Yelena no longer limited



  • Crowl
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    Here's hoping the limited tag gets dropped from all characters, it just isn't relevant in an era of first shards and now ascensions, just let people build whichever ones they want, it is not like some of the non-limited ones aren't already far bigger jokes than most of the limited ones after all.

  • DrClever
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    @ThaRoadWarrior said:
    Spider-Ham needs a scrap and rebuild if anyone is expected to play him.

    Although the synergy perk on his support is superb.

  • tiomono
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    I would like the limited 4's to remain but reward shards for a limited 5*.

  • CNash
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    It's not enough just to un-limit them - they need to be included in weekly boost lists and have regular PVPs, or else there's no impetus to use them over the literally hundreds of other characters in the game.

  • Bowgentle
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    4* PVPs have completely disappeared, good luck getting PVPs with the limited 4s.

  • Jash735
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    @meadowsweet said:
    If I want to favorite or max champ or ascend Taskmaster, why shouldn't I be allowed to?

    Deadpool to Taskmaster:
    “What do you want on your tombstone, Zombie Moon Knight or Albino Red Skull?”