MPQ 2023 New Character Poll Winner

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Congrats to fans of the Silver Samurai for voting him into the top place in our 2023 New Character Poll! I'm not joking when I say that there were multiple rock solid contenders that shocked our expectations... they swapped places many times during the voting period. Rank choice voting played a huge factor in this one and it was fun to see the results.

Due to the amount of voters received, it's taking us a little longer to announce the winners of the sweepstakes so please stay tuned to our social channels for an official announcement in the upcoming weeks!

Thanks again everyone!


  • Seph1roth5
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    Nice, hope he's a 5*

  • Borstock
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    @Seph1roth5 said:
    Nice, hope he's a 5*


  • Scorpion201
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    Nope, Silver Samurai is a 4 star.. its was announced. Back in the voting thread back in february. I would keep the expections low on how SS turns out. Out of the old voting list Deathlok turned out to be great, unlike black knight who needs a rework.. hopefully SS turns out to be great like Deathlok.

  • tonypq
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    edited March 2023

    Unfortunately he will be a 4* as they have been thus far with these polls. Hopefully however he'll be a totally legit 4* that pairs very well within the 5* tier. This is who I voted for, glad to see him joining my roster soon.

  • DAZ0273
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    I hope they learn their lesson from Black Knight whose power set is just...strange? Samurai should be pretty straight forward - sword that combines with mutant energy power = cuts through things. So big damage. Probably some sort of power called "Bushido code" or the like. That sort of thing and not

    Black: 8 AP "Silver Samurai leaps into battle using his code of Bushido which creates 3 charged tiles except on a Wednesday. Deals 80 damage to enemy team and 180 damage to Samurai unless he is paired with Viper (not currently in game). Then send Silver Samurai airbourne using his teleportation ring. When Samurai returns from airbourne...uhm...create a web tile maybe?"