Ascended Retro Rewards Policy



  • jp1
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    @Codex said:
    I also got Ultron shards along with the Victor Mancha shards. Is that new? I can't remember if they awarded secondary feeder shards in these types of scenarios.

    Same, in fact I got the same amount of Ultron as Victor. No complaints but I don’t recall that being the case previously.

  • Daredevil217
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    I’m really curious about the back end of this. Like how/why is it tied to that 7 day log-in period. it may have to be my monthly Q/A question as I’m genuinely curious.

    That or I want to ask why locking Omega Red’s stupid tile doesn’t stop a new one from spawning.

  • Tony_Foot
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    I will ascend everything now. Thanks for this.

  • Hammer3001
    Hammer3001 Posts: 124 Tile Toppler

    Thank you.

    And thanks for adding Support Shards to the PVPs.

  • Borstock
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    @slidecage said:
    I be lucky to move a 4 star into 5 star land by the year 2050. I don't think I have a single 4 star max.. people mudt really been playimg hard core to got that many 4

    I don't think I even have a 3 star high enough to merge

    so no worries here

    To be fair, t50 everything pretty much gets it done. That's usually my goal and I do pretty well.