially learn your opponents skills to use against them.

    "In Marvel Puzzle Quest, Taskmaster spends his time carefully observing other characters and learning how to use their powers."

    Off the top of my head, the following could possibly apply and not run contrary to TM not having actual superpowers:

    3* DD red
    Mockingbird red
    4* Iron Fist blue & green
    Moon Knight black
    Peggy red
    3* Hawkeye blue


    That would also explain why he might be a limited character.

    I'm probably completely wrong but that would be a lot of fun.

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    A limited character this late feels like an odd choice. 
  • mega ghostmega ghost Posts: 1,130 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'm honestly shocked that there are so many Taskmaster fans out there. Outside of having maybe his trading card, I'm not sure I ever even read any comics that featured him, back when I was a kid or as an adult. I'm glad he's in the game, but I definitely see him as a solid candidate for a Limited / novelty character.
  • OzarkBoatswainOzarkBoatswain Posts: 673 Critical Contributor
    I like the design of his powers. I like that he can use Howard's great green tile destroyer without having to be stuck with Howard's other two below-par powers -- and it's on black AP which is better than it being on green like Howard. The selection of red powers is a bit underwhelming, but he's got a decent 6 AP move in there.

    I wish he wasn't limited so I'd be able to get 13 covers on him.
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    Hopefully there will be regular opportunities to get more covers for him outside of the anniversary, similar to Howard.

    It also kind of reminds me of the original Puzzle Quest, where you could learn new skills off enemies and use them to build your character.
  • RickOShayRickOShay Posts: 452 Mover and Shaker
    I wonder if we can still choose our power set when using the borrowed Taskmaster in his PvP, as opposed to using our rostered version. 
    Will our choices be saved for the following match? Is there a default set we need to keep switching away from each time? 
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    Limited. So, he'll be useful to me in... 3 years maybe?  If the game is still running, that is.

    Happy anniversary.   :(
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    edited October 2018
    What do you think varies based on the number of covers you have for each color? Just the strength of each power or the number of mimic-able powers to choose from?

  • RichyyyRichyyy Posts: 305 Mover and Shaker
    What do you think varies based on the number of covers you have for each color? Just the strength of each power or the number of mimic-able powers to choose from?

    Based on the version that's up in the preview for Strange Sights, you get all six options at every level - it's just the strength of them that changes.
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    Just tried out Taskmaster in the SHIELD Training. You can change his learned ability before going to fight. Your chosen ability will be remembered even if you play it a second time.

    Since these are learned abilities which already exist, there's nothing much to describe except for thinking which three abilities will complement one another. 

    Turned on animation and Taskmaster will appear at the bottom right, followed by the appearance of that particular character's animation. So, Taskmaster has only one animation of his own for all three abilities unless I missed out something.

    This featured characters node could be the easiest shield training node that I have ever fought. It's Bagman, Yelena and Captain America.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 7,060 Chairperson of the Boards
    Taskmaster is a cool design for a character. My one slight letdown (aside from the mega letdown of him being Limited) is that he just sort of summons the other characters' animations, so you see D3adpool take A Little Off The Top, rather than doing paintovers of all the animations where Taskmaster would jump in doing Nuts From Above instead. He kind of just comes in looking like Skeletor and contemplates the move, then it plays the other character's animation straight up. Just a missed opportunity for absurdity I guess.
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    Playing SHIELD Training, it seems like you can reconfigure the loaner Taskmaster before battle.  That should make his PVP a little more interesting.
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