No ATV in Legacy with extra swap node



  • Rant_Ent
    Rant_Ent Posts: 68 Match Maker

    The new developer are trying a different way.
    Support old players, the one that really care, and maybe pays too.

    No contact in the forum.
    Because whining people is boring.

    They simply have their own way to do things.

  • Techg
    Techg Posts: 68 Match Maker

    I saw webcores middle finger to everyone and the unannounced surprise of an extra day with more rounds.

  • Janosik
    Janosik Posts: 405 Mover and Shaker

    Since some players seem to enjoy the challenge of Greg getting an extra swap, why not create a brand new event that does that... a non-coalition weekday event with low stakes (and that isn't bugged!).