10 year Alliance Event suggestion - Monsters Unleashed/Haunted House

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Please do a Monster Unleashed or Howling Commandos alliance event for the 10 year anniversary.   It will go well with the Halloween theme and lets your artists draw something that's perhaps out of their personal portfolios like dragons, wolves, zombies, etc.

Make it like a Haunted House or a Horror Labyrinth with Fing Fang Foom or a really terrifying monster as the final boss battle.   Players can choose their path but each path will be a surprise, so we can't tell who we'll fight, except for the minion waves.

Something like the Sinister Six event mixed with Deadpool.   The paths can also change randomly for each player to add surprises.   Like a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon crawl.   You take path A, but which boss will you land on?  Frankenstein or Mummy?  Then if you pass that, will you cross the bridge into path B or the bridge suddenly breaks and  you fall down to path C with an unknown random like zombie spiderman or even the Mummy boss which you haven't fought in path A.


  • Akoni
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    I LOVE this event suggestion! I have no experience in the digital realm of game design/development but this sounds very doable as an annual event. It sounds intriguing and fun. I hope moderators push this suggestion on to the devs.
  • SaltnPeppa
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    I'd like to add, if Marvel approves, is to have this bad boy as the final boss.   Considering Marvel.com is doing a whole month of him every single day this October, I think something is up......