Peter's Complete DDQ4 Strategy Guide - Tips for all Matchups



  • northnorth
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    Beat him with a 1/0/1 on 3rd try

    Got a blueflag.pngicon_hulkcho.pngicon_evil.gif
  • Cousin Simpson
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    Yay, this thread has finally been stickied!
  • CT1888
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    I took 3 attempts with my 3/2/2 Venom, unboosted at 100 to gauge the level I'd need, boosts at 110 then 120.
    +100% all, +50% r/y +2all.
    My strategy was deny red, deny green, gather yellow. He got his red off once, but I had a good stock of AP by this stage, so I made a couple of more matches just to make sure and had enough AP for 3 Lethal Protectors (1900 each) and only needed 1 (plus the following cascade) of the three Symbiotic Fury I could use (base damage 764).
    The blackflag.pngicon_hulkcho.png from my token quickly dashed the enjoyment I got from winning.
  • Eec411
    Eec411 Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    Same strategy as above. Beat with a 2/2/2 127.

    You kind of need carnage to get a red off to help your green ability cost less. Just barely managed to finish him off with a single yellow activation and two greens
  • PeterGibbons316
    PeterGibbons316 Posts: 1,063
    OP Updated. Glad to see people winning with only 2 yellow covers. I haven't been able to get more than 2 yellow myself which is a bummer, because 5 yellow TUs are really nice to be able to give alliance-mates.

    Also, based on the stats it looks like Carnage is 3/3/4 here.
  • TxMoose
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    my 5/4/2 took 2 tries at level 94. iso boosts used. no hp boosts. was close at the end.
  • PeterGibbons316
    PeterGibbons316 Posts: 1,063
    TxMoose wrote:
    my 5/4/2 took 2 tries at level 94. iso boosts used. no hp boosts. was close at the end.
    Your build is similar to mine. I took one try at Level 70 and failed pretty hard. I wanted to finish before I did my write-up so I just took him to 120 so I can finish quickly - first try there.
  • 3noiv
    3noiv Posts: 4
    Fifth try with 2/2/1 level 111 venom. Used 60% all, 50% r/y, 50% g/b boosts.
  • AsylumTKJ
    AsylumTKJ Posts: 149 Tile Toppler
    4th try with lvl 111 1/2/2 Venom.
    Boosted y/r dmg, b/g dmg and all dmg.
  • Pongie
    Pongie Posts: 1,392 Chairperson of the Boards
    3rd go with 3/2/3 level 120 nova. First two goes I boosted +2 red/yellow, +2 black/green and +50% red/yellow. Denied red and yellow but Sam still managed to get the shields up. Then it was a drag from then on. Third go I switched the damage boost to 100% all colours. Had a good constant board of red to stun lock Sam after getting a couple of strike tiles up. The boosted damage and prolonged stuns meant it was game over
  • Miztiq
    Miztiq Posts: 23
    Took 2 goes with 3/0/1 Lvl 111 - only because game crashed the first time.
    Boosted R/Y and G/B AP

    Deny red, then yellow. Use black once (but keep it stocked up for emergencies) then keep him airborne most of the time to control the board and stock up on red.
  • Eec411
    Eec411 Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    313 level 105 boost ry, gb, ry 50%

    Deny yellow, gather red and black where you can. Ideally you activate a yellow and black early and use red ability to string together multiple relevant matches. I managed to prevent him from ever activation his yellow, made the match end sooner than I expected
  • Zikato
    Zikato Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    I nearly gave up before even trying, try to imagine my surpirse when I did it on first try with my 3 1 0 lvl 111 Nova. +2 R/Y ap, + 50% R/Y damage, + 100% damage. No lucky cascades or crits, just denying every red and yellow, he didn't fire any of his powers. When there were multiple matches to be made, I kicked him airborn and took them.
    Got purple Deadpool for my effort.
  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 5,564 Chairperson of the Boards
    4/0/2 Nova @ 110 here. Beat it on one try at that level without any boosts.

    Almost beat it at lvl 70 (had flaptain down to 252 health!), but Nova's good enough that there's no reason not to level him.

    I think anyone with at least 1 red cover and enough other covers to get some decent strike tiles on the board has a shot.
  • Cousin Simpson
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    edited May 2016
    Vhailorx wrote:
    I think anyone with at least 1 red cover and enough other covers to get some decent strike tiles on the board has a shot.

    Yup! 2/1/1 at level 94. I needed 4-5 attempts, with +2 all, +2 red/yellow, +100% all match damage (down to 80% in my clinching game).

    I couldn't be too conservative about sending Flappy airborne -- whenever the board presented multiple matches in his colors and I had the red AP, I kicked him up. I was able to gather enough black to multi-cast it and chip away at his health; after a few iterations of this strategy, I was surprised to see when I had Flappy on the ropes with a couple thousand health left!

    Pulled another Fury, which means he's the next to be championed.
  • LCS0213
    LCS0213 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Also beat Sam Wilson with a level 94 Nova, 2/1/1. used +2 G/B, +50% R/Y, +50% B/G. Was able to stock up on red, send him airborne for 3-4 rounds at a time while accumulating black and yellow.
  • lareau
    lareau Posts: 9 Just Dropped In
    Since my name came up for the Nova vs Sam wilson fight.

    I did it with a lvl 90 2/1/0 nova

    Boosts used
    Red/Yellow ap +2
    Red/Yellow dmg +50%
    Rainbow dmg +100%

    After a few attempts of getting him to under < 2k, i got a really good board. My saving grace was that he fired his yellow but there were only 3 yellow on the board, group toghether and I matched them on the next round. Apart from that, i fired red and yellow as much as possible. Every move was made in terms of will it give him an opportunity to match yellow.

    (In game name - Sideswipe4)
  • stochasticism
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    Gwen vs Miles, Battle of the Nouveau Spideys

    I beat him with a L131 1/3/2 Gwen.

    If he gets enough purple, you are toast. Deny purple at all cost. Red you should need to probably be around L100 to survive one hit from, even higher to survive two hits. The game plan is deny purple while collecting red. Let him make yellow matches. Having him pump out web tiles is your best friend. You have to be careful as that's a double edged sword. He starts generating lots of AP once those are out so your denial becomes doubly hard.

    In the end it took me 5 tries and I boosted +2 r/y, +2 all +125% match damage. I finally got a friendly board and saved up 25 red. Got off two reds after whittling him down collecting sed red and that was enough to win with barely any health lost.

    Certainly one of the harder Crash of the Titans. Will be interesting to see how much easier this is the next time around since presumably most people will have her much better covered then. I know some extra purple or red would have helped. EIther for more damage or for more web tiles. Yellow is about the worst skill in the game, and 1v1 it is somehow even lousier.
  • Zikato
    Zikato Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    Beat Miles with 0 2 2 Gwen lvl 106, + 2 R/Y + All AP, nothing else. It took 9 tries, but finally I got lucky board. When I was at 24 red and he fired no power yet, I had a good feeling, it was confirmed when I had 30 red and only after that he fired his yellow, I fired my yellow twice and ended the game.

    Btw, next fight is gonna be Nick Fury, it was confirmed in this thread, that they are moving him before XFW (probably buff to XFW)

  • PeterGibbons316
    PeterGibbons316 Posts: 1,063
    So I managed to get this on my first try, but I imagine people will struggle with this one. Gwen has a yellow ability that doesn't do much, and a purple that stuns for one turn.....but Miles gets much more benefit from having web tiles on the board for a prolonged period of time making you not feel real excited about using your purple/yellow. So it comes down to red - so far everyone that has beaten it has had 3+ red covers, so I'm really looking forward to hearing from some people with less than that. Oh and by the way, Miles has a red that ALWAYS only costs 6 AP, takes probably close to half your health and stuns you for good measure. His yellow is 4x as useful as yours, and he can go invisible and then nuke you from there. So pound for pound Gwen seems outmatched in every way this fight.....