500 Command Point Offer vs buying Tokens directly



  • entrailbucket
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    The game will die if revenue drops below a certain level. If you teach new players how to play without spending money, you're actively contributing to the future death of the game. Everyone who currently plays for free can only do so because of others who spend money.

  • Heggal
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    it's getting philosophical. Dont worry. I never put a dime into League of Legends and the game still does fine.

  • Heggal
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    Well, I guess Karma hit me. I got a lot of 5*s out of the 6 LTs I bought. 1 Venomsaurus and 3 Gwenoms... :(

  • Jimsta_rooney
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    Its never worth it
    The 250cp one sometimes is though if you chasing a specific colour

  • bbigler
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    Mathematically 500 CP sounds fine on paper because that’s equivalent to 20 Latest pulls and according to the odds you should get 1 cover of each 5 star in those 20 pulls. But it would be a random cover as opposed to a known one for 500 CP, which is why the deal makes any sense. The 125K ISO and 6 Legendary tokens try to account for the missed 4* covers and potential champ rewards. But it doesn’t really account for the other two 5 star covers in 20 pulls.

    Most people would rather have 3 random 5 Star covers (plus shards) for 500 CP than one specific 5 star cover.

    So, 250 CP for the same deal is certainly better and makes sense if you’re trying to finish a top tier Classic 5.