New Supports: Yaro Root (8/28/18)



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    bbigler said:
    broll said:
    bluewolf said:
    Do you like seeing people leave pvp at the scl 7-9 level?  Would you like to see more leave?

    Then turn on Supports in PVP.
    Do you like seeing people leave the game?  Would you like to see more leave?

    Then turn on Supports in PVP.
    How about they turn on supports for just your team and not your opponent?
    win percentages aren't high enough?
    at some point, they need to take the training wheels off...
    If you can figure out how to keep people engaged and playing, even when they lose, please go out and make that game. I would love to try it!

    In the mean time, more winning means easier climbs.  Easier climbs mean more engagement.  More engagement means more paying customers.  More paying customers means a longer, healthier game.  Theoritically.  
    I'm not saying people should lose all the time, or even most of the time.  that wouldn't be very fun.  However, everything from overpowered passives, to team ups, to supports, to wave node changes, have made things easier, when win percentages are already crazy.  This game's meta is not whether you win, it's how fast you win.  I would appreciate more puzzle and less speed in my puzzle quest.
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    Dormammu said:
    Dormammu said:
    What the tinykitty is a Yaro Root?
    Did you not watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?
    It was a running joke in the first act that Nebula was hungry and trying to get a Yaro Root to eat and Gamora and Drax both in seperate occasions told her it's not ripe.
    Yeah, I watched it. I remember the gag, I just didn't remember what the plant was called. Also, on the list of things that made me laugh in that movie, 'its not ripe' doesn't even make the list.

    Jeez, I hear that. It was one of the weaker jokes. It was barely a joke...
    Why not give Nebula the starship thingy she used to attack Gamora on the planet?
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