Adjusting Deploy the Gatewatch is positive

In the newest patch notes our new overlords have deemed it prudent, or correct, the put the creatures Deploy the Gatewatch fetches into your hand instead of directly unto the battlefield. Curious to the reaction of the playerbase

Adjusting Deploy the Gatewatch is positive 31 votes

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  • ertaii
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    They killed many of my main decks (huf+deploy, green loop+deploy, totem+deploy+omni) and jodah+rocco with one single update. And it will occur the day before one of the most challenging coalition events.
    I'm really disappointed, to say the least...

  • gozmaster
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    edited 8 November 2023, 23:38
  • Youzerfriendly
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    I think it's great. Anything that kills one turn win loopy decks is wonderful. Balance should be the eternal, all encompassing goal, and this card, along with other legacy cards, need per turn limits or some other kind of nerf. Not the most popular opinion, but I think it's the truth. Omniscience, prism array, wizard class, all candidates for a nerf to me.

  • Ampersand
    Ampersand Posts: 206 Tile Toppler

    @Youzerfriendly loopy decks are & have been a core part of MtG for DECADES. There are many ways to stop your opponents loop combos. Maybe work on perfecting those instead of fundamentally changing the game because of a lack of imagination.

  • Kyphonis
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    I’ve mentioned my thoughts with Goz, but frankly Deploy was a way that you could get around playing strictly loop decks in Legacy. It was a refreshing option.

  • Mainloop25
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    Although I don't like them "fixing" a staple legacy card because of a fringe interaction, if this is proof that they are actually trying to squash the reported bugs, then overall it's a step in the right direction. I think this change is not very good, because the issue is wording and not anything wrong with either this card or the supposedly bugged interaction.

    Yes, it's good that they are paying attention to reported bugs.

    No, it's not good how they chose this card to "fix" in a way that makes no sense.

  • Mainloop25
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    @Metroplex78 said:
    Let us remember the new overlords KNOW what they are doing, I support them 100% loop deck losers can go **** themselves.
    Anything that nerfs these **** is good news.

    Are you a WebCore plant? Lol

  • Machine
    Machine Posts: 755 Critical Contributor

    This is not a "fix" by any means! This card has always worked like it used to from day 1 and exactly how it works in paper. Instead of "fixing" this staple legacy card they should have changed the text on the card to something like "put the next three creatures from your library onto the battlefield". The word fetch shouldn't have been on it from the first place. Then it would also work as intended with the reported "bug" with Ashiok. @Magic:PQ Support Team a BIG shame you even dared to touch this card. Boooooooo!!!!