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Clea (Sorcerer Supreme)
4-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Heroes, Avengers, Supernatural, Multiversal, Kamar-Taj

"Niece to Dormammu and daughter to Dark Dimension royalty, Clea was born into a life of magic and power. After meeting Stephen Strange in a chance encounter in the Dark Dimension, Clea became enamored with the Earthling. After numerous trials, tribulations, and dimensional shifts, she finally found herself on Earth. Discovering that her skill in magic made her an extremely powerful being on the mortal plane, Clea took to protecting mankind with her power while studying new methods of spellcasting with her mentor and love, Doctor Stephen Strange."

Abilities listed at level 70/270
Health: 4564/16904


Manacles of Mokarr - 9 Blue AP
By the Manacles of Mokarr, you shall not harm another! Select a Blue basic tile; Create a 1 turn Repeater tile that deals 102 damage per turn. While this tile is on the board, the target may not fire powers and may only deal damage to Clea. (Max level 198 damage)

  • Level 2: 241 damage. (Max level 468 damage)
  • Level 3: 371 damage. (Max level 720 damage)
  • Level 4: 640 damage. (Max level 1242 damage)
  • Level 5: 1178 damage. (Max level 2286 damage)

Creative Caster - 8 Purple AP
Clea doesn't just learn from books and mentors. She innovates. Select a 3x3 block of tiles. Clea destroys selected tiles and creates a new spell on the spot to harness her energy in various ways, applying different effecs based on the selected colors. Destroyed tiles do not generate damage or AP.

  • Level 2-5 : Powers up effects

Creative Caster Blue
If there are 4 or more Blue tiles in the selection: Stun the target for 1 turns.

  • Level 2 : 3 or more Blue tiles.
  • Level 3: If there are 4+ tiles, Stun for 2 turns instead.
  • Level 4: Stun for 2 turns. If there are 4+ tiles, Stun for 3 turns.
  • Level 5: Stun for 4 turns. If there are 4+ tiles, Stun for 5 turns.

Creative Caster Purple
Clea uses the arcane to view the direct future, and avoid it. For every 3 Purple tiles in the selection, create 1 Purple Trap tile(s). If Clea would take damage, instead remove a Trap tile.

  • Level 2 : No change.
  • Level 3: Create 2 Trap tiles.
  • Level 4: Create 3 Trap tiles.
  • Level 5: Create 5 Trap tiles.

Creative Caster Yellow
For Yellow tile in the selection, heal Clea for a burst of 46 health. If there are 3 or more Yellow tiles, also burst heal teammates for 28 health per tile. (Max level 90/54 health)

  • Level 2 : Burst heal Clea for 92 health. Burst heal teammates for 56 health. (Max level 180/108 health)
  • Level 3: Burst heal Clea for 138 health. Burst heal teammates for 93 health. (Max level 270/180 health)
  • Level 4: Burst heal Clea for 193 health. Burst heal teammates for 159 health. (Max level 378/306 health)
  • Level 5: Burst heal Clea for 414 health. Burst heal teammates for 233 health. (Max level 810/450 health)

Creative Caster Black
If there are 3 or more Black tiles in the selection: Create a 3-turn Black Countdown tile that steals 1 AP in the enemy's strongest color with AP each turn.

  • Level 2: Steal 2 AP.
  • Level 3: No change.
  • Level 4: 4-turn Countdown.
  • Level 5: No change.

Creative Caster Red
For each Red tile in the selection, deal 56 damage. If there are 3 or more Red tiles, this damage is increased by 35%. (Max level 108 damage)

  • Level 2 : 103 damage, increased by 40%. (Max level 198 damage)
  • Level 3: 140 damage, increased by 45%. (Max level 270 damage)
  • Level 4: 233 damage, increased by 50%. (Max level 450 damage)
  • Level 5: 392 damage, increased by 60%. (Max level 756 damage)

Creative Caster Green
If there are 3 or more Green tiles in the selection, destroyed tiles deal 35% damage to the enemy team.

  • Level 2 : Deal 70% damage.
  • Level 3: Deal 100% damage.
  • Level 4: Deal 163% damage.
  • Level 5: Deal 300% damage.

Faltinian Inferno - 8 Yellow AP
Clea is of Faltinian royalty. Her control over the flames is absolute. Deal 130 damage to the target and change into Faltinian Form. This form cannot be held for long however. At the start of the turn, lose 3 Red AP. If there is no AP remaining, Return to normal form.

(PASSIVE) Whenever an enemy fires a power, deal 65 damage to the target and give a burst of 46 health to the team. While in form, Clea takes no match damage and their abilities deal 10% more damage. (Max level 253/126 damage. 90 healing)

  • Level 2: Deals 176 damage. Passive deals 93 damage. Burst of 92 health. Abilities deal 15% more damage. (Max level 343/180 damage. 180 healing)
  • Level 3: Deals 204 damage. Lose 2 AP. Passive deals 149 damage. Burst of 110 health. Abilities deal 20% more damage. (Max level 398/288 damage. 216 healing)
  • Level 4: Deals 297 damage. Passive deals 260 damage. Burst of 156 health. Abilities deal 25% more damage. (Max level 578/504 damage. 306 healing)
  • Level 5: Deals 427 damage. Lose 1 AP. Passive deals 464 damage. Burst of 276 health. Abilities deal 35% more damage. (Max level 831/900 damage. 540 healing)


Release Events
Unstable Iso-8 - 3/23 - 3/26
Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) Covers and Shards in Placement rewards, Event Token in Progression rewards

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. - 3/26 - 3/30
Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

Webbed Wonder - 3/27 - 3/30
Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) Covers and Shards + Vault Token in Progression rewards

Red Shift - Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) - 3/23 - 3/27
Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) Cover and Shards as Placement rewards

Daughter of Darkness - Clea - 3/26 - 3/29
Clea (Sorcerer Supreme) Covers and Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

Clea & Friends Vault - 3/26 - 3/30
80 Item Vault:
3x 4-Stars - Clea, Captain Marvel, Random
7x Tokens - 1x Legendary token, 1x Mighty Token, 2x Heroic Tokens, 3x Beginner Support tokens
6x Iso-8 - 1x 5,000 Iso-8, 2x 2,500 Iso-8, 3x 1,000 Iso-8
15x 3-Stars - 3x Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) cover, 12x Random 3-Star covers
49x 2-Stars - 10x Moonstone (Dark Avengers) cover, 39x Random 2-Star covers



  • Captain_Trips88
    Captain_Trips88 Posts: 218 Tile Toppler

    Yeah, I haven't even attempted to decipher what this one does. Will find out in welcome to shield!

  • HoundofShadow
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    edited 17 March 2023, 07:47

    4* Zombie Dr Strange? The yellow is similar to Dr Strange's. Blue also looks like a slightly better version of Dr Strange's. They have the same colour set and arrangement of Blue/Purple/Yellow.

  • Scorpion201
    Scorpion201 Posts: 45 Just Dropped In

    Doesn't seem to be good not all all.. almost complicated as Legion. But worse, at least Legion is more useful than this.

  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 2,767 Chairperson of the Boards

    That blue repeater will deactivate an enemy offensive damage.
    And that purple is a swiss knife, so it's interesting.
    This character will be in another powerful form as long as having red AP (blood).
    It seems pretty interesting and fun.

  • purplemur
    purplemur Posts: 454 Mover and Shaker

    4* Colossus might have a Steel Form that is impervious to match dam?
    Black Tom with the jewel of cytorrak? But hardly a heals allies type of guy
    Could it be Skaar? It feels magic-y with the colored spell effects component, and a rage form using red? He’s half-ling
    It’s gotta be Roberto Sunspot though! the colored effects could be a New-Mutants themed team ability like fury. The invincible form.

    Hmm sunspot/Blade/kang?

  • tonypq
    tonypq Posts: 510 Critical Contributor

    I think this character sounds fairly interesting. Could be a Strange variant as mentioned above. Yellow passive dealing damage when enemy uses a power and also heals team is pretty nice, if in form taking no match damage and boosted ability damage.

    Blues repeater isn't fortified which is unfortunate because it has to be on the board to negate the target enemy using abilities and preventing damage being directed to this new character. Still cool in theory.

    Purple adds a tad of board shake and if purple is chosen color those trap tiles eat damage the character would take. Purple offers a choice of other things like stun, direct damage, aoe, healing, little pricey at 8 AP though.

    No real cheap abilities but seems like an interesting kit. Depending on who this character is would be interesting to pair with Strange for double passive damage when enemies use abilities, especially goons and mi dress maybe.

  • MegaBee
    MegaBee Posts: 851 Critical Contributor

    Watch it be Rintrah...

  • dianetics
    dianetics Posts: 1,305 Chairperson of the Boards

    More damage
    More turns
    More trap tiles
    More healing
    More AP
    More increase

    No idea who it is but the descriptions had me rolling. No idea how to really **** the character. Decent health though, so there’s that.

  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards

    I'm hoping to see Zombie Strange. The release of the new support (Kamar-Taj) got to have some relation to this new character, and Dr Strange has this affiliation as well. Also, losing red ap will cause him to lose his form. The most interesting power is the purple trap tiles which function similarly to 3/4 Elektra black trap tiles. We are looking at a minimum of 4 trap tiles created. Just have your teammates go airborne and away and he will be taking zero damage. You do need someone who can create purple aps/tiles for you though.

  • KGB
    KGB Posts: 2,355 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 17 March 2023, 13:31

    It doesn't say there is any limit on casting Blue. So technically this character could disable the enemy team by getting 3 Blue repeaters on the board. Not super useful vs tile movers but would be handy in PvE against goons, mindless ones, symbiotes etc.

    The Blue will also have uses against characters with passive damage (Polaris, 5 Switch etc) since they would then only be able to damage this character while the Blue repeater is on the board. If someone else is tanking then their passive damage every turn will be doing nothing.


  • skittledaddy
    skittledaddy Posts: 828 Critical Contributor

    tonypq said:

    Blues repeater isn't fortified which is unfortunate because it has to be on the board to negate the target enemy using abilities and preventing damage being directed to this new character. Still cool in theory.

    At least we get to select the location of the blue repeater. That should help a little in keeping it around for a few turns.

    You could bring GGoblin or Cable to fortify it, but then you have the distinct disadvantage of having GGoblin or Cable on your team. :D

  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 8,004 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 17 March 2023, 14:07

    There are many characters who can fortify tiles in the game now: Shuri, Hulkling etc. If you're looking for someone who can do it passively, 4* Human Torch can do that.

  • Vhailorx
    Vhailorx Posts: 5,771 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 17 March 2023, 23:01

    ok, so first we have a blue power that creates a repeater with 3 effects, it (i) does damage, (ii) disables powers for the target, and (iii) prevents the target from damaging anyone except this character. it's expensive at 9ap, but might have some uses if one can conceal this character behind a tank and thus effectively neutralize and enemy target. This would go way up in power if it also disabled passives.

    Second we have a somewhat expensive power (8ap) that is basically a reskin of Prof $'s purple. You pick a color on the board and get a predictable effect based on how many tiles there are [edit: you pick a 3x3 zone and the effect is based on what color tiles are in the zone. So still predictable, but with a lower cap on possible outcomes rhan my first impression]. Blue for stun seems like the most obviously useful, with the red nuke, green aoe, and black ap theft also having uses. I doubt anyone will ever use yellow burst healing. purple trap tiles seem like a knock-off elektra, which is great for one v. ones, but seems redundant with the blue power already in the kit and is unlikely to see lots of use.

    the final power is a phase-change power, with a carbon copy of strange's flames of faltine passive. Obviously strange's passive is great, so that will be useful in the 4* tier. Not sure if the phase change element will even matter, and even more defense for this character seems superfluous.

    Overall a moderately interesting kit, mostly because it brings strange's passive to the 4* tier. Otherwise this character will not have much of an impact since the 4* tier is so wildly bloated already.

  • wingX
    wingX Posts: 252 Mover and Shaker

    I am guess MCU The Ancient One since this is Woman's History Month and she has tie to the new Kamar-Taj support.

  • Scofie
    Scofie GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 580 Critical Contributor

    @wingX said:
    I am guess MCU The Ancient One since this is Woman's History Month and she has tie to the new Kamar-Taj support.

    That's a good thought. How does it link with Half at Fault though? Or have we given up on trying to work out the cryptic labyrinth of the clues? 🤣