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  • Toxicadam wrote:
    Does it still generate red AP?

    I feel bad for newer players. She was pretty much a necessity to get through some of those PvE levels.

    Yep. The nerf is bad for new players, and bad for the game overall. icon_e_sad.gif
  • Nemek
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    I think it's way way too early to tell how it's going to affect everything.

    I did think it was a little bit of a surprise to see the nerf now, since it has almost zero effect on high-level PvP.

    This is most certainly a PvE nerf. As noted on this forum many times, the PvE events were dominated by C. Storm - and it was likely making things very stale.

    C. Storm is still one of the best two stars (with Thor/Wolvie), and arguably still has two of the better skills in the game.

    I think it would be a mistake to revert back to the previous version (and, it's certainly unthinkable before a fair amount of data has been collected first.)
  • Damage seems low enough to justify the frequency. It really didn't need to generate red ap in the first place. I think we'll see a lot less of C storm tbh.
  • I agree with all of someguy's points. I'm a lower player playing catch-up, and finally got my Thor & C. Storm to 85 last week. It felt like I'd finally worked my way to the beginning of the next step, like building IM40 and striving to get a Spidey or a Rag or a Mag.

    Sure, I still spent most of my PVP time hitting the skip button to avoid 3* teams. And it seemed like it was still a long way off for me to be able to earn the 3* covers to build on. But at least it felt like I was on my way and would get there if I played smart and kept putting in the time.

    Now it feels like all the time and effort I put into getting covers and ISO for C.Storm should have been put into a different character (Wolverine?). And the 3* covers that were just coming into sight have moved back into the distance. Maybe if there were a respec/refund mechanic it wouldn't be such a big deal, but there isn't. So I feel like I finally clawed my way up to the first plateau only to get knocked back down to the last one. Which is the opposite of fun - and "not fun anymore" translates for me into "time to stop."
  • IceIX
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    Not a bug, it's as designed. Please check the Patch Notes here. Closing this now. icon_e_smile.gif
  • The 50% ability will almost never be used but Storm is still both decent offensively and defensively. Just not as crazy good as before, and it changes the strategy for lightining tourneys of tossing your ****, free villain out to be hit by a Red Thor AP attack.
  • It's annoying that it triggers even attacking her, but I think the incidental damage will be enough to still make her viable on defense, since folks will want to avoid that damage. Now you generally will have to one-shot her to avoid Tempest, while making certain to not hit the people you're attacking for > 20%.
  • Yeah this just widens the gap between the 200% buffed 3 stars and the lower f2p/ new people. the overkill nerf was fine enough.
  • C storm was a crutch that had to be designed around. That's really toxic to a game's health. This is for the better. This change is likely prelude to removing health buffs.
  • Ranzera wrote:
    C storm was a crutch that had to be designed around. That's really toxic to a game's health. This is for the better. This change is likely prelude to removing health buffs.

    Totally disagree. As I and others have mentioned, she's easy to squash on defense, and as far as losing to her on offense, I just retaliate and squash again. I must've killed off hundreds if not thousands of C. Storms and in spite of the endless sea of C. Storms out there in every event, I have routinely placed in all major (non-Lightning) tourneys I've chosen to go after, which has been pretty much every major tourney for the last month or so.

    And given the way D3P seems to want the meta to work, I'd be shocked to see them remove health buffs.
  • Ranzera wrote:
    C storm was a crutch that had to be designed around. That's really toxic to a game's health. This is for the better. This change is likely prelude to removing health buffs.

    Unfortunately, there's a big "hump" in the game as it stands: it's very difficult to progress past a certain point. There are a lot of people out there with high level 3* characters now, and those are the ones the "have nots" have to compete against in order to become "haves."

    Hopefully that hump can be smoothed over. Perhaps by providing a way for newer players to obtain 3* covers that doesn't involve unreasonable amounts of cash, gaming the matchmaking system, and/or grinding for 18 hours a day. Perhaps by major improvements to bracketing and matchmaking. Perhaps by something even better. But until & unless that happens, a crutch that lets me have fun without great 3* covers is a good thing. Better a crutch than an uninstall.
  • C-Storm's best skill is really her blue stun skill. Really Tempest is worthless now. She's not goign to last long enough in a battle to use it where it does any good damage. IT is best off to move to some sort of passive buff. Like, 200 damage at top end every time the enemy matches green or something like tat (take that Rag!)
  • As of today, Storm will only do minimal damage, unless your entire team is below 50%. This is an extremely crippling effect on a once great character. That was an extremely **** thing to do to the people who have been enjoying the game.
  • Ranzera wrote:
    C storm was a crutch that had to be designed around. That's really toxic to a game's health. This is for the better. This change is likely prelude to removing health buffs.

    Now we just need to have Rag get downgraded too so it doesn't just become whoever has him wins.
  • The passive Skill of Classic Storm has been nerf. Instead of dealing the damage it originally dealt, as well as generating red AP, it now deals very little damage, possibly less than 1/6 of the damage.

    While on the plus side, this power now affects herself, and can potentially still deal high amount of damage if your opponent is dumb enough to spread the damage around your teammates instead of focusing, I have to say that this is overall a stupid change.

    To make matters worse, increment of damage by levels is extremely low. I've seen a level 50 deal no more damage than 150. I can only imagine a level 85 dealing 300 damage or less with it. To be balanced out is one thing. To be completely rendered inefficient, borderline useless, is quite another.

    Let me say that I have NOT been using Classic Storm as a clutch. Until yesterday, my Classic Storm has NEVER exceeded level 30. Matter of fact, I've been on the receiving end of her AOEs for too many times. It taught me to be smarter, rule of thumb, take out Storm first.

    I am a fairly new player. I never got the chance to use Storm in her full glory. And now I never will. (I had to restart 2 weeks of progress because I **** my Iron Man build. I did not realize the skill limit was 13. Another **** limitation.)

    I had my build designs for her all planned out. Slowly biding for that time. Now all my plans are out the window.

    Seriously, I am hoping for once the developers can actually STOP TRYING TO BALANCE THE GAME. The game will NEVER be balance. We have Lv 40 Cap characters and Lv 141 Cap characters. How will it ever be balanced? Please stop tweaking the things that will only make it worse!
  • I wish I can trade this garbage cover. They killed the passive power. Yes it was overpowered. But now it is uses less. Storm was my main cover. I made teams around her. Not anymore.
  • She's not entirely useless. It kinda sucks if you have her at 5/3/5 or 5/4/4, but her green and blue are still great targets for IM40's Recharge. 3-4 turn stun and a bunch of AoE damage for 11 blue is still good, and she's got one of the best greens in the game (behind Grey Widow sniper and Wolverine Feral Claws).
  • I have to agree. This change was ****. And I'm not speaking as a frequent user of Storm. I never got the chance to.
  • IceIX
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    There are already valid topics for this to go into. There was no need to make another.
  • Actually Storm greatest power should be in both Green / Blue - I made a mistake on gg to 4/5/4 - without knowing the overall skills till I manage to get to here. Should have gone for 5/5/3.

    Overall I still feel that she's one of the best offensive character at the moment. The most important is don't think her as someone who can help giving damage whenever someone get hit. (Yes I agreed that she will be even better if it stay as the last update)

    Seriously it how's to build around her not as the main, but as a supporting role that create AP / stuns against other people.
    But of cause sooner or later, she will be cast aside once everyone has more cover / characters.

    I still feel that with her and Rag, combos is infinitely. (If only I have Rag... icon_rolleyes.gif ) Add someone that can protect her getting instant hit, she will be a solid character to have around.