Which of these events do you most want back?

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Choose which one these events you would like to see back in the game again first?

The most voted event for each type (coalition and non-coalition) will be prioritized for fixes and will be included in patch 6.3.0

We'll be eventually revisiting all events that had bugs that interfered with the functionality of the nodes. This poll is to simply check which events YOU would like to see again first.

For voting on Coalition events, click here.

You can also leave your thoughts on the comments. :)

Which of these events do you most want back? 164 votes

Trial of Zeal (PVE)
Bubbles_CSHeartstoneTheDragonHermitTaranisMythicalskippyAbracadaversPsychomachiaReaXionHatrixHydrophilicefishiwanKindaDruishKnoWhyteVvolfFjurraquazar17CarminaBurana 16 votes
Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)
versemagekhurramMainloop25MachinecraftyhermitInfiniteChaosKyphonisSorin81AmaunatorGunmix25theyrejustelvesScottyp_123BeclasKinesiaHiportesArielSiraJonster78jsabotinLarz70Jua1979 94 votes
Tour de Ravnica (PVE GRN)
ZzyzzxertaiiTIMEWARPsherman2AmpersandchiefwahooSRooseveltBigdwigmanGrace90Maroto81ManicDravenFuzzNuttgreenmeanie1camoHanziMarewhawk7Sythe200Drag0nPurfectionRadigast 22 votes
Oath of the Gatewatch P.1 and P.2 (PVE)
HomeRnJayarieldrillowupPhillmooreOpperstamperSardisgozmastere3vil_Valiant_PanneoSpiritswithinSpookyBihSpaz69TezzeretDisarrayYouzerfriendlyJonJohnsphix07DarkionTrippetGruggles 32 votes


  • Xibvert
    Xibvert Posts: 26 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    @versemage said:
    The ravnica events should count together, like oath of the gatewatch, as a part 1 and 2, because their both the exact same structure.

    I agree, or at least add their votes together and if Ravnica in total wins then run the one of the two that had more votes. Counting them individually but grouping oath of the gateway could end up splitting the Ravnica votes even though they're very similar events.

  • MoriBenAiki
    MoriBenAiki Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    Not related - I just endured a 30 min match dc of Lich Mastery card. Pls nerf that piece of garbage!

  • e3vil
    e3vil Posts: 60 Match Maker
    Oath of the Gatewatch P.1 and P.2 (PVE)

    I miss PvE events, and I miss events that grant higher Coalition scores.
    We are a group formed 2 years ago, and it takes ages to get closer to older groups (though we already passed 98.9% of all existing groups).

    But, if you really don't want to grant greater Coalition points, then I ask you to create a secondary rank like they do in ATP, like a rank considering all the history of the game, and a rank considering only the last year. So new players could have a better understanding if a group is really active or not.

  • Sorin81
    Sorin81 Posts: 537 Critical Contributor
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    Bring back Quick Battle!

  • wraszowixuXuxi
    wraszowixuXuxi Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    RNA at least could be good for newer Kasmina players to pickup Sphinx of the Guildpact(?) For a five-color rare

  • jjrazevedo
    jjrazevedo Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    there should be events with global team objectives, such as: playing a number of cards of a specific color, or a minimum number of creatures, spells or supports. If the team achieves the proposed objective, it wins the prize. there could be a classification by teams, according to which team reaches that objective the fastest

  • PrincessArianne
    PrincessArianne Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    @MoriBenAiki said:
    Not related - I just endured a 30 min match dc of Lich Mastery card. Pls nerf that piece of garbage!

    NOOOOOO. That card is the cornerstone of most of my black decks. Do you have one? It's saved my life countless times.

  • Janosik
    Janosik Posts: 255 Mover and Shaker

    Which of these events do we want back? Did they ever go away? We play all of these regularly, don't we?

    Ask us about something like Battle of the Four Tribes, or Planeswalker Arena!

  • khurram
    khurram Posts: 1,061 Chairperson of the Boards
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    Yeah, this one is odd. These events are already in rotation without any bugs. Lets talk old events that haven't been seen in years

  • Scifibot
    Scifibot Posts: 22 Just Dropped In

    Bring back quick battle! I've been playing forever and nothing has ever compared to quick battle for the sheer joy!

  • CMatador137
    CMatador137 Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    edited 30 September 2023, 02:28
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    I think the real key is to mix up some of these old events. It's the exact same cards every time.

    Also, not event related, but I how do we collect old vanguards? I have collected almost a complete set of mythics from legacy, but these still elude me. I feel like once they roll into legacy we should be able to craft them, or pull them from some sort of packs. Also, I absolutely hate the fact that you always get like 3-4 of the rare ones and then you just get dupes forever and can never complete the set. The mythic pac is guaranteed non-dupe, but you can't get the rares the same way (even at a higher cost).

  • _Valiant_
    _Valiant_ Posts: 26 Just Dropped In
    Oath of the Gatewatch P.1 and P.2 (PVE)

    I don't mind any of these events but I'd much prefer them if they had limited card pools to choose from, with the decks to fight adjusted accordingly. Like 'block events' instead of full legacy events. It would be more of a challenge and force me to try and play with cards I'd never use, instead of defaulting to my regular legacy decks.

  • _Valiant_
    _Valiant_ Posts: 26 Just Dropped In
    Oath of the Gatewatch P.1 and P.2 (PVE)

    @Sorin81 said:
    Bring back Quick Battle!

    What was Quick Battle? I've been playing for years but I'm not sure what this is/was...

  • KnoWhyteVvolf
    KnoWhyteVvolf Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    Trial of Zeal (PVE)

    I'm a zealot!! (PUN in 10dead)

  • JTK421
    JTK421 Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Routes of Ravnica (PVE RNA)

    @Magic:PQ Support Team said:
    Makes sense!
    Add their votes together we will. :)


    Awesome. I approve of this post!

    DREAMER Posts: 15 Just Dropped In

    @MoriBenAiki said:
    Not related - I just endured a 30 min match dc of Lich Mastery card. Pls nerf that piece of garbage!

    Use removal, dumbass:p

  • Mortimer79
    Mortimer79 Posts: 3 Just Dropped In

    Lo mismo que en los eventos de coalición, hay tantos eventos que no recuerdo la particularidad de cada uno. Agradecería que se fueran detalles en cada encuesta sobre el número de nodos y recompensas, así los diferencio yo, además de si tienen algún coste en su participación.

    Insisto! Echo de menos el modo historia lleva parado mucho tiempo.

  • Phillmoore
    Phillmoore Posts: 206 Tile Toppler
    Oath of the Gatewatch P.1 and P.2 (PVE)

    Events with ability to get lots of points. Most vs of the current coalition events offer no ability to gain on teams which have high scores but are no longer active. With the points presently available it takes months to grind away the gap.