Highest level support



  • DrlexDrlex Posts: 97 Match Maker
    edited August 2018
    I have Elemental Guns maxed out at 250. I use it mainly for winning the LT’s on Deadpool dailies, were I have week characters.
  • PuceMoosePuceMoose Posts: 1,381 Chairperson of the Boards
    Element Guns, rank 3, level 50, on 4Gamora
    Destroyer Gun, rank 3, level 50, on Grockett.
    Since I use them so often in story events, there's a pretty decent chance to fortify a few strike tiles over the course of a match.

  • Milk JugzMilk Jugz Posts: 1,122 Chairperson of the Boards
    Rank 4 Chimichanga leveled to 185, I use it when a purple or red using 5* is boosted, otherwise it defaults to DD.

    Rank 4 Lucky leveled to 174, have it on BP for this event. Defaults to OK, if not on someone else

    Rank 4 Quinjet leveled to 126, generally keep it on Thor.

    Rank 4 Ebony Maw leveled to 46. Just started working on this one. This will generally stay on Thanos.

    I also have a rank 4 Proxima Midnight @BlackBoltRocks, it's a basically worthless support for a 5* roster. No 5* villains use red. 4* tier only Carnage, Red Hulk (not an active power though), and Ghost. 3* tier, Magneto, Ragnarok, and Sentry. I haven't sunk any red iso into it.
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