Peter's Complete DDQ4 Strategy Guide - Tips for all Matchups



  • Beat Hulkbuster w/ a level 135, 4/1/1 Cyclops. Did R/Y + B/P boosts, +40% all color damage. Took about a half dozen tries (though the AI got a bunch of nasty cascades in several of those, FWIW)

    Advice was super helpful -- only tweak was, did end up finding yellow useful. Waited to fire until there were a couple of TU matches available (and nothing that needed denying). And then, it let me both collect extra red + prep for the more damaging Combined Forces. But, basically, followed the advice to aggressively deny black + red, and be careful about blue. Ended up letting him fire blue when the board was fairly red- and green-starved, and it worked out okay.

    Fun match -- lot to think about with the combo of color denial, bits of board shake, etc.

    IGN: General Mercia

    So I went ahead and made some changes to the yellow tip. This is a tough one (one of the great puzzle aspects of DDQ4 that I love so much!) in that you kind of want 10 TU AP to get more use out of your red, and having your yellow CD when you make those matches is going to help a lot, but finding time to collect yellow and TU while you are denying black and also collecting/denying red/blue is just too much to focus on.

    When I beat it this morning I had 30 red AP and 12 TU when I started to nuke him. I took a repulsor punch to the face to gather the last of the TU AP so that I could end it. As it turns out having the yellow CD wouldn't have even helped because I was full from denying red so much.

    A lot of it will depend on your board and how much you have to deny.
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Peter, one more thing that might be useful to include in these tips is some kind of minimum cover requirements for a reasonable chance at winning -- for example, that you need at least 4(?) red for Cyclops today, or 1 yellow for IW, 1 purple for PX, 4 red for Flaptain, etc.
  • Pwuz_Pwuz_ Posts: 1,170 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hahaha!!!!Did it with my 2/3/1 level 131 Cyclops!

    Prioritized Red over Black in the few matches that would leave the other for him, but with all the Blue I kept leaving behind he got off Hulk-Proof twice!

    The 2nd time gave him enough red to cast Repulser Punch, which would have killed me had he gotten another turn. Between some lucky bounces with my Called Shot, and a creative use of my Combined Forces to create a TU match-4 that fueled another Combined Forces. He had only 900 & some odd health. Sat there staring at the screen with a single oddly placed Crit-tile for about five minutes till I matched it with my Yellow to finish him.

    Only worked out because I had boosted 100% All Match Damage, 50% Yellow/Red Damage, & 50% Team Up Damage.

    How often do you have a good reason to use TU damage boosts?
  • Peter, one more thing that might be useful to include in these tips is some kind of minimum cover requirements for a reasonable chance at winning -- for example, that you need at least 4(?) red for Cyclops today, or 1 yellow for IW, 1 purple for PX, 4 red for Flaptain, etc.
    That was my reasoning behind putting the "lowest level character to beat this challenge" bit on each one. Basically try to give hope to people that have underleveled/undercovered characters. I should update that section to include low covers as well as low levels to help give people a better idea of the minimum "requirements" to complete. Beating IMHB with a level 150 1/2/4 Cyke is more impressive than beating him with a 130 5/3/5 for example. I think it's important to show both sides - I'll start doing that from now on, and maybe go back through my PMs and the comments and update some of the previous ones......
  • ZikatoZikato Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    I did it. Won with 0 4 0 Rhulk, lvl 127. Had 100% match damage, 50% R+Y, and 50% G+B and killed him on my 2nd try. Pretty good board though, not 5-crits, but easy to deny and he got no cascades from Anger. With just one purple, it would be breeze, but this was challenging.
  • CT1888CT1888 Posts: 1,201 Chairperson of the Boards
    I had an undoubted run with my 94 1/3/1 Rulk and got him down to half health, so took out the rest of Ddq and brought him up to 109 where Rulk had 7627 health.
    I went +2 All, +2 b/p, +50% g/b
    Aggressive red denial was the key for me, while keeping enough purple in the bank to wipe out his green if it got too high. I would save up 18 green, which was doing 2218 damage, hit Hammer & Anvil, see if I could match the anger tile and if not, check his green and if it was over 6 wipe it out (unless the board was starved of green).

    After red then green, I would often take Black over purple to minimise match damage (though checking AP management ; if he was close to 10 green and I was short on purple it was a priority).

    I worked this for quite a while, hit 3 or 4 18ap H&A (I never keep track of things properly!), match away, got him down to about 1000 with me at 1400 when disaster struck, after my match, red dropped onto the screen for him to match, taking him to 14 red and me well short of 9 green, so I did a match 3 in the corner to let him Smash me into oblivion, but Lo! A green match 5 appeared from the skies, allowing me to drop a H&A for the win.

    My luck didn't last - the token gave me a Fury purple, who is cover maxed but iso starved, so 1000 iso it was.
  • Thanks guys, updated OP with enemy info as well as links to your success stories!
  • JordonLeeJordonLee Posts: 161 Tile Toppler
    Pretty easy with a 3/3/3 Red Hulk at level 142 (or around that).

    Got a blue Cho for it though, dammit.
  • Frank NewCastleFrank NewCastle Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    Got him with a lvl 106 0/3/1 Rhulk.

    Ground him down, denied red as far as possible. Had about 1k health left. Needed lots and lots of boosts...
  • Took out Elektra with a lvl 127 3/0/2 X23
  • MiztiqMiztiq Posts: 23
    Beat Electra with 127 X-23 0/2/3 (6680 health).

    Boosted all AP, B/P AP and all match dmg.

    Got a bit of a rough board to start and she got her black and red off, but managed to heal up with matches. Let her do purple then got mine off twice and finally matched one when we were both at ~2k health.
  • ZikatoZikato Posts: 33 Just Dropped In
    Nearly beat Electra with 3 1 2 lvl 131 She-Wolverine. No boosts whatsoever and killed her on first try with 260 hp left. Purple never went off and started attacking with 30 green ap then did one green match a killed her with 4 green power attacks.
  • Finally got OP updated with tips for every match we have had so far!
  • Cousin SimpsonCousin Simpson Posts: 1,086 Chairperson of the Boards
    Took more times than I'd care to admit with my 3/4/2 153 X-23: I started the day with 27-30 all match damage boosts, and now I have none. (Tried a bunch of times without boosts, and at lower levels.)
  • dbfclarkdbfclark Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Many many tries, but finally beat Elektra with level 110, 2/1/5. This was unfortunately luck-based, as it took a ton of time to get a trap to land on a matchable tile -- once it did, it was game over.
  • CT1888CT1888 Posts: 1,201 Chairperson of the Boards
    Took 15 or 20 goes, but finally managed it with my 2/0/3 115 X-23.
    Denied black and red, collected green and purple where possible, gather all the AP I could, she got double double cross out, the immediately matched all three. She fired it again, and then I did holding back into 2 x Berserker Fury which allowed me to put out two trap tiles, as all the purples were matchable.
    She then matched one next turn, but second turn covered one up with a double double cross after I'd set up the trap tile for matching.
    Luckily matching away one of her strike tiles gave a wee cascade, and after her next match I got a match 5 into a bigger cascade, taking the match with the critical gem match.
    +2g/b, +2b/p, +2all.
    I'd tried several other combinations including various with increased match damage, but figured those powers were going to be the key.
  • ChuckFanChuckFan Posts: 45 Just Dropped In
    Thanks Pete for this awesome guide!

    Got my 2nd ever DDQ4 (first was also against Elektra - ProfX) thanks to this guide!

    I did it with a level 124 X-23 (6528 HP), covers were 5/1/2. Took 4 tries, the last run gave me plenty of green matches, so 3xGreen did the trick. I also used 5x20% All Colour Match Damage, 5x+10% Blue/Purple damage. I had wasted all the +2 G/B, +10% G/B boosts on failed attempts, and PVE matches where i forgot to remove the boosts (still hate that).
  • Updated Galactus enemy info. Actually took me 3 tries this time - first two times through I don't think 12 black tiles ever even appeared on the board!
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    I didn't try level 70. bumped to 94 and my 4/5/4 finished first try. got red out early and that whittled him down. didn't get a ton of black - only had enough for one, and it only did 3-4K in damage at the end. most of the damage was from my red.
  • rastafari7rastafari7 Posts: 75 Match Maker
    Ghost Rider 2/2/0 with no boosts used against Galactus.

    Think I was just pretty lucky.

    Had a really great start with 3x a 5-match in a row (1 green and 1 red).
    Could match almost all countdown tiles, Galactus only had the Devourer of Worlds action 3 times.
    Focus was on green and red, placing attack tiles and try to not match them.
    Finished with +/- 1200 in health.

    Again just think I was extremely lucky with the board this time. icon_e_wink.gif
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