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3 days ago, my game began showing me I had 1 cover available in the recruitment tab, but when I went in there, there were no covers available.
Every day since then, the count has been increasing by one, so currently, it's showing a red 3 on the recruitment tab, despite there not being any covers available for me.
When I get covers from playing, the count increases as normal, and it allows me to claim all the covers I have attained that day, but after claiming all those covers, I still have that red 3 showing at the top, indicating I have 3 more to claim, even though there's none available for me to do so.
Can this be fixed?


  • welbot
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    As of this morning, I now have 4 showing. Seems to be forever incrementing by one per day. Not sure how this can be fixed, but I'd sure love a solution, as it's really annoying seeing I have covers to claim, only to find out there aren't any there :\

  • Nightglider1
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    I’ll bet they’re covers for the Black History Month vault. Did you empty the vault? I did, and one of my daily go-to teams includes Black Panther, and it continues to give me a token each day I use him. I’m hoping those tokens will be usable in a “post-event” manner when the month is over.

  • Zarqa
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    They will be usable post-event. There will even be a ‘new’ vault for 72 hours:

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    I'm pretty sure I claimed all the tokens/covers for that vault. I didn't have any spare covers showing like this when I stopped the night before this happened, and started to get this one showing after I played the next day.
    Cool if it does turn out to be that and I can claim them at some point, but yeah.. I suspect it's a bug for me.