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    edited 7 March 2023, 08:46

    @turbomoose said:
    So not only is it a Monday boss event , now it’s going to reset at 3am uk time

    Are you going to compensate us for this mishap, myself and my fellow alliance admin are both in the uk so this is going to impact us greatly

    I'm UK-based too. If there were placement rewards I'd think compensation would definitely be in order but given there's an 8 hour window and it matters only a little when you play, I'm considering avoiding the 9am - 5pm work blackspot a real bonus, especially today because I'll be in the office and I can play on both commutes.

    But obviously I'm not against free stuff and not everyone will have the same life pattern as me, so if it has impacted you and your alliance, I wish you well in your fight for justice. 🙂

  • Scofie
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    Oh and given this is the bugs section, I also got a 0pt score on the right hand side goon node on Round 4, but that could have been dodgy WiFi on the train.