How do you beat the AI in 7 rounds?

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I really wonder how this is possible, which combination of cards and PW could accomplish this Story Mode objective?
I recently levelled Koth up, he is supposed to be fast, after all, but I didn't even come close yet.


  • venomAA
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    Koth will Olivia and any cheap token maker plus incredible luck.
    Also kiora gut a great build can do it. I was able to win vs ai in story mode in 7 rounds using kiora ultimate twice
  • span_argoman
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    For more information from the past (showing that you don't always need the newest flashiest mythics):
    "Speed" objective suggestions?
    Speed objectives

    Some of the information might be a little dated, but if you can get the main concept right you can figure out how to adapt newer and better cards to complete the objective.
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    I've just completed this fight with Sarkahn,using his third ability. I admit I got 2 free turns (so lucks a factor) and I played avaricious dragon plus 1 dragon from a sacrifice using his second ability .This attack was enough to win in six turns.Note:Sarkahn was maximum level.hope this helps.
  • Foznertep
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    I regrettably neither have Sarkhan nor the key cards mentioned in the other threads. Maybe I could try with Managorger Hydra but my green PWs are far from maxLvl.
  • watman
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    New Perspectives plus Drake Haven or that black enchantment that drains 5, plus a bit of luck in getting those two on board by turn 5 or six...
  • Madhatter10why6
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    Zendikar's roll deck