Goon suggestion: vampires and werewolves

Akoni Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
Branching off of the Monsters Unleashed thread posted by @SaltnPeppa, I think vampires and werewolves would make great goons to go alongside the Maggia, shadow creatures, sentinels, etc. An event such as monsters unleashed would be the perfect introduction for vampires and werewolves.

The potential powers are unique enough to have them stand apart from the other goon types. 
  • Example powers for vampires include consuming enemy health, dealing damage according to red AP (enemy or friendly), and bleeding attacks via red Attack tiles. 
  • Example powers for werewolves include consuming enemy AP, destroying tiles in enemy's colors, and fortifying friendly special tiles. 
These example powers are unique among goons but also provide some synchronicity with other goons to allow mixing and matching such as Maggia Muscle creating Strike tiles and Werewolves fortifying those Strike tiles. 

In addition, an affiliation such as "monster hunter," for example, can be added to characters such as Blade, Elsa Bloodstone, etc. The affiliation would give said character an advantage over these goons. This advantage may encourage players to utilize these characters more as well.