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    @KGB said:
    It doesn't say there is any limit on casting Blue. So technically this character could disable the enemy team by getting 3 Blue repeaters on the board. Not super useful vs tile movers but would be handy in PvE against goons, mindless ones, symbiotes etc.


    Sure, but for 27 Blue AP, I'd rather send the team Away and win the match instead

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    Depending on what X turns out to be in the color sub-descriptions for purple, that ability could be triggering multiple color sub-effects in addition to the damage from the tile destruction, which could be interesting.

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    @Vhailorx said:
    Second we have a somewhat expensive power (8ap) that is basically a reskin of Prof $'s purple. You pick a color on the board and get a predictable effect based on how many tiles there are. Blue for stun seems like the most obviously useful, with the red nuke, green aoe, and black ap theft also having uses. I doubt anyone will ever use yellow burst healing. purple trap tiles seem like a knock-off elektra, which is great for one v. ones, but seems redundant with the blue power already in the kit and is unlikely to see lots of use.

    Not quite, you pick a 3x3 area of tiles, the effects are based on the tiles destroyed.

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    Based on the Marvel Database, I would venture to suggest that this is a Quasar. "As a being of pure quantum energy, Quasar can shape his "body" into any shape he can imagine, explosively disperse his form, though he can tire if he overuses his powers." It could be his purple ability. Also his affilations is can be S.H.I.E.L.D., Supernatural and something else. And he is directly related to The Fault

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    @Scofie said:

    @wingX said:
    I am guess MCU The Ancient One since this is Woman's History Month and she has tie to the new Kamar-Taj support.

    That's a good thought. How does it link with Half at Fault though? Or have we given up on trying to work out the cryptic labyrinth of the clues? 🤣

    I am thinking the fact that Mordo become a villain is partially the fault of MCU The Ancient One? :D

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    Woman’s History Month: Clea.
    Possibly the Sorceress Supreme version from the recent comics run.

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    @BriMan2222 said:
    Someone just posted pics on fb that they saved up all their Xmas vault tokens until now and opened them and recruited Clea. So it's Clea.

    She is half faltine and half dark dimensional I don't understand how someone has pulled Someone who's not been introduced to the game yet??

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    @Sp1d3r said:

    @BriMan2222 said:
    Someone just posted pics on fb that they saved up all their Xmas vault tokens until now and opened them and recruited Clea. So it's Clea.

    She is half faltine and half dark dimensional I don't understand how someone has pulled Someone who's not been introduced to the game yet??

    This isn't the first time something like this has happened. I remember the same thing happened when throg was released. He wasn't in general tokens and hadn't been officially announced yet, but some one who had hoarded tokens to an old event was able to pull him.

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    Victor Strange (maybe as Baron Blood?). He was Dr. Strange's brother that he accidentally turned into a vampire to save him from dying. Since his powers are close to Strange but he obviously seems to be a vampire-like guy draining red AP I think it is possible. Plus changing form is a very common vampire ability.

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    Yeah, sad to see a way that certain players have hacked through to pull her early.

    Anyway, I'm excited to try out her power set! Looks like lots of fun with color creators. It'll be interesting to try with other board shufflers too. Also, in answer to a previous question, looks like most of her Purple's effects fire off from 3 tiles being destroyed in a certain color.

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    This is one of those powersets that's pretty much impossible to evaluate because it's wall to wall placeholders, but I have a feeling she'll be popular, just because of that passive. Bringing the Dr. Strange passive to the 4* tier should probably have been done years ago -- there's a reason he's always the most popular character. New players play PvE, and that passive just shreds most PvE.

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    Can the blue be used as a teamup? Who would take the damage?

    For example 5sw repeater on the board and then you use the blue as a teamup. I am assuming 5sw tile will still build charge(s) but whom will the damage affect because the blue says can only damage CHARACTER.

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    That explains why her powers are similar to Dr Strange. I would prefer Zombie Strange but the good news is, she's probably feeding 5* Dr Strange. :D

    There's a potential of up to 3 effects applied on her purple power, depending on the final wordings.

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    The yellow ability feels like Emma Frost diamond form. This makes me think of other characters that transform into Armor.

    Purple can do a lot similar to professor X Purple or Goblin Purple making me think someone smart. Could be mutant or tech.

    Blue blocks other powers.

    Yet I still have no ideal who this could he

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    Nice! I was initially also thinking Zombie Strange, but I think I prefer this. I've been sorta low-key wanting Zombie Strange since the movie's released, but he's probably better as just a costume and let a new character have the 4* character slot.

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    Maybe 5* strange will be the next update 🤞

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    @Waddles_Pines said:
    Maybe 5* strange will be the next update 🤞

    He's certainly in need of one!

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    I wish her outfit was actually the same as the she wore as Sorcerer Supreme though, odd.