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Arcade (Edward Acra)
5-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Villains, Mercenaries, Technologists, Geniuses

"What makes a man destroy? For Arcade, the answer is truly for fun, and the more interesting the method the better. Incredibly intelligent and a brilliant inventor, Arcade puts his mind towards creating elaborate traps and designs to put his foes through that will end in their demise. The X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain Britain, Arcade has played games with them all. One day, he may even win."

(Abilities listed at level 255, followed by 450)
16833 Health / 67660 Health
 29 | 32 | 237 | 266 | 34 | 207 | 132 | 4.0x
 115 | 125 | 949 | 1068 | 135 | 831 | 528 | 4.0x

Murderworld - 7  AP
Choose a color and place a Control Room Trap tile in that color (Max 1). For each Murderworld Trap tile on the board, deal 337 damage to a random enemy; if it matches the Control Room's color, deal double damage and destroy a random adjacent tile. For every 3 on the board, destroy a surrounding random tile. (Does not generate AP). (Max level 1353 damage)

(PASSIVE) At the start of the battle, create a Purple Control Room Trap tile. Then, and each turn after, create 1 Murderworld Trap tile (up to 6). Without a Control Room Trap tile, Murderworld Trap tiles deal 75% less damage.
  • Level 2: Deals 371 damage, Murderworld tiles deal 70% less damage without a Control Room (Max level 1488 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 404 damage, Murderworld tiles deal 65% less damage without a Control Room, max 8 Traps (Max level 1624 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 472 damage, destroy surrounding tiles for every 2 traps, Murderworld tiles deal 60% less damage without a Control Room (Max level 1894 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 607 damage, Murderworld tiles deal 50% less damage without a Control Room, creates 2 Murderworld Trap tiles (up to 10) (Max level 2435 damage)
Insert Coin - 6  AP
Making traps and tricks is its own reward. It's about the journey, the whole murder thing is just the cherry on top. But sometimes, it's fun to let loose with something more direct! Choose a pair of colors. Deals 337 damage to the target for each Murderworld Trap tile in those colors and an additional effect for the colors chosen, removing Trap tiles in those colors (Max 1 Insert Coin special tile). (Max level 1353 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 371 damage (Max level 1488 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 404 damage (Max level 1624 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 472 damage (Max level 1894 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 607 damage (Max level 2435 damage)
Flame Burst
Creates a 1-turn Red Repeater tile that deals 337 times the number of Red and Yellow Murderworld Trap tiles removed damage. (Max level 391 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 371 damage (Max level 1488 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 404 damage (Max level 1624 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 472 damage (Max level 1894 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 607 damage (Max level 2435 damage)
Muddy Mire
Creates a 3-turn Fortified Blue Countdown tile that Locks a surrounding number of tiles (prioritizing enemy special tiles) equal to the number of Blue and Green Murderworld Trap tiles removed. Locked tiles destroy enemy AP in their colors each turn.
  • Level 2: No change
  • Level 3: No change
  • Level 4: 2-turn Countdown tile
  • Level 5: No change
Poison Cloud
Creates a 3-turn Fortified Countdown tile that deals 1264 times the number of Black and Purple Murderworld Trap tiles removed damage to the enemy team. If destroyed, it deals 632 damage to the enemy team and stuns them for 1 turn(s) from breathing the noxious fumes. (Max level 5080/2541 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 1390 damage, 695 if destroyed (Max level 5588/2795 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 1517 damage, 758 if destroyed (Max level 6096/3049 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 1770 damage, 885 if destroyed (Max level 7112/3557 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 2275 damage, 1138 if destroyed, stuns for 2 turns (Max level 9144/4574 damage)
Happy Birthday! - 7  AP
Arcade uses anything he can get his hands on to give you a happy birthday. Choose a tile and place a 2-turn Fortified Doombot Repeater tile on the board which deals 1011 damage and creates 1 Murderworld Trap tile(s) each time it activates. (Max level 4064 damage)

(PASSIVE) If there is a Doombot Repeater tile on the board, at the start of each turn, if there are at least Murderworld Trap tiles on the board, the Doombot destroys a Trap tile, dealing 716 damage to the enemy team and 233 damage to Arcade's allies. (Max level 2877/935 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 1112 damage, Passive deals 788/256 damage. (Max level 4470/3165/1029 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 1213 damage, Passive deals 859/280 damage, 1 turn Repeater tile. (Max level 4877/3452/1122 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 1415 damage, Passive deals 1002/326 damage. (Max level 5690/4028/1309 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 1820 damage, Passive deals 1289/419 damage. (Max level 7315/5179/1683 damage)

Release Schedule

All times in Pacific

Release Events


Fight for Wakanda - 10/20 - 10/24

Arcade (Edward Acra) Cover Store Tokens in Progression rewards

Arcade (Edward Acra) Shards + Cover Store Tokens as Placement rewards

Unstable Iso-8 - 10/24 - 10/28

Arcade (King of PWN) Covers as Placement rewards

Infinite Pursuit - 10/27 - 10/30

Arcade (King of PWN) Covers in Progression 

Arcade (Edward Acra) Shards in Progression rewards

Arcade (Edward Acra) Legendary Store Tokens as Placement rewards


Mind Like a Diamond (Emma Frost (Astonishing)) - 10/18 - 10/21

Arcade (King of PWN) Covers as Placement rewards

It’s a Clip On (Arcade (King of PWN)) - 10/20 - 10/23

Arcade (King of PWN) Covers as Progression rewards

Arcade (Edward Acra) shards as Placement rewards

Slam Tilt (Arcade (Edward Acra)) - 10/25 - 10/29

Arcade (Edward Acra) Cover Store Tokens in Progression rewards


Nobody Survives Store - 10/20 - 10/24

Chance to get Arcade (Edward Acra). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Double or Nothing Vault - 10/27 - 10/30

Chance to get Arcade (Edward Acra). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

40 Items:

○      1x Game Over Legendary Store Token

○      1x 4-Star Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff) cover

○      3x Random 3-Star covers

○      6x Heroic tokens

○      4x 2500 Iso

○      6x 1000 Iso

○      5x 500 Iso

○      14x Two stars

Game Over Legendary Store - 10/27 - 10/30

15% chance to get Arcade (Edward Acra), Doctor Strange (Sorcerer Supreme), and Loki (God of Mischief)

Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points


  • ThisisClemFandango
    ThisisClemFandango Posts: 171 Tile Toppler
    edited October 2022
    Are these damage numbers correct because ****, you may as well bring a 2 star.
    Or am I missing something here? Help me out here guys
    Also I echo the hawks post. I have no idea what I'm reading.
  • TheHawkNY
    TheHawkNY Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    Can you please repost the abilities in English?
  • Borstock
    Borstock Posts: 2,030 Chairperson of the Boards
    I'll wait for someone to figure out if he's broken somehow. If not, skiiiiiiiiiip.
  • IrisRyu
    IrisRyu Posts: 91 Match Maker
    Wowzers, Arcade is complicated! Between the team stun and the Doombot passive team damage, have we already found a counter to Chulk? Probably wishful thinking on my part!
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 8,313 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 2022
    OMG you guys - these wall of text powers are illegible on an iPhone.

    I can’t get a good read on how quickly he is making traps, but if it isn’t Polaris level proliferation, I’m worried he will be Sinister 2.
  • IceIX
    IceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 4,141 Site Admin
    Added feeder info and fixed Muddy Mire's CD info.
  • Hammer3001
    Hammer3001 Posts: 52 Match Maker
    Are the feeders going to be retroactive; like they were Emma Frost?
  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 2,611 Chairperson of the Boards
    The only difference between 5* and 3* are the numbers, and fortified repeaters. 
    Now, if the player wants to stun for 2 turns the enemy team, on the 3* version he will have it easier because it's not fortified.
    There are lot of damaging passives here.
    But still he will be slow.
    He will be less confusing to play than sinister because all the traps are the same, what changes are the repeaters. 
    Also the damage he can deal will be unpredictable as it's based on traps on colored tiles.
    I think he will be a good third wheel despite everything. 
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 7,859 Chairperson of the Boards
    It seems like the way to play with this is 5/3/5 or 3/5/5 for maximum damage.

    For 5/3/5, go for 7 black aps and fire the 1 turn fortified repeater. Each turn, 1 trap tile is removed, 5179 aoe is dealt to enemy team and 1683 aoe to allies. Then, up to 3 Murderworld Trap tiles (2 + 1) are created.
    Fire Murderworld to deal a maximum of 48,700 damage to a random enemy, excluding damage from destroyed tiles (max is 5). 

    If you are going 3/5/5, choose Flame Burst after firing Insert Coin for passive single target damage every turn. The longer the turn goes, the higher the potential for more damage dealt. It's 2435 * the number of red and yellow trap tiles removed every turn. Alternatively, choose Poison Cloud for potential crazy AoE damage if it reaches zero. It's 9144 multiply by the number of black and purple tiles removed. Since the colour of trap tile removed is random, hope that blue and green doesn't get removed often because Muddy Mire is pretty useless unless you are pairing him with Chasm/Gargantos.

    The first colour to chase is black, followed by purple or blue depending on your build. 
    If you hate self harm, you'll probably go for 5/5/3 though. Sersi is good with him because she can change the colour of trap tiles. Remove blue and then change colour to yellow/red or black/purple.

    It looks confusing at first but this is pretty fun. Aim for 7 black ap quickly and things will start going crazy. It's like using iHulk without depending on 7 green basic tiles on the board, but the tradeoff is aoe to allies every turn. In PvE, players with R5 supports will get 6-10 black aps at the start of the game.

  • Bzhai
    Bzhai Posts: 336 Mover and Shaker
    My experience fighting him is he's like Jessica Jones lite. If the traps are as frequent as it was in boss event he's gonna be so annoying. It was like minesweeper with traps triggering every other match for both sides.
  • dianetics
    dianetics Posts: 1,028 Chairperson of the Boards
    I don't see anything special here. He is going to get trucked by Wanda teams.
    His health is decent, his match damage is not good.
    Blue is probably his best ability? There is so much going on here it's tough to really gauge how it will all play out live. I guess you will either run him 553 or 535 depending.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 7,859 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 2022
    His purple would be able to one shot Wanda by then: 48,700 damage, if I didn't interpret wrongly. If not, it's 2435 * number of Murderworld Trap tile of different colours from Control Room + 4870 * number of Murderworld Trap tiles that have the same colours as Control Room. If you are dealing with Wanda, then chase purple first. 
  • TheRiddler
    TheRiddler Posts: 284 Mover and Shaker
    edited October 2022
    I will have to see how it plays out. I'm curious as to how fast it can work.
    Because it seems like most of his damage is designed around the Murderworld tiles. How do you make Murderworld tiles? He makes 1/2 passively each round with the purple. The black makes 1 passively each round but it also destroys one so kinda a wash there in terms of creating those tiles. So 2 per round?
    In order to get the 48,700 damage to random enemies you would need the control room trap tile and then 10 Murderworld trap tiles all of the same color, right? Each doing 2435 regularly and double if they are the same color as the control room? And you can only have one control room trap tile it says (max 1).
    But yeah I have lots of questions.
    Are the trap tiles and the repeaters able to be boosted?
    Do the control room/murderworld trap tiles also do damage when matched away? By either team?
    Can the trap tiles be overwritten by special tile creation?
    Is there a default for the AI when it comes to choosing the colors for the purple and blue?
    I'm wondering who I would use him with in PVP in a pick 2. Going off of his powers I would say that Wanda/Electro would be an easy counter to him depending on his partner.
  • HoundofShadow
    HoundofShadow Posts: 7,859 Chairperson of the Boards
    All trap tiles can be replaced by special tiles, unless stated otherwise. As of now, there isn't any character with that exemption.

    Anyway, I wonder how the game tracks the number of colour trap tiles removed. There are six, so the UI will probably cover half the screen. If not, it's probably going to look tiny.
  • Bad
    Bad Posts: 2,611 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited October 2022
    I think it's a bit misleading to say murderworld will deal 48k damage. 
    At max level deals 2435 to a random enemy, double if it's the same color than control room, yes, up to 10 traps 48k.
    But it will be extremely difficult to have all trap tiles on same color, or having them there, without matching on a cascade.
    Better to rely on them with a booster damage character, given that it will be chip random damage really hard to control it.
    On other hand, not maching trap tiles in order to fire murderworld actually collides with how works insert coin.
    By the way could happen that insert coin damages on the trap tiles removed by the active power, and not on the in- game record on the battle. 
  • DAZ0273
    DAZ0273 Posts: 7,066 Chairperson of the Boards
    Sounds confusing and I really don't care for trap tile dudes. That Control Room tile is gonna be vulnerable - it got matched frequently in the Boss event.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
    ThaRoadWarrior Posts: 8,313 Chairperson of the Boards
    I’ll give him a shot, but I tend to agree most of the trappists tend to be underwhelming. I would want him to pair with Sinister, since Sinister’s traps would benefit from the murderworld tiles at least. But they are both competing for blue.
  • Tony_Foot
    Tony_Foot Posts: 1,453 Chairperson of the Boards
    Until I can put down trap tiles I'm not interested in them. Well if they did 60k damage per tile I might  :D

    I will champ him though and no doubt use him on boost week in pvp.

    Would be so much more fun if you could play a match and see a match 4 that you know the AI will go for and lay the traps.