Red Iso-8 Updates *Updated (9/24/18)



  • broll
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    When will I be able to trade in red iso for something I’ll actually use?
  • jamesh
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    Agent262 said:
    Very nice change, agreed.  But was anyone else's first thought "how did they get it SO wrong initially??" or am I just being cynical?  A factor of 18?

    The only thing I can think of is that they assumed people would only need to build up three supports total (since that's how many characters you can bring into a match), and they wanted to limit how fast you could max them out.
    Of course, the presence of character-specific perks and the two hour cool-down for swapping out supports works against that model.  I suspect there was some miscommunication between those developers working on the game systems and those responsible for revenue.
  • smkspy
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    Baby steps, but at least it's something.
  • enigo me
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    by a factor of 18?!? sounds like a big miscalculation initially, i dont suppose yall have how much red iso people have earned and give them say x9 , you know split the difference and bring peeps up to where they should be.

    another great idea wouldbe to let peeps trade standard iso for red iso
  • Vins2
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    Please remove the vault items of 25 and 50 riso.  They're worthless, and the feeling of waste when I get them, or any of the riso prizes for that matter, has stopped me from buying support vault tokens. 
  • supergarv
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    If I only were able to actually get supports on a level where I could spend my 255k rISO on.

    Don‘t fix a tiny issue of the mess that supports are, address the whole. Availability, Specificity, Dilution.
  • DeNappa
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    JHawkInc said:
    [..] Why not make a change that would actually benefit people at that tier of play, instead of only the top end of PVP players? (for that matter, why increase the rewards in the one game mode that can't use them in the first place? anyone that plays Versus or Story exclusively won't benefit from this at all, as the former can't use Supports, and the latter doesn't have access to the improvements)

    As someone who is okay with supports, I mostly play PVE. I do occasionally go for the season 10-pack or the odd 10cp point in PVP, but that's just sometimes. And supports/red-ISO is not really enticing enough to make me chase extra bonuses for it through PVP, really.

    The PVE node and progression rewards also need addressing (I think 5x increase should feel about right, but that's just a guesstimate). [edit: somehow the '5' in '5x increase' fell away there. oops]

    There should also be some more opportunities to earn support tokens. For example, a new DDQ node for a beginner support token each sweet/savory cycle, and an advanced support token in the DDQ vault.
  • Nick441234
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    Seems off to not update PVE as well but its a start. 
  • DAZ0273
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    I guess I should take another look at what Supports I have. I had noticed that Avengers Tower which I had on IM40 when he was boosted does kick out some AP and fortifications every few matches so with extra coming my way maybe I can kick that up some levels.

    Still no real idea what to do beyond that but I guess if Red Iso levels have been looked at there is a decent chance that availability of Supports in general might be on the horizon also.

    Thanks Devs and Brigby & IceX for updates in this thread.
  • Punter1
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    I don't get why this isn't across the board for all RISO rewards, PVP, PVE, vaults etc. 

    If the increase was a double or triple one that would maybe make sense, but increasing one source by a factor of 18 and leaving the others is just a terrible idea.

  • GrimSkald
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    This will probably just be a drop in the bucket... unless they also increase the availability of tokens.  Which, to be honest, they probably will, as that will allow newer players to obtain supports, particularly if they missed the opportunity to get the single-character ones.

    If they increase the availability of support tokens this increase of the raw Red-Iso is probably going to be enough.

  • bluewolf
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    If you've been looking at the PVP bracket numbers, the top SCLs (7-9) have seen an 11% drop in players over the past four seasons.  (I'm not sure what the current season looks like).  The players have been tracking the brackets for a while and keeping and eye on it.  This is with hybrid PVP coming in, Gambit being nerfed, etc.  Every season, less high end players.  Note:  According to devs, lower SCLs are seeing an increase in PVP play, but generally they don't share the player numbers, and players don't really track those brackets.

    So it makes perfect sense to me that the resource people say "Give us more of" over and over again - red iso - is being massively increased in the mode that sees less and less (high end) people playing in.

    I am glad that they are putting more riso somewhere.
  • steakleather
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    Lol I forgot about red ISO because I never use it.
  • wymtime
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    I a glad ther cis an increase my next question is when is it going on o become easier to actually get the new supports and at a higher level.  As a CL9 player with 18 championed 5* the beginner tokens “feel” worthless.
      Are their any plans on adding advanced tokens to PVP or PVE progression?
    when are new supports that the devs have already stated are much better than old supports going into the support tokens?
    i personally like what supports can bring to the game.  I am glad I can now get more red iso.  I still don’t have enough supports worth puttIng red iso into, and the 120 item vaults to get master tokens still “feel” like a terrible buy with poor odds.
  • Jaedenkaal
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    broll said:
    When will I be able to trade in red iso for something I’ll actually use?
    Any time you like.
  • broll
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    broll said:
    When will I be able to trade in red iso for something I’ll actually use?
    Any time you like.
    Ok how about now then?  Let’s introduce a way to trade in red iso for purple iso.  Heck make it go both ways so players drowning in purple iso that want the red can convert it. 
  • pheregas
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    I guess the minimum points required for a t50 alliance just shifted from 900 to 1000.  Ugh.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I have spent every RISO i've earned since the feature went live on my 3* elemental guns, and they are still only 128/150. I could use some more RISO in the economy. I have 20/41 supports (2 4*, 2 3*, the rest 2 and 1*), so I'd also welcome more chances to draw them. I'm hopeful we start to see the basic tokens showing up in progression soon.