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  • DAZ0273
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    The fact Natasha has conditions attached to her already expensive powers makes her hard work. It would probably make more sense for Super spy Natasha to have a sneaky passive. You can sort of understand with someone like Havok who is a one trick pony power wise (and should hit harder than he does) but Widow should have cheap spammable powers that mimicks her fighting style.

  • DrClever
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    One long game sleeper agent style power would be fine if it was devastating but otherwise, yeah, quick & nimble is what you'd hope for.

    That said she does at least see some use on those mandatory Black Widow v Yelena nodes in the taskmaster PvE.

  • Ptahhotep
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    Nat must be due for a rebalance soon. We’ll see what she’s like after that.

  • WhiteBomber
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    edited 10 February 2024, 01:31

    Eeey, traction! Thank you all for weighing in. I am always looking for fun ways to use the lower tiers, but as noted, I couldn't find enough value in them to justify any iso at all, and I have both of them fully covered thanks to Goose and someone else around them, I forget.

    I am up to 15ish fully covered 5 stars now, so I am definitely not in need of either of them (they don't even seem worth being a meat shield). I will continue on pursuing other fun ones like Heim and YellowJacket instead and hope for a decent buff since I have them fully covered.

    If anyone ever finds a fun use for them though, please share!