MPQ Developer Q&A January 2024 (ANSWERS)



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    There are other examples as well. Give it some time, you’ll see them.

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    @revskip said:

    @entrailbucket said:

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    Equivalent, sure? Completely outclass? No thanks.

    Do you really think they outclass modern 5*? I've seen a few examples of strong ones, but for the most part the ascended guys just have really big numbers attached to ancient abilities.

    I think he's speaking specifically about Thanos. And from what I've seen 3 Thanos seems to be a much better option than 5 Thanos.

    Sure, but that was my point. 5* Thanos is, like, a 2016 release? 3* Thanos is on par with 2023 5* releases.

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    The answer to question 7 is counterintuitive and just nonsense. Why would anyone in their right mind level up or ascend a character, fully knowing it would handicap their current ability and power level. Of course it should increase in damage. Maybe not exponentially but it shouldn’t decrease…ever.