Connection errors and lost rewards

All day today I've been getting several connection errors. I've lost out on booster packs I've won as well as exp while level my planeswalkers due to this. I haven't been able to claim my free pack either. I've lost about 1k in exp and an ixalan booster. 


  • Laeuftbeidir
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    You're not alone.. I lost a premium pack
  • techmarine5
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    I paid for the 5x Dominaria pack, and didn't receive it. The Mana crystals are no longer in my account, but I did not receive any cards. I also couldn't join the oath of gatewatch event, despite being able to join the training grounds event.
  • Eglyntine
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    Same here, it started yesterday evening EST and it's been atrocious all day today. I even tried just playing Story mode and I can't heal my PW in btwn matches without it locking up with server connect errors.
  • joerginger
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    For 5 hours, I've been trying to get the 'free booster'. No success at all.
  • Firinmahlazer
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    You're not alone.. I lost a premium pack
    As did I. Can't claim free boosters. RtO was barely playable. Haven't even tried any other events
  • Gunmix25
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    Stuck on 3 wins in TG... played 6 more matches that I was able to start... won all 6 and not a single one was recorded as a win. I time out and it's as if the match never existed. 15 crystals... so close yet so far away. 

    Can't get the  free booster either and deathly afraid of purchasing any packs via crystals. 

    The server that can't serve is serving a dish of disappointment. 
  • BrainFlavors
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    Unplayable. Lost tokens.
    I have probably hit 'retry' more often than the number of matches I have played since I installed MtGPQ. 
    This game is not worth opening to kill time while waiting in line, waiting for cable customer service to answer, or during a break at the office.

  • DonovanBR
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    And here we go again to one more chapter of server errors. And now, I can't do anything, everything is broken. 
  • Snappyturtle
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    Same here. Lost a premium pack. Then I didn't learn and lost mana jewels.
    At least the previous time this happened the cards showed up in the 'cards' section afterwards. Now it's nothing. Got it stolen from me.

    Best of all. I went to add the mana jewels to the ticket I had opened up...It was gone. Any mention of the previous Premium pack was gone. Had to open a completely new ticket.
  • Firinmahlazer
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    Can we get some kind of update on this? The game is practically unplayable. I'm spending more time trying to load a match than I am playing one. Just now I got booted try to load a Training Grounds match and it counted as a quit match and I had to heal my PW to try again. 
  • Kronul
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    Same problem. Purchased DOM Premium pack and got nothing.
  • Larz70
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    Same here.  It takes about 2-5 minutes between encounters (playing OGW).  If the wheel spins for a minute, it will time out with the check internet connection message.  I press retry and it goes through most of the time, but this is no way to play ....  sigh.  
  • Chocostove
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    Just wanted to add my name to the SWW/Retry list of the day. I lost 1 purchase, and 2 rewards.
  • Larz70
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    @Chocostove, make sure to create a ticket in-game, and you will get reimbursed (if you haven't already done so).  I did one recently and got my crystals reimbursed 3 days later.  I did a follow-up message 3 days later so not sure if they reimbursed after I nagged them about it or if it really takes 3 days.  Their canned reply did mention that it takes 24-72 hours (plus it was the memorial weekend).
  • Rhasget
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    Game is in error state for me too.
    Takes several tries to login at first and then minutes of loading to get in to hub. 
    Lost two reward packs sofar (they do not reimburse these) and won't open anymore until it's stable again.

    Couldn't join TG yesterday at all and OGW has long loading times if you get to a match at all.
  • OperaSM
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    I am having same problems.
  • Mythrylhavoc
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    So far things are working well today, hope it stays that way
  • Brigby
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    Hi Everyone. We sincerely apologize for the connection issues players are experiencing. If you find that you haven't received cards or items from in-game purchases, then please be sure to send in a support ticket, and our Customer Support team will be able to assist.
  • Firinmahlazer
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    Great. Got a canned response from customer service. So now I have to fight for something I purchased. Really great support team over there. 
  • DBJones
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    They have an auto-response that triggers anytime you open a ticket. If it's a different one, I haven't seen it. Anyway, the auto-reply asking for more details doesn't mean they won't respond if you just wait. It does mean they'll take some time doing so, but at least they will respond.