Inactive players stuck forever

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What do we do if we have a good coalition with an inactive leader? Moreover there are a lot of inactive player in our coalition with zero coalition score. Why don't we have any option to remove those players? They occupy the valuable places in the coalition. Or the application could do this automatically if the given conditions (eg. 1 or 2 years of inactivity) are fulfilled. Really frustrating thing... Thanks!


  • Smokincookz
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    Your options are probably limited to joining another coalition, or creating your own, since you may want to stick together.

    At least, that was the experience in this discussion:

    How many active players do you have? I know it hurts to lose scores and your old name, but it's better to cut your losses sometimes. Perhaps you can find a coalition with enough open slots to accept everyone.

  • Sardis
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    This is exactly what the active members in a coalition called Guildcheese did almost 2 years ago. We created a new team (D3jected). By the end of this year we will likely have cracked the top 200 all time.

    If you have active players and you want to stick together, it is what I recommend you do.

    Cheers...and all the best!